Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kaelah 22 : Ludwig 19

It's time to announce the final tally of this year's Global Day of Delurk vote. First off, a thank you to all who took part. We had comments from 35 readers, among them nine first-timers or "delurkers". These numbers are quite close to the records set last year (44 commenters with 13 delurkers among them), which is amazing in light of the fact that the blog has been less active than usual during the last few months. I would have expected a lower turnout this year, so I am pleasantly surprised. Even though it means, of course, that Kaelah and I will have to take more strokes in the upcoming video!

We had said that for each vote for Kaelah, she would take a cane stroke, and for each vote for me, I would take a cane stroke. First-time commenters would contribute two strokes each. Hermione, DJ Black and Our Bottoms Burn commented, but did not make a vote. The remaining 32 people voted as follows, with the number of strokes they contributed in parantheses:

For Kaelah:
Bella Moone (2)
Michael (1)
Corinne Alexander (2)
Chross (1)
sixofthebest (1)
jimisim (1)
Gustofur (1)
Bob S (1)
Bonnie (1)
Hannilein (1)
TobyMaster (1)
Rittersmann (2)
fatfreddy (1)

For Ludwig:
aaron doyle (2)
Rogue (2)
Anastasia Vitsky (1)
Spankedhortic aka Prefectdt (1)
ronnie (1)
Maddy (2)
Lea (1)
Sigrid (2)
Olli (1)
Spearthrower (1)
josh doyle (2)
JamesM (1)
CornishPatsy (1)

As you can see, Kaelah got more voters (18 versus 14), but I got more delurkers voting for me (five versus four). The end result is a fairly even tally of 22 cane strokes for Kaelah and 19 for me. This is quite a bit closer than either of us anticipated. I wrote in my LOL Day post that "MF always seems to beat FM in these kinds of votes", and it did, but only by a slight margin. It goes to show that, unlike some others regions of the online spanking community, our blog has a very balanced and open-minded audience in terms of preferences, which is great.

It's interesting to see how people change their vote, or do not change their vote, over the years. Some stay consistent, like Olli or Spearthrower, who already voted for me last year and were sorry to see me lose (fortunately for them, we make a video with both an FM and an MF part this time). And of course, Chross with his self-admitted "lopsided preferences" went with Kaelah again. Others changed their vote, like Lea or JamesM who wrote: "Last year I voted for Kaelah, so this year it will be Ludwig." An example of "distributive justice", I suppose.

Another point I keep wondering about: are Aaron and Josh Doyle brothers? Cousins? And if so, are both of them spankophiles, or did one persuade his vanilla family member to vote for me as well to get me more strokes? And last but not least, there is the intriguing case of a blogger with a well-known FM fetish voting not for me, but for Kaelah. As with every vote, the analysis reveals its share of surprises!

(Comment from Kaelah: We would have been even closer, if a certain someone hadn't voted for me (at a time when Ludwig was still ahead), stating "I reckon Ludwig has too many votes already". You know who you are, young man! ;-) I already assumed by the time that it wouldn't stay that way and that I would finally have to take more strokes than Ludwig. And (as usual ;-) ) I turned out to be right. The final tally is closer than I expected it to be, though, so I can live with that.) 

Actually, the final numbers have somewhat upset Kaelah's beloved, well-ordered cosmos of numbers, because 22 and 19 are rather unusual as canings go. But as I said to her the other day, I think it is one of the interesting aspects of such a vote that one tends to get an unusual tally rather than the standard multiples of six or ten we spankos always seem to go for.

We will shoot the video as soon as we can. Given that Kaelah and I are pretty stressed out and busy with non-kinky things these days, we can not promise that it will be in December, although we will certainly try. If not, you will get to see it in the spring.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Now if only I had been delurking, the count would have been closer.

Yay for a wonderful LOL Day. I hope both of you are healthy, happy, and safe as you prepare for the end of the year.

Kaelah said...

@ Ana:
At least your comment made the count more even! Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and are happily preparing for the end of the year, too. :-)