Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girls Will Be Boys (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a fictional spanking story I came up with when talking with Ludwig about kinky fantasies on the phone. You can find part 1 here. The story seems to be getting a bit longer than planned, so I have decided to tell you about the aftermath in a separate third part. This part is about Kate's and Nancy's canings at the hand of Mr Lugner.

It should go without saying, but I think one can't underline that often enough: This is just a fantasy for an erotic role-play between consenting adults! I don't condone any form of corporal punishment of minors in any form, or of adults who haven't given their informed consent.

With that being made clear, let's get back to our two young heroines and the handsome teacher Mr Lugner. When we left them the last time, the very first cane stroke had just landed on Kate's bottom.

"Onethankyousir!" Kate had remembered the stories she had heard about canings which said that it took about a second after a stroke had landed for the pain to set in. So, she had decided to count the stroke as quickly as possible before the pain might take her breath away. Nancy watched as her friend's body was thrust forward by the impact of the stroke. She was surprised by Kate's quick counting and how well she seemed to take the caning. But then Kate opened her eyes and Nancy could see them getting wider and wider. Kate's hands desperately clutched the far end of the table and her face was a grimace of pain.
"Oh shit!" The words escaped Kate's lips as the pain reached its peak. She was slowly regaining her composure again when she suddenly heard Mr Lugner stating calmly: "I won't have that kind of language. That's one extra stroke, I'm afraid." - "But, that's … I … you … can't" Kate protested frantically, looking back at the young teacher. "I'm sorry, answering back isn't acceptable, either. That's another additional stroke, I fear", Mr Lugner's voice was warm and sympathetic, but determined. Kate opened her mouth to say something again, but thought better of it. Nancy felt tempted to help her friend. But she realised there was nothing she could do.

Mr Lugner came over to her and began to take aim, like he had done on Kate's bottom a minute ago. Nancy was shaking slightly and her mouth had become dry. Maybe a bit of drama with the old dragon and missing out on the cinema afternoon wouldn't have been so bad after all? It was too late for those kinds of second thoughts, though. Nancy heard the cane hit target and felt a dull sensation on her bottom. That doesn't feel so bad, she thought. A moment later, however, the stripe started burning, and the pain continued building with every second, taking her breath away. She let out a small yelp which somehow helped her breathe and cope with the pain. It took her a while until she was able to count the stroke. But finally she managed to press out a: "One. Thank you, Sir!"

When Mr Lugner returned to Kate, she was panicked. What if she didn't manage to take a stroke without cursing or doing something else that was forbidden? What if she earned herself one additional stroke after the other? What if it never ended? The teacher didn't give her much time to think. He took aim and administered the stroke with a similar force as the first one. Kate pressed herself into the desk, and when the wave of pain started building she tried to ride it like a surfer. No talking, no talking, no talking! She repeated the mantra in her head over and over again. Unfortunately, she also stopped breathing, and so she ended up panting as the pain slowly lessened, allowing her to recover. She took her time before counting and only spoke up when she had gained enough control again to say in a clear voice: "Two. Thank you Sir!"

Mr Lugner slowly alternated between the two young women, carefully taking aim, duly executing each stroke and calmly waiting for it to be counted correctly before moving on. Nancy wondered whether he was deliberately taking his time, maybe to prolong their punishment and generate a longer-lasting impression. For her, every stroke was more difficult to take than the previous one and her cries were increasing in volume. Kate on the other hand slowly found her rhythm. She fixed a certain spot on the wall with her eyes and grabbed the far end of the table as tightly as possible every time Mr Lugner took aim. Then she tried to make it through the wave of pain with gritted teeth. Just when she thought she couldn't take it any more, the pain usually ebbed and she could finally relax her shoulders and breathe again.

Mr Lugner observed the two women and their reactions very carefully. When he had become a teacher at St Patrick's six weeks ago, Headmaster Stewart had explained his educational and his CP approach as well as the teacher's role when administering punishments in great detail. "You are responsible for your students' well-being. It is our aim to make our students take responsibility for their actions. A punishment is supposed to make a lasting impression. But it is not our goal to break our students and turn them into fearful subordinates who blindly follow orders", Mr Stewart had told him. That was what St Patrick's was all about – discipline, responsibility and growth.

Which was why he had decided to cane the two young ladies together and not one after the other. He knew that the cane could turn even a strong lad into a hyperventilating, blubbering mess if applied severely and without any breaks to regain composure. His aim wasn't breaking the two women, though, only making a lasting impression. The young teacher also recognised that the two women reacted very differently to the ongoing caning. One seemed to have gotten into a flow, being able to deal a bit more easily with each new stroke. That allowed him to slowly increase the intensity of the caning in order to keep her on her toes. The other young woman seemed to loose more and more energy with each stroke. After six strokes her whole body and especially her legs were visibly shaking and she could hardly count the strokes any more. So, he decreased the severity of the strokes a bit to a level that seemed to be right at her personal limit.

