Saturday, September 26, 2015

Military Discipline Fantasies (Part 2)

This is the second part of our photo set shot in a military fort. You can find the first half of the pictures here.

In one of the bunkers on the side, Ludwig and I tried to picture how kinky military discipline in the quarters of young cadets might have looked. Since the space was only sparsely furnished, a stool would probably have to do as a bench to bend over.

Spankings would surely have been on the bare bottom, either with the hand for minor infractions or with a whip or cane for more serious offences.

And in the first weeks especially, the view of well-chastised cadets kneeling on a stool in a corner, contemplating their misdeeds, would surely have been a common one.

Afterwards, many of them would have slept with a very sore bottom. All in the name of order and discipline. It's not like any of the instructors secretly enjoyed their duty. Or some of the cadets the very special views they got of their fellow mates...

Speaking of spankings and views - if you want to participate in the vote for my blogiversary spanking, you still have the chance to do so until Sunday 23:59 h German time!


Gustofur said...

Thank you for the pictures. My imagination is running wild with images of "cadettes".

Downunder Don said...

Hi Kaelah,
Another wonderful story with pictures to fire up the imagination. Can I have a second blogiversary vote...or would that be just too greedy

Svetlana said...

"some of the cadets [secretly enjoyed] the very special views they got of their fellow mates..."

Guilty as charged. :)

Then again, I would probably not feel that guilty, knowing that I'd be provide the same view sooner or later. This kind of enjoyment is hard to explain. It would not be Schadenfreude, not free of compassion. There can be beauty in the ritual of discipline, the reactions to pain, the struggle for composure, and I believe I would just see that beauty and enjoy it without feeling disloyal to my mates.

When it was my turn, I would not be able to watch myself, of course, but I'd be aware that they were watching how I'd take it compared to them and that some would see it as a test of my mettle as a cadet.

The Spartan accomodations shown in the pictures are a perfect backdrop for such fantasies.

Kaelah said...

@ Gustofur:
Sounds good! :-)

@ Downunder Don:
Unfortunately it's too late now for another blogiversary vote but every commenter counts only once, anyway. What would your suggestion have been? I hope it fits to the clip we shot today.

@ Svetlana:
The "test of one's mettle as a cadet" thing is definitely a huge turn-on of such a scenario in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. That location and accomodations seem more similar to inmates prison, with inmastes working barefoot all day and severly punished for less work!

Kaelah said...

@ Klumarer:
Seems the pictures triggered some fantasies... :-)