Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movie Review: Guilty Wives

Mood Pictures (released in 2004)

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Cheating wives sentenced to the cane

Victim Appeal:
This early Mood title is the first appearance of one Betty Sweet, a blonde Hungarian sexpot with a slender figure and a spectacular, petite arse. As I noted in my critique of The Auction, it was Betty who inspired me to write my first ever spanking video review, five years ago, under another nickname. Then I did a couple more reviews, my writing got me in touch with all the wrong, sinister people, and voilà, here I am today, shooting videos myself! Better than any government report, my story illustrates the corruptive force of these films. And in her own way, Miss Sweet helped to set me off. Which goes to show you yet another thing, namely, how superficial and sex-driven men are (as if further confirmation were needed).

The other victim in "Guilty Wives" is a tall, black-haired lass named Eva Padlocki and very pretty in her own right. Nowadays, Mood and Pain4Fem churn out flicks with two, three or sometimes half a dozen girls like that on a monthly basis, but at the time, it was a rarity for anyone but Lupus Pictures. So perhaps my drooling fixation on the eye candy is forgivable. In any case, let's take a look back at this little "relic" and see how it holds up in 2009...

Gratuitous Sadism:
The story is quickly recounted: two young women who have apparently cheated on their husbands stand trial before a judge, the verdict says 50 cane strokes each, commence CP action. According to the opening text, the whole thing takes place in "Syberia, several decades ago...", and there's a big red star adorning the wall in the courtroom. I wonder how those good old-fashioned Siberians ("Syberians"?) treat men who cheat on their wives? Would they get caned, too? How about some socialist gender equality? Ack, never mind. It's just a movie! They didn't really have judicial corporal punishment in the Soviet Union, anyway.

Before this fantasy trial starts, we see the soon-to-be-chastised girls sitting in their cell. After some really lame lines of dialogue between them ("Are you scared, too?", "No, I'm innocent!"), a female guard wanders in. The actress playing the guard is of Asian descent, and she is called "Debbie Ulan Ator" in the credits. That has nothing to do with the plot, of course, but I thought I should still mention it in this review - "Debbie Ulan Ator", how cool is that? Anyway, the guard informs Eva and Betty that she has to search them before they go into the courtroom. A nice excuse for the girls to undress and show off their bodies in the very first scene of the film. We are beginning to look forward to the canings now.

The wives are taken before the judge (Maximilian Lomp). Eva pleads guilty right away, Betty claims that she is innocent and that an attorney will arrive soon to furnish proof (what type of proof, I wonder?). There's some verbal sparring with the judge. It goes back and forth for a while and is all kind of pointless, really. Needless to say, Betty's attorney never arrives, and the judge finds both women guilty. He announces that he will administer the punishments himself. A caning bench is brought in. How convenient for the scriptwriter that they don't seem to have separation of powers between judges and executioners in Siberia.

Gosh, I really am in a nitpicking mood today, aren't I? I'm not dissing the movie, though. As a matter of fact, it is quite amusing to watch. Especially now that we're getting to the action. Eva is the first to be tied over the caning bench - or rather, the caning stocks. I don't know what to call it. It's a strange device and somewhat flimsy, wobbling around while a victim is bending over it. Predictably, Mood Pictures didn't use it again. There's plenty of shaking, of benches and ass cheeks, as Max Lomp dishes out 50 hard cane strokes. Much howling and anguish from Eva to go along with it, too. Then, Betty receives the same treatment, with roughly the same results. Their asses are nicely covered in welts by the time it is over. Girls get dressed, exit, movie ends.

Best Reactions:
Obviously, I have to go with Betty Sweet's caning scene, which is still my favourite of the two. I don't know why I am so infatuated with the girl. Granted, she is beautiful and has an immensely cute, spankable bottom, but that can be said about so many models. As well as that, she has lots of tattoos and facial piercings, which I don't find all that attractive. No, there is something here that goes beyond mere looks and superficial drooling. What I liked about Betty, and still do, is this mix of doe-eyed vulnerability and subtle, sullen defiance about her. In all probability, she simply felt awkward and bored in equal parts during the shoot and couldn't wait to get the paycheck. But she's interesting to watch for sure - the demeanour, the postures, the monotone mumbling.

Moreover, her reactions during the beating are just magnificent. She's in pain and shows it rather clearly, with much crying, grimacing, short loud yelps and writhing of her body. At the same time, she's somewhat restrained and subdued about it, so again, there is this vulnerability with defiance lying underneath. A textbook example of how to make a sadist happy. What is also enjoyable about the scene is the fact that, unlike Mood's later movies with all those mute, robotic dommes, it has a fair amount of conversation between Max Lomp and his victim. Throughout the caning, he keeps talking to Betty and admonishing her. "Cry, comrade, crying will purify you!" "Yes, your honour!" "You weren't crying when you cheated on your husband, were you?" "No, your honour!" That kind of stuff. Not super-original, but it's nice to see a bit of interaction, adding to the eroticism.

