Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Global Day of Delurk 2013

Today is this year's Love Our Lurkers Day. Once again, it is time for the heretofore silent readers to step out of the shadows if they like, and for all of you (lurker or long-time commenter) to vote on a video clip Kaelah and I are going to make.

Love Our Lurkers Day (or the Global Day of Delurk, as I like to call it here) is an invention of Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts. It has become a firm fixture on the calendar of the spanking community and this year is the eighth time we celebrate it. The idea is simple: on Love Our Lurkers Day, we spanking bloggers encourage our "lurkers", i.e. readers who have been following our blog but not commented before, to make their first comment, say hello and introduce themselves. So, please, feel free to come out if you like. This is your day. I know it can be a bit intimidating, especially to people who are new to BDSM and have not really talked to anyone in the Scene yet. But rest assured, we don't bite. We were all like you at some point in the past, shy, wide-eyed and curious, wondering if we should really take the plunge.

I first took part in Love Our Lurkers Day back in 2008. As the long-time readers have heard a hundred times before, that was when Kaelah left her first comment on my blog (or any blog, for that matter) as "K'Ehleyr", which lead to us exchanging emails, which lead to her putting her spanking fantasies into practice for the first time with me as a top, which lead to the two of us becoming a couple. It's quite the fairy tale story, really. In case you do not know it yet, you can read all about it in Where No Man Has Spanked Before.

But enough history. On to the present! As we have done previously, Kaelah and I are going to make a video clip based on Love Our Lurkers Day. Last year, you could decide whether Kaelah or I should get spanked, and predictably, Kaelah "won" by a solid margin - MF always seems to beat FM in these kinds of votes. So this year, we are doing it a bit differently. You can once again vote on whether she or I should get spanked, but instead of there being only one winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it), we will both take strokes this time. We are going to make a video that contains both an MF and an FM part, and depending on how many votes each of us gets, you decide how big or small these parts will be.

So here is how it goes: for each commenter who votes for Kaelah, Kaelah will take one cane stroke in the upcoming video. For each one who votes for me, I will take one cane stroke. For each delurker (first time commenter) who votes, she or I will take two cane strokes. As a delurker, you also get the option to split the strokes if you like - you can decide that both of "your" strokes should be given to Kaelah, that both should be given to me, or to split them.

The vote will be open for one week, that is until Tuesday, November 19th, 11:59:59 pm German time. Anonymous comments will not count, and neither will comments who just say hello and do not make a vote. So, if you like to make an impact in the video (pun intended), make sure to leave a name and to mention whether Kaelah or I should get "your" cane stroke (or strokes, in case you are a first time commenter here).

Happy Global Day of Delurk, everyone!


Unknown said...

I vote for Kaelah :-) sorry sweetie! But I am a well-spanked girl, and want you to be also....you will get 2 because I am de-lurking.

aaron doyle said...

voting for Ludwig (my first time comment...)

Rogue said...

First time commenter here. A female paddle wielder myself, I give both votes to Ludwig. :)
Love the contest!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

LOL isn't just about delurking...it's also a chance for us to say "hello" to friends we enjoy but have not been able to visit in a long time. Your blog is one of my favorites, and I always appreciate the wit and intelligence here.

I'm in my usual conundrum...I shudder at the thought of a cane and can't wish it on anyone in good conscience! But because most people will probably vote for Kaelah, I'm going to vote for Ludwig. I hope that will make things more even. Happy LOL!

Michael said...

Hi Kaelah and Ludwig. Not a lurker as I have commented in the past. I vote for Kaelah to take a cane stroke.
Happy LOL Day to you both. Can't wait to see the video.


I vote for Ludwig, we need more F/m in the world :) Happy LOL Day.


ronnie said...

Hello Ludwig and Kaelah,

I do lurk more than I comment but do enjoy stopping by.

I vote for Ludwig.


MrBBSpanker said...

I have commented here before, and read here often, so not a lurker.
Stopping by to say Happy LOL Day...
and vote Kaelah :)
# MrBBSpanker

Hermione said...

Hi Ludwig and Kaelah,

Happy LOL 8 day! I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts.


Anonymous said...

I think Ludwig should get the strokes
Happy LOL day.

DJB said...

Hello and best wishes

DJ Black :)


Underling said...

A very happy LOL Day to both of you, and long may your lovely site prosper.

