Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2015):
The Dirty Halfdozen

I've been away and didn't have access to the blog, hence a very belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. And a special one, too, because this edition marks my sixth blogiversary. I didn't expect to reach this mark, but Ludwig is so extremely busy right now that we don't manage to edit our final videos and posts and so this blog continues for a bit longer than planned.

I thought about what I could do to celebrate my blogiversary and decided to follow a good old tradition. We will make another (most probably final) blogiversary clip in cooperation with our readers and commenters. It won't be an extremely severe clip because we already have one final severe caning with me on the receiving end in the queue. But I would like to do something very dear to my heart this time – an outdoor clip! I don't know whether we will find a good, safe environment for this purpose, but we will try.

To thank especially those who have been active commenters throughout the last six years, the rules will be as follows: Every commenter on this post will add one stroke to the tally, plus one stroke for every of my last five blogiversary posts and my first-ever post six years ago you commented on. Comments have ceased in the last months, so I am curious to see how many strokes I will get.

I haven't decided on an implement, yet, so I would like to hear your suggestions. Which implement do you think fits best? In my opinion, it should be something that suits an outdoor scene.

Many thanks to all of you who have accompanied me and Ludwig through the past six years (or a part of that time)! Writing a blog would be dull without readers and commenters.

Comments will be counted until Sunday the 27th September 23:59 h German time, so don't post your comment too late! I look forward to hearing from you. (Update: Please give yourself some kind of nickname in your comment, I can't count anonymous comments.)


Downunder Don said...

Count one more from me.
I am glad to see you are alive and well and that the blogs demise has been put off at least for a little while longer. Happy Blogiversary

Anonymous said...

nice pictures

Simon said...

I feel a little guilty as what with various comments over the years I seem to have been responsible for you receiving quite a few strokes or similar but not guilty enough not to comment. As to what implement is suitable for an outdoor punishment I'm not sure. A switch freshly picked from a nearby tree appears to be the obvious answer or perhaps even a birch. I will understand if you decide against either of them as I know from experience that they can both be surprisingly painful. I have always wanted to be punished outdoors but it hasn't happened yet, one day perhaps.

Kaelah said...

@ Downunder Don:
Thanks a lot, your comment is the first to be counted!

@ Anonymous:
Thank you very much for your nice comment! If you want to participate in the counts for the new clip, too, please write another short comment and sign it with a random nickname you like. I can't count anonymous comments because I am not able to distinguish the anonymous commenters from one another.

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
I've just counted all the comments from the old posts in question. You wrote a comment on my last blogiversary post, so your comment now counts as two strokes. Don't worry, there is no need to feel guilty about that. I am always happy about active commenters like you!

The idea of a switch or a birch also occurred to me. Maybe I can make a birch which isn't overly severe but suits the purpose? We'll see!

Svetlana said...

Happy blogversary!

Commenting takes a bit of time and effort, but not nearly as much as creating a blog. It is no less labour because it is a labour of love. The joy in creating something and expressing themselves is probably the real reward of blogging, but many bloggers say that they like comments showing that their writing reaches and touches other people. As I get older and take on more responsibilities, spanking as a practical experience moves into the background of my life. That means that the stories and blogs that inspired my thoughts and fantasies even before I dared to ask for a spanking become more important again. I regret to see the really good blogs go one by one and I wish I had done more in the past to show how much I appreciate particularly this one and its many thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.

The purpose of this comment is not to add another stroke to your tally, but if it does, please consider it an expression of admiration and gratitude.

Gustofur said...

Happy blogversary. I am pleased to add my comment to the count. I am more a fan of the erotic aspects of spanking so my implement of choice is the hand which is always available. Bare is best, with an occasional squeeze.
I must say that Svetlana's comment expressed my thoughts very closely. Dialogue as a result of your and Ludwig's blog has been extremely entertaining and educational. You will be missed

Fred said...

I have been an intermittent respondent here, and probably responsible for you getting spanked.
I like seeing the cane used on a bare bottom. After all it is the caning palace.


mstrjose said...

Happy blogversary! I just found your blog, and am excited to follow you in the future. My girlfriend and I are building our relationship off domestic discipline principles with spanking being the key form of punishment. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures.

I agree with @Simon regarding the switch or birch. That implement seems to be the best suited for an outdoor setting, though a flogging would also be appropriate.

Spearthrower said...

Nice to see you back in action on the blog. A switch will be perfect. I think this might be my third blogversary posting. And this is going to be memorable, I am sure.

FatFreddy said...

Happy blogversary. I always enjoyed your blog for it's authenticity and it's nerdy spirit. Thanks a lot. So, just like my predecessors, I can't resist to add both my best wishes and some strokes.

Alec said...

I'd vote for switch, freshly cut by you, since the season (and maybe location) is wrong for my other choice, nettles; I've had both, and they were excellent for maximum sting with minimum noise. I've loved your blog for years, apologize for taking so long to de-lurk, and can only hope you'll finish memorably, and have as wonderful a time going forward as I've had following you up to now. Thank you. Alec

Jimisim said...

I have always enjoyed your blog, it has always been an intelligent and frequently arousing blog. You have a magnificently caneable bottom and I have been amazed at your stoicism when receiving a severe caning. I particularly liked the series of bruising and the recovery after one of your severe canings, it was very informative to a writer of spanking stories. If you do close your blog I shall be very disappointed. Can I suggest that you both try turning your hands to writing spanking stories. Jim

Olli said...

Hi Kaelah, happy blogiversary! I was very glad to read another post from you tonight and I like the idea of a session in the woods very much. Depending on the framing story a belt may be a fine implement because one have it at hands whenever it is needed, and after a couple of severe belt-smashes a birch rod could be the second toy. However, I am looking forward to seeing your next clips and wish you a happy new blogyear... :-)

Chinos said...

