Monday, November 21, 2011

The Taxman Cometh

Soon Pandora's new site Dreams Of Spanking will be launched. So, here it finally is: The first part of the behind-the-scenes report from the shoot Ludwig and I did for Pandora earlier this year. I won't start chronologically, though. Today's post is going to be about the last scene we shot, which will be the first one to be published. It was also the first time I ever topped a woman and dished out an OTK spanking!

I had signalled Pandora that I would be interested in topping her, and she had come up with an idea for a little scenario: Pandora was a self-employed spanking model who came to visit her tax accountant (can't imagine why Pandora saw me in that role...) who happened to be one of her friends at the same time. Unfortunately, Pandora did not only show up late, but her paperwork was a mess as well. So her friend, being angry but sure that Pandora could do better and not wanting to let her down, decided to teach her a lesson instead of telling her to find another tax accountant.

Pandora gave me a plot description with some ideas for the dialogue the evening before the shoot. I was a bit afraid of that scene, partly because of my inexperience as a top and partly because of the dialogue. I knew that the scene would be the last one of the day and in the evening my English usually gets worse due to tiredness. I assumed that the excitement after the severe caning which I had coming first thing in the morning wouldn't make it any better. Furthermore, the nervousness about that severe scene didn't allow me to prepare much dialogue for a later scene the night before. And I was neither familiar with the special vocabulary nor with the English tax system. So, I would have to improvise a lot.

Ludwig calmed me down when I told him that I wasn't sure whether I would be able to sell the character of the strict tax accountant properly. “Just be your annoying nitpicking self. That'll do perfectly.” I don't like to admit it, but he proved to be right.

Ludwig was behind the camera for the scene. Since we had only one camera, every break meant that he had to change the camera angle. So it was clear that there should be as few breaks as possible. Pandora and I had just started our conversation when a special guest turned up, though. Fatface, Pandora's cat, must have followed us. Where it had come in, I don't know.

But Fatface was obviously determined to become a porn star! Without hesitation the cat walked past Ludwig and into the scene. For a second Ludwig thought about grabbing the cat by its tail, but he decided against it because he didn't want to hurt Fatface. Pandora and I were a bit stunned for a second but then simply went on like the cat was supposed to be there. Obviously the tax accountant owned a cat... Fatface collected some caresses from both of us and then happily left the scene.

Pandora and I went on. The dialogue proved to be a bit difficult indeed, but I improvised and didn't stop, even when I realised that I had made a grammatical mistake. I think I changed the focus of the storyline a bit compared to Pandora's original plan, though. I assume that Pandora wanted to focus more on the fact that the model had let herself down by, for example, not having collected the receipts for her expenses properly, which meant that she would have to pay more taxes than necessary.

I got carried away by some other thoughts, though. If I sent in documents with missing receipts and someone found out, wouldn't that destroy my credibility as a tax accountant? Wouldn't the tax authorities start to check the documents of all my clients twice? And why did Pandora assume that I had enough time to sort out her documents for her when she turned up at the very last minute? - Have you ever worked with fellow employees who only do the stuff they like and hope that the stupid and boring eager beavers will do the rest? That was the picture which I had in mind during the scene.

And so my annoying nitpicking self took over. Especially as Pandora tried to talk her way out of the spanking. I remember her saying: “I will try to make it better the next time.” And me growling back: “This is not about trying! This is simply about doing it!” And so the conversation went on, even after Pandora had agreed to accept a spanking and was draped over my knee.

I had never spanked anyone OTK before and was a bit scared at first that I might not be able to hold and support Pandora safely with my knees. But it worked perfectly and I have to say that it was a wonderful feeling when Pandora put her weight on me and trusted me to hold her. Topping Pandora in front of a camera without having much experience was a bit scary because I didn't want to screw up. But at the same time it felt easier than topping someone in a private scene because the storyline and the course of the spanking were given. It definitely was a wonderful experience.

We started with my hand over her skirt, which proved to be not that effective, even though I gave my best. But Pandora was already warmed up from a previous scene and the skirt reduced the effect of my hand spanking as well. The only resulting marks were on my hand, as you can see in the second picture of this post. But I gave everything I had while lecturing Pandora at the same time. I only made a little newbie mistake: Not talking in between the strokes, but with them. Pandora told me that my words are audible in the video, though, so it should be alright.

The spanking went on over the knickers and on the bare and finally ended with the hairbrush. Pandora had told me that I didn't have to hold back with the brush she had given me, and so I laid on. That particular hairbrush is very slippery, though, as Pandora has experienced herself. I want to remark that I was completely sober during the shoot, though! Nonetheless the brush suddenly slipped out of my hand. But I managed to catch it in mid-air and went on as vigorously as before. A short time later the hairbrush slipped out of my hand a second time. But again I caught it and simply went on. As a result I think that I look not extremely skilled but very ambitious, which in my mind perfectly fits the character who wasn't supposed to have any prior experiences with spanking at all!

You can make up your own mind about the scene, though. Because here is the preview clip which has just been published by Pandora. Hope you like it!

