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Movie Review: Wild Party 3

Rigid East (released in 2009)

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Ballet teacher canes students for drunk lesbian orgy

Victim Appeal:
Wild Party and its sequel are two of the most popular and enduring Rigid East classics, from the old era before the Czechs started calling themselves Lupus Pictures. After a break of nearly seven years, they've now decided to make the series into a trilogy. I was wondering whether this was going to happen, and if so, when! Hey, they even revived the Rigid East label for the occasion. It feels nice to see the opening logo again after all this time, with flames playing around it while cane strokes and a girl's cries can be heard in the background. Ah, those were the days!

Needless to say, the fundamental "Wild Party" formula also remains unchanged: the great Jan Zlatousty stars as the cane-wielding top again, and five girls get to experience his not-so-tender mercies. As in the first two videos, the spankees make for a pleasant variety of looks. There are three blondes, one dark-haired girl and one redhead (veteran Lupus actress Ester Slaba). Some thin, some of them a bit more voluptuous, but all quite pretty. They do a decent acting job as well - of all three installments, I think this is the best one in terms of acting.

Gratuitous Sadism:
The first part was basically a domestic discipline scenario, the second one was set in an art school. This time, the spankees are students in an amateur ballet class. As the movie opens, one of them does a couple of moves to Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". The teacher (Zlatousty) is not happy: "We've already been doing this, it was better last time! The head knows what to do, but the body doesn't listen!" The famous "Wild Party" top in a skin-tight dancing costume, instructing his students to lift their legs higher while he is awkwardly demonstrating the exercise himself, is probably one of the most comical sights RGE / Lupus have ever produced. It is even inspirational in its way: here is a man who is clearly not afraid of anything.

When the lesson is over and the teacher leaves, the obligatory "wild party" takes place. There is a shower scene, dancing, wine, dope, more dancing (naked by now) and, once the alcohol has removed all inhibitions, some unusually explicit lesbian sex. Finally, they all pass out. When the ballet teacher returns the next morning and finds five naked (and still quite drunk) girls strewn across the floor, he is of course furious. After a lecture about "enlightenment through art", how they have disgraced his ensemble and yadda-yadda, he sends them home to sleep off their stupor.

At the next confrontation, one of the students (Ester) plots to blackmail the teacher with accusations of sexual harassment (apparently, he has a bit of a past with that). What they didn't count on, however, is the fact that their little orgy the day before was caught by the security cameras - and so, the teacher has the upper hand. He issues an ultimatum: they can agree to take a dose of corporal punishment with the cane (like in an old-fashioned Russian ballet school), or he will expel them from the school and report them to the police for smoking dope.

So, the students tell him to sod off and call the police if he dares. Actually, no, I'm just kidding! Don't worry. Needless to say, they give in and the inevitable beatings follow. The girls bend over a gym horse for the punishment. The first one wimps out after only five strokes - she is expelled from the class as a result. The others take their canings until the end. They were supposed to get 50 strokes each, but they do in fact receive 45, 38, 52 and 53 - and there I was, freaking out over my minor miscounts during the filming of "A Garden Party"! The thrashings are certainly fun to watch, though, very hard as usual and leaving gorgeous purple marks.

Best Reactions:
Three of the four girls who go through with the punishment take it rather well - with quite a lot of yelping and crying, but without flinching too much. The other one (the short blonde) jumps up and away from the horse after literally every single stroke. It is amusing to watch for a while, in a sadistic sort of way, but after the tenth time, it just gets annoying. There is no sense of cohesion in the scene, it just falls apart. Fortunately, Ester Slaba is next and takes her thrashing, the final one of the film, in a much more dignified manner.

Actually, there is no spankee here whose reactions struck me like the defiant redhead did in the first "Wild Party". Or like the tough brunette girl who was the first to be caned in "Wild Party 2". Here, they are all fairly enjoyable to watch (except for the hysterical blonde), but there is no one who really stands out. At the end of the day, I'd probably go with Ester. Not because of the reactions, but because she gets the most strokes and the nicest welts.

Best Line:
Before the first girl bends over the gym horse, the teacher lectures them about how well these "Russian" methods work: "The methods are brilliant. Because they have brilliant dancers and soloists!" Sarcastically, the girl about to get it replies: "I guess the weals increase the range of movement..."

Oh, nice line! Was the improvised? It almost sounded like it. She's a smart girl. Too bad she couldn't take the caning (she was the one who quit after five strokes). If she had been able to back up words with deeds, I would have loved to see her again!

Nice Psychological Touch:
There is a subplot involving the teacher, the caretaker of the building, and a boxer (a hilarious cameo by producer Thomas Marco). I won't spoil the ending for you here, which puts a different twist into the whole story. But I can say that I liked it a lot. One of the two "villains" gets his own comeuppance, which is a typical RGE / Lupus touch, and Thomas shows his self-deprecating sense of humour with the boxer role.

How Good Is It Really?
In terms of CP action, this is arguably the weakest of the three "Wild Party" films. It certainly isn't bad - the four (full-length) caning scenes are all hard, well-filmed and fun to watch. The number of strokes is even higher than in the previous installments. But somehow, the intensity just isn't the same. None of the segments, no one among the spankees, nothing in the reactions really stuck in my memory.

As a film, however, this is the best one yet. The setting is great, the ballet lesson with Jan Zlatousty is a hoot, and the actual "wild party" sequence is very nicely set up and put together. Good cast (Thomas should do more cameos), good acting and some good use of music. Even though the action itself may not be up there with the two stellar predecessors, fans of the series will definitely want to see this.

What You Learned:
Seeing what a great, natural combination RGE / Lupus thrashings and ballet are, I am reminded: I really have to talk Leia-Ann Woods into working with the werewolves from the East someday. What a pairing that would be, eh?

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