Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Meat

Red Meat by Max Cannon is one of my favourite comic strips (not a huge accomplishment in itself because I only know a handful of comic strips, but this one is definitely great). It features characters with abnormal personalities telling a weird or disturbing anecdote. My favourite among them is Bug-Eyed Earl, a crazed guy dressed in black and described by Cannon as an "overly-enthusiastic pundit of borderline reality":

Another character is Ted Johnson, a middle-aged man, "devoted husband, father and ardent latex enthusiast". Cannon has said that Ted is based on his own father (must be an interesting family):

However, the comic strip that inspired me to make this post is the following one, which should directly appeal to us as spanking / corporal punishment fetishists. It took me a moment to realise that it is not an original creation of Max Cannon, but fan fiction by an author calling himself The Light In Chains. Here is Earl again:

Yep, that one gave me a chuckle. There are quite a few people making their own comic strips like that with the Red Meat Construction Set, which the original author is apparently happy with. So, if you are feeling creative, why not give it a try (I won't, because comic strips probably aren't my forte and I have too much respect for the discipline to throw together something mediocre).


Lea said...

That's very funny. Thanks for sharing.

Renee Rose said...

mmm, Red Meat is from my home town.