Friday, November 18, 2011

(24 x 2) + (8 x 6) = pain

(Before any annoying math wizards jump on the title: yes, I am aware that the parantheses are unnecessary because of the customary multiplication-before-addition order of operations. But it just looked better with them!)

Kaelah and I were most impressed by the response to this year's Global Day of Delurk. Granted, you tend to get a bigger response when you offer the added incentive of making a spanking video (more about that below). But we still did not expect quite so many comments. We heard from 31 different readers, including eight true first-time delurkers. That is a record for our blog, and once more, we are comfortably above the comments-per-blog average (18.50 according to Bonnie's figures). So, a big thank you from both of us to everyone who participated. Especially to the true delurkers - it would be lovely to keep hearing from you in the future as well.

I am all the more pleased with the response after what has been a relatively quiet summer and autumn for us. We had a semi-hiatus, we only managed an average four posts per month from May to October, and while Kaelah tenaciously kept things going, I was almost entirely absent. And still, we get this kind of response on delurk day. That really is flattering, and it shows me that we must have been doing something right these past few years to attract such loyal readers. Thank you again. Oh, and by the way, my personal semi-hiatus is now officially over. If I needed any motivation for re-joining Kaelah in blogging, I have it now. You will hear more from me again in the coming months.

But enough with the banter. I am sure you are all eagerly waiting for the Global Day of Delurk debriefing in regards to the spanking video Kaelah and I are going to make. We said that anyone who had commented before would contribute two strokes with the riding crop, and every first-time delurker would contribute six strokes with the leather paddle. So, here is the final tally, with the commenters in chronological order:

Contributing two strokes each with the riding crop:
Karl Friedrich Gauss
Ursus Lewis
New one

Contributing six strokes each with the leather paddle:
Cane not Caine

If my math is correct, that adds up to 46 strokes with the crop and 48 strokes with the paddle. But in fact, Kaelah has been complaining so much about narrowly missing the symmetry of having the same number with both implements, I am counting her own comments to the Global Day of Delurk as another two with the crop. After all, why should only comments from blog readers count and not comments from the blog authors? There was nothing in the announcement that precluded the latter. So, it will be 48 strokes with the crop, and 48 with the paddle.

You know what I think is funny? There also wasn't anything in the announcement about which one of us would get the spanking. Kaelah wrote that we were going to make a clip, she wrote about the implements and the numbers of strokes - but not about the identity of the spankee. Everyone just automatically assumed that it would be Kaelah. Not an unreasonable assumption, given that she is mostly a bottom and I am mostly a top, and later confirmed by Kaelah in her comments. But still, I just think it's funny how there never seemed to be any uncertainty in anyone's mind. We really need more x/M material in the spanking blogosphere to shake up our expectations (I have contributed to that in the past and will do it a few more times before I retire from the Scene).

From this year's Global Day of Delurk, however, we are indeed going to make an M/F clip, as was assumed. The action will be about twice as long as we originally expected. Kaelah had reckoned with four or at best five delurkers, but certainly not with eight. Otherwise, she might not have been so generous as to offer six strokes for each! We also did not expect so many commenters in total. But, as you know, Kaelah is a brave girl who takes challenges in stride. And since the two of us have not played much in recent months, she has been talking about how she craves an extended, proper thrashing, anyway. Now she is going to get one.

We are going to film the clip in about two weeks, when we next see each other, and will then edit it in time for a release as a Christmas gift.


sixofthebest said...

Thank you Ludwig, for mentioning my name, amongst all those great 'spanking enthusiasts'. May your 'blog' blush forever, for it is a good one.

Ursus Lewis said...

Looking forward to the clip. I would have enjoyed Kaelah on the giving end too though...

Kaelah said...

Ludwig, there are enough strokes for both of us! Love is all about sharing, you know?! Joking aside, this time I will be on the receiving end. But it's good to know that this won't always be the case and that different scenes are lying ahead of us as well. :-)

@ Ursus Lewis:
Don't worry, I will be on the administering end! Not in the LOL Day clip, but definitely in future clips to come. And of course there is also the football bet clip, my first-ever topping experience, which has yet to be released (which will most probably happen in January 2012).

lanie said...

Great game. Should be repeated.

Kaelah said...

@ lanie:
Thanks a lot for stopping by! I am sure there will be another game like this one again at some time. Meanwhile you can enjoy the resulting video of this game which you find under the "My Videos" label.

lanie said...

I have seen all before. They are greate. But this is the best in my opinion Interaction with readers is great idea and very interesting.

Kaelah said...

@ Lanie:
Interaction with the readers is indeed great. Ludwig's Comeuppance Clip and Dachshunds in Space also involved votes by our readers. The next clip which we are going to publish will have that as well. We still have several clips which have already been shot but not edited and published, yet. These clips will be first and then I am quite confident that we will have some new ideas for interactive clips afterwards.