Ludwig, it was great to see you stop by my blog - it's normally Kaelah who takes up commenting duties over there. :)

And speaking of Kaelah, my vote is for her. Maybe that's surprising given my F/M theme, but I reckon Ludwig has too many votes already!

Maddy said...

Hi - as female lurker I vote 2 for Ludwig as I adore his cute bottom.
Best wishes and don't leave it too long before making that video.
Love Maddy

Our Bottoms Burn said...

All the best to you guys.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

We'll vote for Kaelah. :-)

Happy LOL Day Ludwig!

-Clint and Chelsea
Learning Domestic Discipline

Unknown said...

I am happily delurking! :)
I actually did not realize that you had such a fairytale romance. It actually brought tears to my eyes! How amazing!

My vote is for Kaelah!

Chross said...

Happy LoL Day, Ludwig and Kaelah!

Since my preferences are rather lopsided my vote goes to Kaelah.


Erica said...

Happy LOL Day, you two! What a surprise... I'm voting for Kaelah. :-)

sixofthebest said...

Ludwig and Kaelah, I have read your wonderful spanking blog a number of years, and find it most enjoyable. Please continue the same in the future. Thank you.

sixofthebest said...

My vote is for Kaelah, and may her bare bottom, be given a good caning, as my 'nom de plume' says.

jimisim said...

I've no desire to see a hairy male arse whacked, but I will take great pleasure in watching Kaelah's beautiful female bum take a good cane stroke.

Gustofur said...

I am not a true lurker, so my option is for one stroke for Kaelah. May I request a hand spank instead of the cane?

Looking forward to more frequent topical posts.

I do enjoy your blog.

Bob S said...

Kaelah why do you agree to this? You should know the predilections of your audience. My vote is for you to assume the position and take a stroke.

Lea said...

Happy LOL Day!

I vote for Ludwig.

Sigrid said...

Hallo Kaelah and Ludwig! I am reading your Blog since about 2 Years but haven't got the "Traute" until now to comment by myself yet, because i do read englisch Language much better then i speak (or write). Sorry four that. But i like your Blog very much and looking always forward to the next Post. I think it must be wunderfull to be spanked hard by you, Kaelah, and so i would like to enjoy to see, how you give Ludwig two of your very (very-very!) best. Sinseerley, Sigrid

Bonnie said...

A belated happy LOL Day to you both! My vote is with Kaelah. What Klingon woman wouldn't adore a good caning?


Olli said...

I wish you both a happy LOL-day!

And I have to admit the clip "Ludwig comeuppance" is one of my very favoured CP-videos, thus I definitely have to vote for Ludwig - looking forward to another fine art of caning... ;-)

Spearthrower said...

I said last year that it was a shame we did not see Ludwig "win". So, I vote for Ludwig. And Ludwig does have a cute backside that is very "caneable"!

Keep up the good work with the blog. I visit a couple of times a week and always enjoy reading.

Hannilein said...

i vote for Kaelah too.

i wish happy LOL

josh doyle said...

I'm voting for Ludwig as a de-lurker... :)

TobyMaster said...

Kealah has my vote - enjoy!

Rittersmann said...

Hey you two, I can't miss the chance to play a part in this alluring game! As a first time voter, my vote goes to Kaelah. ;-) All the best from Munich

JamesM said...

Last year I voted for Kaelah, so this year it will be Ludwig.

MoodPedro said...

I had the pleasure to meet both Kaelah and Ludwig in real life. Kaelah is not just hot but she is very nice too... so I definitely vote for her. And if I can have a special request: Let my stroke be the very last and a really reeaalllyyy hard one.

CornishPatsy said...

Apparently it's quite close at the moment, with Kaelah slightly ahead. So please put my vote down for Ludwig. Wouldn't it be great to give them both exactly the same? They could take turns all the way through.

fatfreddy said...

Thanks a lot for all the effort you two put in this blog. Having said that, I vote for Kaelah.

Ludwig said...

The vote is officially closed. Thank you to all who took part!

A post with the results will be up soon.

Kaelah said...

Thank you very much for your comments, everybody! And of course a warm welcome especially to all the delurkers. It's great to have you around. Thanks for having taken the plunge!

@ Bella Moone:
A warm welcome! Thank you very much for delurking. I hope to hear more from you in the future. And of course you will get your two strokes, or, rather, I will get them... ;-)

@ Aaron Doyle:
Welcome on our blog and thanks for voting for Ludwig! ;-) Hope to hear from you again soon.

