Tuesday, January 6, 2015

World Cup Bets Part 3: Kaelah

This is the third and final part of our series about our Football World Cup bet spankings. As some of you might have seen, our reader Simon was initially the only one who had the guts to join our little betting community. In the meantime Ernest has made an ex post bet, not remembering the results of the matches.

You can read Simon's and Ludwig's accounts here and here. Ernest will post about his experiences once he has paid his debt (you are very welcome to do so in the comment section, Ernest, the blog will definitely be up long enough).

I have to admit that I was very proud to have won the bet! Especially because I guessed all final four participants and the new champion correctly. Go, Germany, yeah! [Comment from Ludwig: I would have bet on Germany myself, but since you had already done that, I went with the Netherlands because it was more exciting to have the two of us betting on different teams. Ah well. That is what I get for being second.]

Still my final score was only 25 points out of 60 which meant 35 hand smacks according to my wager. Ludwig and I spontaneously decided to settle the bill one afternoon a while ago.
[It was so spontaneous, I don't even remember how, exactly, we came to decide to settle Kaelah's part of the bet right then and there. It all happened very quickly. I do remember that it was a fun moment because of that very reason, i.e. it not being planned in advance. This is the beauty of doing a spanking for some aftermath pictures rather than a video. At the end of the day, I prefer videos, but they are impossible to do on the spur of the moment because you have to set up the camera first.]

Ludwig sat down on the bed and I placed myself over his lap. As you can see, Ludwig definitely tried to get the best out of each smack. [Normally, I let the force increase from relatively light strokes to harder ones during a hand spanking. I am fond of cold canings that start quite hard, but with the hand and in the more intimate OTK position, I like the slower buildup. In this case, though, all the smacks were hard from the beginning in order to create vivid marks for the pictures.]


Since I'm rather rarely spanked at the moment, my almost virgin bottom definitely felt the sting, too. [As did my almost virgin hand, which had not practiced in a long while, either.] Plus, it reddened visibly, as the pictures which we took afterwards prove. I hope you like them!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the message. I certainly won't forget! Probably the last week in January! Can't wait - though I may get to dread it as the time draws nearer!


gustofur said...

Lucky Ludwig. Just the way I like it.

MasonPearson said...

Thanks for this. Great fun.
Actually, thanks for everything
over the last few years, it has been a blast and quite like anything else on the Web.
I find it amazing to think that when she was a young woman Kaelah was pretty reserved. "Still waters run deep" as they say.

All best for 2015 and beyond.

Simon said...

What a lovely pink bottom and a nice contrast to the thrashings Ludwig and I endured. I will miss your blog for so many reasons not least of which is, who will I bet with now?

Peter8862 said...

Kaelah - You really do have the most beautifully proportioned bottom, as those pictures prove. Peter

Kaelah said...

@ Ernest:
Good luck! I look forward to reading how you paid your debts.

@ Gustofur:

@ MasonPearson:
Thanks a lot for your kind comment! A Happy New Year to you.

@ Simon:

@ Peter8862:
Thank you very much for your lovely words.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that my expected caning has been postponed due to the weather - I was unable to attend for punishment on the appointed day because of the snow! This means that the minimum tariff goes up by one as I shall not be paying my debts until February, and my bottom will have to face no fewer than 62 agonizing strokes! Oh dear...!

What is more, I shall have an extra fortnight in which to dread the coming ordeal! They do say the waiting is the worst part - though when the time comes I shall not agree with them, I am sure....


Kaelah said...

@ Ernest:
Well, good things do take time... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaelah and Ludwig,

I am letting you know that your World Cup challenge has achieved its due end – at considerable cost to my poor bottom.

I went to see my mistress yesterday, a visit that had been regrettably delayed for an extra month by the heavy snow at the end of January. By now I was rather regretting having seen your challenge – making a bet when I knew the likely consequences seemed a much less good idea than it had done at the time.

My mistress was very stern, and assured me that this would be a serious thrashing – despite my suggestion that a few gentle taps of the cane would meet the case adequately. She told me that I would be sleeping on my front that night – and for many nights to come.

She began by telling me to select three canes from her collection. I chose three which I hoped would be heavy enough to earn her respect while not wreaking too serious destruction on my tender behind! I was appalled to see that she then picked three more herself – including one of those I had not dared to pick.

First, however, she wanted to deter me from developing a gambling addiction with a sound spanking with three different straps. She took down my trousers and pants – oh, the humiliation! – took me over her knee and thrashed me hard and long. I could see the strokes falling in a carefully-placed mirror – and I was already very red by the time this was over.

Then it was time to pay my debts – 62 hard strokes with the cane. I had to remove my trousers altogether, and she bent me over her desk for the first ten. They were hard, my bottom really knew that it was being beaten, and 62 seemed an awfully long way off. She took a photograph, and I could only admire the skill with which she had laid on ten parallel lines across her suffering target.

For the next ten I had to lie on all fours on her settee, and for the third ten I was told to kneel upon it with my hands on my head. The position raised my shirt enough to give her an uninterrupted aim at my naughty buttocks.

After that I was made to bend over the back of her heavy study chair – a delightfully vulnerable position. After ten like this, I was made to bend over with my hands on my knees – the traditional position in which to deal with a naughty schoolboy.

After two strokes of this set I was glad to feel that my punishment had at least reached the end of its first section, and was able to tell her that we had now reached the number by which my own score fell short of the maximum. There was still a lot of pain to come, though!

The next seven slashes of fire represented the strokes by which I had fallen short of Kaelah’s winning score – and very severe they were. My mistress pointed out the unwisdom of trying to compete with those who obviously knew far more about the game than I did!

As we approached the end, I was made to get up on my mistress’s punishment bench. The strokes up to 55 seemed to give her extra satisfaction – she pointed out that Germany were able to play football, unlike certain other countries, and that my misplaced patriotism had certainly cost me dear. I could only agree ruefully.

The final strokes were my punishment for the delay in settling my debts – I had to count the months that had gone by since the World Cup – and the agonising stroke for February was, inevitably, the worst of all.

Well, Ludwig and Kaelah, I hope you feel that your post of last summer has received a little response in addition to Simon’s, although a very belated one. I have some excellent photos which my mistress took, though I don’t know whether I can post them in your comments section – maybe I need to send them to you by email?


Kaelah said...

@ Ernest:
That sounds like you got a real thrashing indeed! I would say that you definitely paid your betting debts. It isn't possible to post pictures in the comment section I think. If you want to show them to Ludwig and me, though, you are welcome to send them via e-mail!