Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bring on 2011!

Kaelah and I hope that you had a "guten Rutsch", a "good slide" into the new year 2011. How have the first two weeks been for you? Had any kinky adventures yet? We didn't, but that's because we haven't seen each other since New Year's Day, spending our time in our respective corners of Germany since then. I have no doubt that we will catch up when we get together again, though.

I had plenty of things to do during the first two weeks. In this regard, a pattern continues from 2010, when I didn't pay as much attention to the blog as I should have. I plan to do better this year. The truth is, I'm not too good at multi-tasking. Kaelah is different - she is very organised and structured in her schedule, typical INTJ, able to keep many juggling balls in the air at the same time. I've never been like that by nature. I'm very single-minded and I usually focus on one specific object or activity, for weeks or months at a time, at the expense of everything else. So, regarding the blog, I have phases where almost all my free time goes into it (as in 2008), and I have phases where it clearly suffers (as it did last year).

This is not just a result of my natural way of doing things, but also a conscious decision of mine to prevent burnout. Blogging can become a chore and the pressure of keeping readers entertained even while you are going through an uninspired spell can become overwhelming. Which is why you see many bloggers quit after a year or so, after the initial buzz wears off. To keep a blog alive long-term, you have to be able to take your mind off of it, to deliberately focus on other passions of yours for a time and then come back refreshed. The trick is to not let it die completely in the meantime. I am fortunate in this regard, because I have a writing partner in Kaelah who is capable of running things so well that I am not even missed too much.

That said, I do feel refreshed now and I think it is high time for me to get back into the midst of things before the dachshund takes over the palace completely. The king is not quite ready to abdicate yet. Actually, I have more ideas and more stuff that I would like to write about than ever. It's just a matter of putting it on the virtual page. Maybe I can make some progress at multi-tasking after all, finding the golden middle path between excessive labour and neglect. Let that be my only, and very general, new year resolution. It's a tough one, though, because it is not easy to go against one's nature.

May 2011 be a good, productive and interesting year for all of us kinky bloggers and perverted pornographers, and for you, the readers, as well.


Ursus Lewis said...

I had a "guten Rutsch". Thank you. I spent the evening together with spanko friends. No plays though, but good time anyway. This year did already bring some kinky activity though. I attended a local spanking party on Jan 5th and I had some plays before and after. At the moment I can not complain. The only little misfortune is the lack of a girlfriend.

Kaelah did a great job keeping things up during your "dry period", but I'm happy to hear you will post more often this year. As more I can read on this blog as happier I am.

Have a successful 2011 Ludwig.

Kaelah said...

I'm glad that you have so many ideas for posts, Ludwig! Writing more for the blog was a lot of fun, but being an INTJ (and having been raised the way I was) I often try to juggle too many balls at the same time because I think that it is my duty. Every time the last blog post was published more than one week ago I'm getting nervous and force myself to write one before another week is over. Knowing that there will be more posts from you might make me a bit calmer this year.

Oh, and of course I have taken over the whole place already! But as you know, dachshunds love to share their places with their people. Playing alone with one's ball is much less fun than teaching someone to throw it for you! ;-)

I miss you and I was very jealous when I read about all the kinky adventures others already had this year (and posted about). I just hope that we'll find time to catch up when we get together again. There are very vivid images of a certain scene on my mind and I'll make sure to practise enough to make them come true... :-)

@ Ursus:
You really make me jealous! ;-) But still I cross my fingers that you might find the one little thing (person) that (who) is missing soon.

Ursus Lewis said...

I'm to one to be jealous about you two. Having such a wonderful relationship must be very fulfilling.

Peter8862 said...

Ludwig, I believe it is an established fact that the fair sex is generally well able to do several things at once whereas we poor male specimens invariably have one track minds. I've experienced it many times, to my chagrin.

Much as we appreciate and look forward to your and Kaelah's monthly blogs, I truly believe that their length should correspond to your available time and inspiration. If they are occasionally just two sentences long, it would be so much better than a burn-out !


simon said...

keep up the good work ludwig and kaelah one of the best blogs simon.

Ludwig said...

@ Ursus: So, you had an action-packed kinky start to the year already. Good for you.

As for meeting your loved one, Kaelah and I have found, like many other people, that it happens when you least expect it. At the end of the day, it is mostly a matter of pure chance, I think. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

@ Kaelah: Yes, I miss you too. It won't be long now.

@ Peter: Yes, I think women are, generally speaking, indeed much more adept at multi-tasking than men are. A gender stereotype perhaps, but one that seems to contain a large grain of truth.

As for the length of blog posts, I have made the resolution myself to discover the virtue of brevity. Let's see where that leads.

@ Simon: Thank you for the compliment.

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus:
I cross my fingers for you, but never forget, having a girlfriend means a lot of stress as well, especially if she is as complicated as I am... :-)

@ Peter & Ludwig:
Some people say that the difference is caused by our genes and the different responsibilities which men and women had to fulfil in ancient times: hunting = exclusively focussing on the pray vs gathering = looking around for berries plus watching the children plus looking out for dangerous animals. But I think that today there is also still a social difference. To my mind there are a lot of people who find it socially acceptable for a man to solely focus on his job, while women are often expected to do (most of) the housework, to raise children and to organize private things as well, even if they've got a job. I know quite a few women who are frustrated because they do most of the organizational stuff at home, despite of having a job. Their husbands make such a fuzz about everything that they have given up the thought of equally sharing the workload.

But, Peter, to me it seems that you are a man who manages to juggle quite a few heavy balls at once! And I'm very happy, Ludwig, that you aren't one of those men who hide behind that “It's all genetic” excuse. By the way, humans are generally unable to do “multitasking”. The only thing we can learn is to switch more quickly between different tasks. And since you are an INFJ, Ludwig, I'm quite confident that you'll find a healthy mixture if you aim for it. And you definitely don't have to become as extreme as I am! :-)

@ Simon:
Thank you so much! :-)