@ Rogue:
Thank you very much for delurking and for your vote! It's nice to have some female tops around, too. You are of course always welcome to join the discussions here on our blog.

@ Ana:
Thank you very much! Your vote indeed made things more even. :-)

@ Michael:
Thanks a lot for stopping by! We haven't managed to film the video, yet, but it will hopefully happen soon.

@ Spankedhortic:
It's always great to have you around, Prefectdt! And of course you made the right choice. ;-)

@ Ronnie:
Thanks a lot for commenting and for participating in the vote. It's hard to write a blog and find the time to comment on other blogs as well. So I can absolutely understand that you are lurking most of the time. It's great to hear that you enjoy stopping by, though! :-)

@ MrBBSpanking:
Thank you very much for your comment and your vote! It's nice to hear that you read here often.

@ Hermione:
It's wonderful to know that you are a regular visitor on our blog. Thanks a lot for your comment!

@ Fred Bloggs:
Yes, I think so, too! ;-) Thanks a lot for stopping by.

@ DJB:
Thank you very much for saying hi and for your kind wishes! :-)

@ Underling:
I totally counted on you to vote for Ludwig! ;-) Well, it seems that next time I have to be the one to stop by your blog again to make sure you vote for Ludwig's bottom to be caned. Joking aside, it is great to have you around and I always enjoy stopping by your blog!

@ Maddy:
Welcome and thank you very much for your comment! Ludwig has an adorable bottom indeed. I hope we will get to make the video very soon! And I hope to hear more from you in the future.

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Thank you! All the best to you as well. :-)

@ Learning Domestic Discipline:
Thank you very much for stopping by and for commenting! You are very welcome and I hope to see you around more often in the future.

@ Corinne Alexander:
Thank you very much for your lovely comment! Welcome on our blog and I hope to hear from you again.

@ Chross:
Thanks a lot for stopping by! I wouldn't call your preferences lopsided at all. Your preferences are simply your personal preferences. When it comes to the acceptance of different kinks you are definitely open-minded and that is all that counts. :-)

@ Erica:
Oh, I really wouldn't have expected you to vote for me... ;-) Thanks a lot for your comment! :-)

@ sixofthebest:
Thank you very much for your kind comment! :-)

@ Jimisim:
Don't worry, I'll make sure that Ludwig's bottom is shaved when we make the video! ;-) Thanks for stopping by and for your vote.

Kaelah said...

@ Gustofur:
Thank you very much for your comment! I hope that I will be able to write more frequently again next year. It's wonderful to hear that you enjoy the topical posts as well.

@ Bob S:
I guess it's because I'm a masochist! ;-) But this time I will also get to live out my sadistic side. Thank you for your comment.

@ Lea:
Thank you very much for stopping by and for your vote!

@ Sigrid:
A warm welcome and thank you very much for having taken the plunge! It's always great to hear from someone who has been reading our blog silently for a long time. I hope to hear more often from you in the future. And don't worry about your English! I know how difficult (and scaring) it is to write in a foreign language but your English is absolutely fine. :-)

@ Bonnie:
Thank you very much for stopping by! And you are of course absolutely right concerning Klingon women. We do enjoy dishing out a good caning as well, though. ;-)

@ Olli:
Thanks a lot for your comment and for your vote! I will try to be as precise with the cane as possible. :-)

@ Spearthrower:
Thank you very much for your kind comment! Your vote is of course taken.

@ Hannilein:
Thank you very much for stopping by and for your vote!

@ Josh Doyle:
Thank you very much for delurking and welcome! Your vote is taken and I hope hear from you again one day.

@ TobyMaster:
Thank you, we will surely enjoy it!

@ Rittersmann:
A warm welcome and thank you for delurking! It's always nice to hear from a fellow German kinkster, especially when he comes from lovely Munich. :-)

@ JamesM:
That's what I call balanced voting! :-) Thank you very much for stopping by.

@ MoodPedro:
Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting! It was wonderful to meet you in person. But you are so mean when it comes to throwing me under the bus... ;-) Don't worry, though, Ludwig isn't the one for love taps, anyway. :-)

@ CornishPatsy:
Thanks a lot for having helped to make the vote more even! It's always nice to hear from you. :-)

@ Fatfreddy:
Thank you very much for your kind comment! :-)