In my opinion "The Taxman Cometh" is a funny little scene and I'm looking forward to seeing the final clip, which will go online on the day Dreams Of Spanking is launched. It definitely was a pleasure and a lot of fun to shoot it! The reports of the other two scenes will follow in a while. The two clips will be released in the first months after the site launch and we will give you a glimpse behind the scenes once they are available.


Simon(e) said...

What a delightful scene. Pandora is one of favourite models and I think you make a very fine spanker.

Pandora Blake said...

Squee! Thanks so much for posting this and I'm glad you came out of this scene feeling positive despite your nerves. I think you did a great job, and I've taken the opportunity to explain why in a little more detail in a post of my own.

I don't think this scene is perfect, mostly because my own inexperience as a producer shines through. I should have felt more able to cut and move the camera, and because I didn't I'm concerned that the scene is very slow to start - neither of us is moving and the camera isn't moving either, so the only thing happening is the dialogue. Luckily, I think the dialogue is believable enough to get away with it and I think you carried your half very well indeed.

My favourite bit though (other than Fatface's cameos, of course!) is towards the end of the spanking where you decide to just let rip and really go for it. It's got a brilliant energy and is very intense. :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

“Just be your annoying nitpicking self. laughing here.

Looks like you did a fine job. The world needs some good tops.

Ursus Lewis said...

Congratulations Kaelah for your topping on camera debut. It looks like you did a great job. I have no experience with spankings on camera, but I know about your worries about topping in a foreign language.

When I started topping this bothered me quite a bit, because I thought, I cannot express what I'd like to express. In meanwhile I think it would be harder to top in German, simply because I don't have the vocabulary and experience...

Mija said...

How utterly and completely charming. :) I loved reading your account of the filming. It's especially great to hear how you went from feeling insecure to in control of the scene.


Kaelah said...

@ Simon(e):
Thank you very much! :-)

@ Pandora:
Thank you for your lovely post and for your kind compliments!

Deciding on an appropriate number of cuts is indeed a difficult question, and I think it takes some experience to get a good feeling for that. I'm afraid that the initial dialogue is not only a bit long-winded because of the static camera perspective and the fact that we are not moving, but also because I talked a bit slowly at the beginning, looking for the appropriate words. Changing the perspectives would have made it easier to erase some breaks or very slow parts of the dialogue. On the other hand I think that the dialogue is indeed a bit more realistic this way, and I assume that there are viewers who will appreciate that.

The next time Ludwig and I are going to make a private fun clip that involves a storyline and a bit more dialogue, I want to try another way of making the clip look more dynamic. After having filmed the dialogue with static cameras (since we don't have a camera operator), I would like to shoot some additional close-ups, showing either the facial reactions of the person who is talking or the one who is listening, or maybe also movements of hands or whatever. The idea is to integrate these close-ups in the final clip. I hope that this will generate a better dynamic and make it easier to edit the clip (and put together different takes) at the same time.

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
I'm flattered by your kind compliments, thank you!

@ Ursus Lewis:
Yep, at least this was my on camera debut as a top including dialogue. My first time as a top on camera was when we shot the football bet clip, but first of all I wasn't the only top there and had the experienced Leia-Ann Woods at my side and secondly there wasn't much dialogue! I agree with you on spanking dialogue vocabulary – while I think that it would still be a bit easier for me in German, I'm almost as comfortable concerning that aspect in English because I read and write so much about the topic in English. It was the tax related dialogue that scared me the most. I think that this is quite obvious in the clip, too – I'm talking much faster once it comes to spanking and scolding! ;-)

@ Mija:
It was indeed a great feeling when I realised that everything went well and that I could handle the dialogue as well as the spanking action. A big part of my kink as a top is the great appeal which the thought of being trusted enough to be handed over control has for me. Once I was able to put the question of whether Pandora's trust in me was justified or not aside, I was able to let go and enjoy the experience. Oh, and after my hand spanking efforts had proved to be not as effective as I had hoped they would be (except for the bruises on my hand), I felt challenged to make some more impression on Pandora with that hairbrush. After all as a top I like to provoke some reactions as well! :-)

MasonPearson said...

K seemed to really relish the use of that hairbrush. It is as if she had been born to it really. Never has accountancy been so intriguing. Fantastic.

Kaelah said...

@ MasonPearson:
I really enjoyed making that clip! Glad you like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

The padded hairbrush ruins the scene.

Kaelah said...

@ Jack:

Sorry to hear that you didn't like the hairbrush. I know that all viewers have their favourite implements and some they don't like. I, for example, am no fan of wooden paddles in spanking clips and I am not very fond of belts, either.

In case your aversion to the brush has to do with the idea that plastic brushes don't hurt, though – I have been on the receiving end of plastic brushes and can reassure you that they definitely do hurt when used with a certain vigour! But they don't cause as much damage as wooden brushes which to my mind was right for this scene. Given the characters and their relationship it would have been inappropriate, had I beaten Pandora black and blue. And I have to admit that I'm not a fan of severe bruises from brushes, either, but that is another personal preference (I only like severe cane marks, and only when applied with great skill, something you'll rarely find).

Shirley said...

Brilliant scene, really enjoyed watching it. You did so well for your first time OTK spanking! Loved it!