Kate felt more confident after each stroke whereas Nancy only started to believe that she could take the whole dozen after stroke number ten. About a minute later, she muttered a relieved: "Twelve. Thank you Sir!" - "You may stand up now", said the young teacher, his voice sounding almost soft now. Nancy tried to get up, but she realised that her legs could hardly support her. She was feeling very shaky and suddenly a bit dizzy as well. Mr Lugner took her by the arm and carefully led her to a sofa stool which was standing in one corner of the room. Despite of the soft padding, Nancy winced when her sore bottom made contact with the seat. As she let herself sink back into the cool leather, she realised for the first time that there was cold sweat on her forehead and on her back as well.

Mr Lugner went back to the desk where Kate was still bent-over, waiting. "Two more additional strokes", he announced and warned: "Those will be more severe than the previous ones." Kate's head flipped around. "But
" She immediately bit her lip. Nancy, who was watching carefully, believed she saw a tiny amused smile on the teacher's face. "What did you want to say?" he asked. - "Nothing. I'm sorry, Sir." - "I would like to hear what you have to say. You are allowed to speak up." Kate hesitated for a moment. "It's just … I thought the previous strokes already had been severe, Sir", she finally said in a very small voice. This time Nancy was sure that Mr Lugner was smiling.
"I'm afraid those were medium at most. The cane is capable of a much higher level of severity. Which you might find out if I catch you again on school grounds at night." He did not sound as if he genuinely believed that this was going to happen. "Prepare yourself." - With that, the young teacher began to tap the cane against Kate's bottom again. A sharp swish followed and with a loud crack the cane landed on Kate's behind. Kate felt an intense pain exploding across her backside as her body was thrust forward. The sensation was still a burning one which took her breath away and made her hiss sharply through gritted teeth and throw her head back in pain. Somehow she managed to stay on top, though, and finally she was able to count.

Then the last stroke followed. It was the hardest. Kate grabbed the edge of the table so firmly that Nancy could see the white of her knuckles. This time Kate pressed her face into her arm to muffle the outcry which escaped her lips as the pain built up inside her. For a while she lay across the table, panting and trying to regain her composure and her breath. "Four … teen. … Thank … you, … Sir", Kate spoke in between deep breaths. Mr Lugner allowed her to take her time and quietly put the cane back in its place on the rack. When he returned, Kate's breathing had slowed down. "You may stand up now as well", the teacher said, his voice again having that warm undertone. Kate pushed herself up and smoothed out her clothes. [To be continued...]


Anonymous said...

Well done. I can tell by the narrative that you know the feel of the cane.



there's a part 3! Great, I'm enjoying this and it is better to get these stories in bite sized pieces.


Olli said...

Howdy, I'm back...

Yeah, that IS a Keahleh-like story (and I won't be confused if in part 3 another borrowed sentence would appear - someting like "finished and forgotten").

I haven't had the intention to give a kind of unfair criticism in my last post, but only to line out my aversion to these "be naked to be spanked"-stories (and clips, too). Lifting up the skirt or pulling down the trousers is okay, just to give the pain more intensity, but in my opinion pulling down the panties (even if they're strings with no stuff over the buttock at all!) is leaving the plot of caning.

Okay, I have to admit that I like the second part of your story very much and (you may smile...) I'm just thinking about being catched doing something forbidden tonight. Yes, I think I'm going to trigger my mate... ;-)

With a twinkle

jimisim said...

A great second part. Fourteen strokes-ouch!
Re your previous comments; of course there has to be a suspension of disbelief in spanking stories, otherwise they'd all be pre 1980 school stories on boys, and family stories which I personally dislike.
You handle it very well indeed, I look forward to the next episodes and further.
You are a gifted author and writer and I look forward to many more of your stories.

Lea said...

I can tell it is fantasy without your disclaimer because teachers are never young and handsome. ;-) Love the story!

Kaelah said...

@ Joey:
Thank you!

@ Spankedhortic:
I prefer spanking stories in bite-sized pieces, too, Prefectdt. I'm not so sure how many people are interested in the aftermath story, though, now that the action is over. Especially because the third part isn't even very short, either.

@ Olli:
Glad the story triggered some fantasies! :-) And of course certain references had to be included in the final part!

I can relate to your aversion against nude schoolgirl spankings. I am okay with bare bottom spankings, especially in videos, because I know that this is the only way to give the viewer a chance to see the development of the marks and it can still somehow be explained with severity or maybe even with care (the spanker wanting to observe the damage that is caused by the spanking). I love to watch or read about clothed spankings as well, though! What absolutely doesn't work for me in a formal school setting is full nudity or any kind of touch which I don't find appropriate (intense rubbing already belongs into that category). It's the same with stories in which suddenly the victim's bottom is described in great detail, maybe even praising its sexy looks. But it seems that many fellow spankos love these things. As they say, to each their own! :-)

@ Jimisim:
You are absolutely right about the aspect of suspension of disbelief! I'm very happy that you enjoy the story so much. It's quite exhausting for me to write fictional spanking stories in English (my first and only try before this one was back in 2010), but maybe it won't take me so long to find an inspiration for another story this time. :-)

@ Lea: