Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Perfect Whipping Bench

(One doesn't need a bench for a beautiful caning position. Picture courtesy of Restrained Elegance.)

I assume that I am not the only spanko for whom not only the storyline, the implement(s) and the dynamic of a spanking are important but also the environment in which the scene takes place and the position of the spankee. The latter is greatly influenced by the device on which the spanking takes place.

Of course one doesn't necessarily need any special furniture for a spanking scene. The spankee can, for instance, simply bend over a table. That can make for a very beautiful position, as the above picture of Amelia Jane Rutherford shows. It is also possible to use a simple chair, either for an OTK spanking or for the spankee to bend over and place their hands on the seat of the chair. For more intimate scenes the spankee can also bend over a bed, kneel on it or lie down, maybe with the bottom raised by a cushion. And of course a couch can serve similar purposes.

(A normal bed can do the job as well. Picture courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.)

Ludwig and I have tried all the variants mentioned above. I mean, what would spanking be without some variety? We have also created a kind of bench for our first very severe caning scene. Since we didn't own a "professional" bench, we had to improvise, though.
I wanted a real whipping bench for some time. The ones one usually gets at BDSM shops are usually rather big, though. And I didn't want to lose too much space. In addition to that those benches can be very expensive.

(The benches used by some video producers are obviously self-made. One that Ludwig likes. Picture courtesy of Mood Pictures.)
Finally, many of the benches looked too BDSMy and too cold for my taste. I am not so much into steel and leather, I prefer wood. I also think that wooden benches somehow look more formal which fits my kinky fantasies and reminds me less of a dungeon.

One can of course use certain pervertibles as whipping benches, too. When it comes to spanking devices which are (at least partly) wooden, gym horses are a variant one may be able to find from time to time on online selling platforms. I like them visually, but there is still the problem that they are rather huge and that it is difficult to explain to others what the thing is doing at one's home, in case one doesn't have the space to put it somewhere where it is hidden from the sight of visitors.

(The famous Lupus whipping bench. Picture courtesy of Lupus Pictures.)
So, buying a whipping bench didn't seem like an option that would work. I came to the conclusion that I had to build my own bench like many fellow spankos do. But how was the bench supposed to look like? That was the easy part because there is a lot of inspiration out there and I soon had a clear idea which kind of positions I wanted and how the bench had to be build to suit these ideas.

Like many others, Ludwig liked the famous Lupus Pictures bench very much. I definitely wanted a bench which allowed for a bend-over position like the Lupus bench, but the bench was a bit too chunky for my taste. Another bench used in some Spankingserver videos already came closer to what I had in mind.

But I didn't only want standing positions to be possible, I also wanted kneeling ones like the one I had tried on our friend Peter's bench. One huge advantage of his self-made bench was the fact that it looked like a normal sitting bench when being folded. Still, Peter's bench wasn't suitable for any standing positions.

(The Spankingserver bench which I like. Picture courtesy of Spankingserver.)
So I came to the conclusion that I needed a bench consisting of two parts. One part which was supposed to look like the Spankingserver bench and a smaller stool which could be put in front of the bench to kneel on it. For a standing position the bigger part could be used alone. When both parts where used, the spankee could kneel on the small stool and either put the elbows on the upper part of the bench or place the hands on it or bend over the upper part. Finally, the stool could also be used alone to bend over in a kneeling position.

My idea still held the problem that the bench would most probably not pass as normal furniture, but at least the two parts would be easier to move around and to put away than a huge one-part bench. The real problem was that I don't have any experience with building furniture. That wouldn't have kept me from trying, but the project would have been rather time-consuming and I would have needed help from friends.

(A position which was supposed to be possible with my bench. Picture courtesy of Spanking Central.)

It turned out that all the work wasn't necessary, though. Because some weeks ago, I unexpectedly stumbled over "my" bench in a furniture store. Well, of course it wasn't supposed to be a whipping bench. But now it is one and Ludwig and I have already tried it out for our LOL-Day clip! I'll tell you more about how I found the bench and show you how it looks like in another post.
For today, I would love to hear your thoughts on whipping benches. Do you have any interest in whipping benches at all or do you prefer "normal furniture" or maybe even spankings without any furniture at all? If you like whipping benches, what material do you prefer? Which positions should be possible? Can you tell how your perfect whipping bench looks like? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Variety keeps things fresh. This was the knelling bench we made. Not something you leave on display, but at the time we had plenty of storage for it.

I like the two piece one that allows kneeling or standing.

Simon said...

I am always happy to be punished over any handy piece of furniture whether it be a chair, a table or a bed. Having said that I do think a bench adds a little bit of ceremony to the proceedings. Also as long as it is the correct height it can offer support during the punishment which as I have got older has become more important to me. My Mistress has two benches, one a traditional wooden bench with a rounded top to bend over and a leather kneeling bench.I enjoy being bent over either but for a long serious thrashing I prefer the leather kneeling bench. It is comfortable thus ensuring no distractions from the pain in my bottom and I can stay in position for as long as required. However there is no mistaking it's purpose so it probably wouldn't fit in anyones living room.

Ramon Herzog said...

Your own musings about its perfect functions shows already, that only you yourself will find something usable.

I always have a close look into the catalogs for sports utilities. If you forget for the moment about the mostly prohibitive price tags, you can find very innocent looking devices, which only the afficionado will spot immediately as potential spanking furniture. The cheapest one will be e.g. a bench for training the belly muscles.

Other people have their own requirements. I am afraid, you will have to follow your own visual picture of how it should look.

For our "Spanking Court" we have built a Lupus type bench, but somewhat more compact. It fits easily into a corner of my bedroom, looks pretty harmless if you ignore the straps in the strategically important locations. Twice a year, it fits nicely into the trunk of my car on its way to our events.

Alternatively, if you take off the straps, it might well double as stand for a barrel of beer or wine because of the concave top. Sitting in your garage, it will look psitively innocent.

To me it still seems to be the "correct" thing for bending over and being fastened in a no nonsense and pretty revealing position. If you want to kneel and then bend across it, any somewhat higher stool will do.

Enjoy shopping for just the right device.

sixofthebest said...

For me, LUPUS spanking videos, were in a class by themselves. Some of the greatest CANING scenes, given to NAUGHTY FEMALES. were in their videos.

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
I think self-made benches have a special appeal and your kneeling bench is very nice!

@ Simon:
I also think that a fitting bench can add to the ceremony of a spanking. And I absolutely agree with you concerning the aspect of comfort, I don't like my back or my knees to be hurt, either!

@ Ramon Herzog:
I am very lucky to have found just the right "bench" for me. Not in a catalogue for sports utilities, but in a normal furniture store. Self-made benches are of course cool, too!

@ Sixofthebest:
Yes, and their bench is quite famous, too!

peter8862 said...

Kaelah - It's kind of you to mention my "kneeling bench", which I quite thought had passed into history. I like the sturdiness of your two-piece job however and the division into two parts allows for flexible use and also lighter weight when transporting it to parties. I feel my design still has some advantages however. It is comfortable when under restraint, in that the body is fully supported on cushioned panels, the upholstery being removable for the purpose of later disguise ! Then again, the angle of the torso can be adjusted to tighten or to soften the gluteal muscles to suit rigid or more flexible implements. Again, the design optimises the "angle of attack" at about 60 degrees to the horizontal, the object being the accuracy gained from a natural angle of swing. And as you say, it is easily disguised as a coffee table or folded away upright in a wardrobe when not in use. It can still be improved, however. It can be lightened and its dimensions refined. A "waist" could easily be introduced into the folding under-panels and access improved to the bottom's more erogenous parts.
'Nuff said ! Details at cost if anyone is interested. Peter

Peter8862 said...

Kaelah - I've never done it but with the upper panel raised full height sloping upwards, it should be possible to stand at the other end of my bench and be strapped down, both at torso and ankle levels. Best for a single tail.

Just a thought. Peter

Kaelah said...

@ Peter8862:
Your bench is definitely great! The standing posture for a single tail whipping sounds like a good idea!