Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Striped Bottom

In my last Kaelah's Corner post, I showed you a picture with some rather heavy strange marks on my bottom and my legs. Today's post will tell you how the marks on my bottom came about. As most of you might have guessed correctly, the marks on my bottom were from a caning. The photos accompanying this post were taken directly after the caning had taken place, so the marks are still fresh.

Ludwig and I had scheduled some intimate time and Ludwig made a comment about how much caning my bottom would turn him on. Since I am rarely in the mood for a caning (especially taking one!) these days, he didn't really expect it to happen, though. As I prepared myself for our private time, it came to me that we hadn't posted any nice pictures showing cane marks in quite a while and that I would love to take some. Which of course meant I would have to take a caning first – a win-win-situation for both Ludwig and me.

So, I turned to the closet that hosts several of our canes and searched for one I liked. If I was willing to take a caning, I at least wanted to get the chance to chose the weapon. I found a rather heavy unpeeled crooked-handled cane and took it out. Since I prefer thud to sting, it seemed to be the right choice for me.

When Ludwig came into our bedroom a short time later, he found me standing there with the cane in my hands. "What's that about?" he asked. I guess since I frequently am in the mood for topping rather than bottoming nowadays, Ludwig has become cautious when he sees me with a cane... He knows that he still has a severe caning coming and maybe he thought I was about to suggest a training session.

I explained my thoughts to Ludwig and handed him the cane. As you can imagine, Ludwig wasn't opposed to the idea of caning me. He quickly took his chance and the cane from my hands. I was already naked, anyway, so I just bent over the end of the bed.

We agreed on one dozen strokes. "But not too hard, I am not used to being caned anymore at all!" I told Ludwig. Yes, I still try to top from the bottom. But it's the same with Ludwig, so he doesn't mind. When the first medium severe stroke hit my bottom, I wasn't so sure anymore whether the cane had been the right choice.

While the pain might not have been as stingy as the pain from a whippy peeled cane, it still burned and it went deep into the muscles because of the heaviness of the cane. I shared my observation with Ludwig. Obviously he found it interesting, because he immediately continued testing the effect of the cane. Ouch! I gritted my teeth and hissed and moaned myself through the next strokes. I went on tiptoes, bent my knees and wriggled my bottom in a vain attempt to cope with the nowadays so unfamiliar pain. The strokes weren't too severe, but the pain definitely was enough for me!

When the last stroke came, Ludwig of course had to make that one harder than the previous ones. At that stage I was already sweating. I tried to prepare myself as good as possible for the final stroke and then I heard a swish and a crack and the cane hit target for the last time. It ignited one more line of fire on my rear end and I buckled and wriggled in order to relieve the pain.

Then I took a look in the mirror – and realised that there was still a gap between the strokes on the upper half of my bottom and the ones on the lower half. Plus, except for the last one, the red lines weren't as much visible as I had hoped them to be. With my light skin I tend to get pale red lines only directly after a caning, unless it has been really quite hard. The marks easily turn blue later, though.

A looked at the mirror for a moment and handed the cane back to Ludwig. "The gap needs to be closed and I need some more clearly visible marks," I explained. "Well, it was just twelve strokes, I can't cover your whole bottom with that," Ludwig replied. He then complied with my request and focused his attention on the still white part of my bottom. After a few more strokes, he had managed to close the gap.

The pain was still strong, but it had become bearable since I was warmed up by now. So I was ready to take a few more severe strokes as well to round up the picture so to speak. I figured that since I had already taken so much pain in order to get a nice picture, I could take a bit more. Ludwig remarked something about me being a real masochist, but was of course happy to satisfy my wish. And so he gave me a final bunch (was it six?) of more severe strokes that imprinted clearly visible marks on my now already very red rear end.

I made it through those as well, driven by my declared intention to get the marks that I wanted. I was glad when it was finally over, though. It had been my most intense spanking for quite some time and it had been obvious that I wasn't used to the pain anymore at all. A look in the mirror made up for it, though, because there I saw the marks I had wanted to see. Clearly visible dark red tramlines covering my whole bottom. It seemed that Ludwig was satisfied, too.

And so he picked up the camera and we started taking pictures while the marks were still fresh. The rest of our intimate time was postponed until after the photo session. Watching my marked bottom in the mirror made it very easy for Ludwig to get back into the right mood after the interruption, though!

Now you know how the marks on my bottom came about. I hope you enjoy the pictures which we took. I will tell you more about the marks on my legs – which were from another day – in a separate post. Then I will also tell you whether we went to the public pool while I was still sporting the marks or not.


Domhnall the Second said...

It is always a pleasure to read about your adventures and see the results. Thank you for sharing.

Gustofur said...

Good recount of the caning. A little harsh for my taste, but the pictures of your bottom are most enjoyable. You are certainly a good sport. Lucky Ludwig.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Interesting to learn that you have evolved into more of a top than in past years.

Anonymous said...

Kaelah and Ludwig - great update thank you.

It sounds like you took 20 hard strokes or more. That was quite a thrashing.