I was reading and watching your blog since several years, but I never commented yet. I think it is the first comment ever that i leave on a blog. ^^
I want to make you my biggest compliments for all this years, I always enjoyed reading and also watching you. I`m a student from Germany and I don´t have much experience with all that, but it was always a pleasure to read your posts.

Best reagards,

Bob S said...

As the old nursery rhyme says 'I can not tell a lie" I am happy to add a stroke to your total. My favorite remains the cane but if you are looking for an outdoor setting a long bull whip would be nice.

Kaelah said...

Thanks a lot for all the comments! It's wonderful to see that we still have so many interested readers. The intermediate result right now is 24 strokes. If you keep the comments coming we might make it to 30...

@ Svetlana:
I can absolutely relate to what you say – Ludwig and I also have so many vanilla responsibilities nowadays that spanking plays only a minor role in our lives. In my case that means that I read less kinky blogs and that I comment much less on other blogs than I used to, because keeping up our blog, answering comments and replying to e-mails already takes a bit of time and these things are more important to me than participating in discussions on other blogs. So, I absolutely understand why many people don't manage to comment (a lot), even though they like a blog or a certain post. Nevertheless for a blog writer it is of course great to get feedback on posts and to see that some of them initiate lively discussions among the readers. So, thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to comment so regularly! Your comments are very appreciated. And of course your comment on this post adds another stroke to the tally. :-)

@ Gustofur:
Thanks for your kind comment! My list tells me that you commented on three of my previous blogiversary posts, so that means four more strokes for me. The hand is of course a fine "implement". We will see, if the number of strokes is big enough and other commenters like the hand, too, maybe I'll split the strokes into a hand spanking part and one part with an implement...

@ Fred:
Your comment adds two more strokes because you already commented on one of my previous blogiversary posts. I assume that we won't use a cane this time, though, because we already have three more videos in line that involve the cane. ;-) But I think a switch or birch as suggested by others isn't so far from a cane!

@ mstrjose:
Welcome, and thank you very much for commenting! Ludwig and I don't do domestic discipline, but I hope you will find some interesting stuff here nonetheless. A switch or birch would indeed be fine. An outdoor flogging sounds nice as well. Since I have never been birched before, though, I think the birch is my favourite!

@ Spearthrower:
Indeed this is your forth comment on a blogiversary post – so four more strokes for me! A switch is a likely choice, but I hope you would be fine with a birch, too, if I am able to make one. We already used a switch in the Star Trek scene, but never a birch, which is why it is my favourite.

@ FatFreddy:
Thank you for your nice comment! Obviously your previous comments were all on our LOL Day votings and not on my blogiversary posts, but still your comment on this post means one more stroke for me.

Kaelah said...

@ Alec:
Welcome, thank you very much for delurking and for your kind comment! I have to admit that I wouldn't be up for nettles, but a switch is much more my cup of tea.

@ Jimisim:
Thanks a lot for your lovely comment! One more stroke is noted. Funnily, I had an idea for a spanking story a few days ago. I don't know whether I will find the time to write it down, though.

@ Olli:
A belt is a good idea, too, but I think I'll go for the birch if that's manageable, because we've never used one before. Your comment actually adds three strokes!

@ Chinos:
Wow, your first ever comment on a blog – that's a huge honour! Thanks a lot for having taken the plunge and for your kind comment. It's nice to hear from a fellow German who reads our blog. And don't worry about not having much experience with spanking – it's absolutely not necessary to be an active spanker or spankee in order to participate here. Actually, with your comment you have just been participating in a kinky activity – your comment adds one stroke to my blogiversary spanking! :-)

@ Bob S:
You haven't actually added one stroke but two, because you commented on one of my previous blogiversary posts, too! A long bull whip would be a very interesting implement, but since Ludwig and I neither own one nor have any experiences with wielding such a special implement, it's not a likely choice. We already have three videos in line that involve canings, so I think that a rarer implement like a switch or birch will be our choice. I hope you will enjoy the clip nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

I think a switch would be fun

Anonymous said...

Hi Kealah,
Happy blogversary and I hope that you will write at least next 6 years. I am enjoyning you blog very much. Since you will not use a cane the second best will be a switch and that you will be naked and barefood.
Best regards.

Ludwig said...

Happy blogiversary!

To make sure that my beloved Kaelah is not disappointed with the spanking, I'm going to comment, too, which should get the tally up tp 30.

mikewill said...

To see you bare and beautiful bottom would be heaven and should you be nude (and you should be) that would be heaven at another level. mikewill.

Kaelah said...

@ thelongbean:
I hope you can live with a birch, too! Your vote has of course been counted.

@ canelover:
Thanks for your kind comment! I finally decided to use a birch instead of a switch since I found a real birch tree and had never been birched before (we already had a switch in the "Dachshunds in Space" clip). I hope you will like the clip nonetheless. I was barefood for the clip but not naked since that would have tremendously increased the risk of getting caught by passers-by and also because I had acquired a very special dress for the scene as you can see in my shoot report. But, as I already mentioned in my post, Ludwig and I have another severe caning coming (I guess that should fancy your taste!). In that scene I will be nude which was another reason why I didn't want to shoot another naked scene but try something different this time.

@ Ludwig:
Thanks for your comment! 30 is indeed a nice, round number.

@ mikewill:
Sorry, your comment was one day late! But I think 30 is already a big number of strokes, so I hope you will enjoy the clip nonetheless. My bottom definitely is bare in the clip, although I am not completely naked but wearing a special dress which I had bought especially for that scene. As I already mentioned in my reply to canelover, though, there is another severe caning clip coming up in which I will be naked. So, stay tuned!