Lovely to hear about how Kaelah was motivated to close the gap. I can imagine her frustration at wanting to make sure the marks were even. She was clearly trying very hard.

Good to hear that your personal time proceeded afterwards. I can imagine it must have been extra satisfying after that.

Looking forward to hearing how the marks on the thighs came about. And whether the marks were appropriately displayed in the swimming pool.

Seems Kaelah has been getting quite a stinging recently....

Simon said...

Delightful story and pictures the weals are beautifully clear which is probably partly due to the length of time since your last caning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelah and Ludwig,
Great story and pictures thanks for sharing. Lucky Ludwig.
Kaelah next time when you are in mood to be a bottom, I suggest that you try to use an electrical wire.
Wire stings even more than cane and leaves very nice marks (some will be black).

SimplyRed said...

Mental note to self; must acquire a heavy cane. Seems they are available with crooked handle, which I prefer. In the meantime I shall confess lustful thoughts having read this masterpiece by Kaelah and appropriate use will be made of our thin whippy crook handle classroom cane. One for each one Kaelah received I suspect. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Just make sure it isn't still plugged in

Robbie said...

Congratulations, Kaelah, you got the ability to describe the scene in a very exciting and erotic manner, spiced up with your pictuers. I must admit, Ludwig, that I envy you for Kaelah. ;-)

And of course, I would like to say "Thank you" to both of you for sharing this with us.

@ Kaelah: I can assure you, that the photos didn´t miss the desired effect, and the result was as worth seeing as you are.

@Ludwig: You are the Picasso with the cane in your hand. ;-)

Eric said...

Glad you two found some time to have some FUN !

- Eric

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice story; hope to see a video about this scene

Spearthrower said...

A very thorough caning and excellent photos of the beautiful marks. Well done! I do not think I could take that many strokes.

James M said...

I like marks.

All my visits to pro-spankees since 2011 have been switchy encounters and, after each occasion, I have made a series of images showing the development of my own marks over the subsequent days. "I love stripes" said one of the women I visited, and the other has blogged about being a marks fetishist too.

Thank you for sharing the delightful images in this post. One thing in 2 of the pictures grabbed my attention more than anything else - your right boob. I'm pretty certain this is a first for you. I looked back at some previous posts; some images from June and July 2016 come close, but distance (or your hands) preserved your modesty.

Why the sudden extra exposure? That's perhaps too personal a question. Maybe you prefer not to talk about it. My favourite spanking model only once took off her top in a movie, but with her back to the camera as she undressed for bed. Another, also now retired, went topless just once and regretted it. The late double Oscar winner Shelley Winters, who played Lolita's mother in the first film, only ever shot one topless scene in her life; apparently she blushed so much (all over) that the footage could not be used.

I apologise if you think most of this comment is off-topic or otherwise unwelcome. I don't think I'm any more breast-obsessed than the average Western male!

James M

Anonymous said...

Agree James M - I think we are seeing a new a playful side of Kaelah which is very attractive.

Daddy said...

Once again i have to say. You have a very beautiful spankable bottom.

Kaelah said...

@ Domhnall the Second:
Thank you for commenting!

@ Gustofur:
Glad you enjoyed the post! The severity was still okay for me, due to the slow speed and the warm-up. Rapid middle-hard canings are much worse for me than slow hard ones. But I think we all react differently and of course we also have different preferences when it comes to marks!

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Yes there definitely was a development which led to me topping more and being in a toppy mindset more often. Today I would say I am a real switch, about 50 per cent bottom and 50 per cent top.

@ Anonymous:
Happy you enjoyed reading my account on the caning! The riddle of the other marks and the question whether we went to the swimming pool or not will be solved soon.

@ Simon:
I am sure that I definitely mark more than those who are caned regularly! I would be sad if a proper caning didn't leave any clear marks anymore.

@ Canelover:
Glad you liked the story and the pictures and thanks for your suggestion! I am sure that a wire leaves very strong marks (have seen those in spanking pictures), but I have to admit that I don't like those as much as cane marks. And I am not sure whether I would enjoy being spanked with a wire, either (not only because of the feeling but also because of the lack of fantasies that involve a wire and have a high appeal for me). So I suppose I'll stick with the cane!

@ SimplyRed:
I'm happy you obviously enjoyed the post so much! Hope you had a nice caning, too.

@ Anonymous:
That sounds like a good advice! ;-)

@ Robbie:
Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

@ Eric:
Yes, I am glad about that, too! Thank you!

@ Anonymous:
Sorry to disappoint you, we didn't make a video this time! But there are others still to come...

@ Spearthrower:
It's not the number of strokes I usually struggle with but getting used to the first ones. If those are too rapid, my body goes mad. I think it's important that we all listen to ourselves in that respective, because we are all different and after all it's supposed to be a good experience! :-)

@ James M:
Thank you for sharing your own experiences! Your observation is correct. I'll write about my thoughts on the topic in a separate post (thanks for the inspiration). :-)

@ Anonymous:
Glad you enjoy my new playful side. As I already wrote in my reply to James M's comment, I will tell you more about it in a separate post.

@ Daddy:
Thank you!