Best Line:
At one point during Betty's CP scene, Max Lomp points at the tattoos on her back and asks: "What are these on your body? These drawings do not further the cause of socialist production."

Nice Psychological Touch:
We learn that the judge is so merciless towards "guilty wives" like Eva and Betty because his own wife cheated on him, and perhaps still does. In a flashback sequence, he discovers his wife in bed with a lover. Incidentally, she is also the court stenographer in the other scenes, and she is played by Pokemon, Mood's full-time hairdresser and part-time domme. The DVD also has a bonus "alternate cheating scene", where Pokemon gives the guy in bed a few licks with the cane, amidst howling laughter from the crew. He whimpers like a baby: "Waaah! Waaah!" In the credits, his role appears as "the really strong man in the bed".

Yeah, those sick and evil Hungarian sociopaths again... Shame on me for ever working with such people.

How Good Is It Really?
A good one among the early Mood Pictures videos. I wasn't blown away by it, the way I was back in 2004, but I still like it. I suppose "Guilty Wives" illustrates both the merits and the limitations of eye candy. After seeing countless spanking films with countless beautiful girls, the appeal just fades somewhat - such charms work easily, but they are also easily forgotten. Obviously, you need more to create a classic. On the other hand, once you dig up the DVD again, Eva Padlocki and Betty Sweet are as much lecherous fun to watch as they always were.

The canings, while severe, are not as over-the-top as Mood's later work. They should appeal to viewers who like proper, hard CP action, but not excessive "blood and guts". Also, there is some nice tension between Max Lomp and Betty here.

What You Learned:
I find it interesting to see how some movies stand up well against time while others don't. Of course, it's usually the setting, the atmosphere, the personal chemistry, the model personality that create lasting impressions. But things aren't quite that simple. Look at the first Wild Party video by Lupus, for instance. On the face of it, it's a similar case to "Guilty Wives": pretty girls, thrashed very hard, basic setting, rudimentary plot, no real qualities except for the most obvious ones, not much depth below the gorgeous surface... Really, it should look and feel just as dated. But it doesn't. Somehow, for me at least, it remains as strong and potent as the first time I saw it. Why is that? Food for thought for another day.


Tatja said...

Dear Ludwig, thanks for another great review and for your blog overall.

I always wondered whether you could say something about the diameter of the canes used in the Mood or Lupus productions?

From watching, it seems that Mood Pictures use thinner and swishier canes than for example Headmaster Stastny.

The type of the cane, that's actually an important point for me. And not unlike some other people who only measure the severity by the number of strokes or how bloody the bottom is afterwards.

Ludwig said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like the review and the blog in general.

You are right, Mood Pictures use "swishier" canes than Lupus. The two canes I wielded during the "Inmates" shoot (and kept afterwards) are both around 0,7 cm in diamater and 80 cm in length, and they are typical examples of the Mood canes. The wood is rattan, so they are pretty light and flexible.

Lupus have heavier canes. I didn't keep the one I used in June's shoot, so I don't have an exact measurement. I estimate that the actual length and diamater aren't all that much bigger, as a matter of fact - perhaps a little, but not a lot. However, the wood is definitely heavier and more rigid. It's probabky kooboo, or a very similar kind. Haven't asked, but it certainly feels like kooboo.

One interesting thing Adele Haze told me during the Lupus shoot is that, in her experience, the Lupus canes do less, and shorter lasting, damage than rattan canes, despite the fact that they are heavier. But since a rattan cane is swishier, and since it also has a rougher surface than kooboo, it actually damages the skin more easily.

Judging from what I've seen as a top (and during the half dozen times or so when I've switched to the other side), it sounds like a reasonable claim. And Adele should certainly be in a good position to know, with all of her first-hand experience.

Regardless of which cane ultimately does more physical damage, rattan or kooboo, both of them certainly hurt like hell when you use them with Mood / Lupus severity... They just hurt somewhat differently in terms of sensation.

Tatja said...

Ludwig, thanks a lot for your valuable first-hand insight. Interesting point you mentioned about the physical demage between Lupus and Mood Pictures, but on the second thought it really sounds reasonable. However, irrespective of that, I know that I prefer the caning style of Lupus or Headmaster Stastny more: such masterfully and accurately laid strokes, and mainly concentrated on the bottom and not on the back of the thighs! You already wrote a lot about that in comparison with the Mood Pictures dommes, too. And I agree with pretty much everything that you wrote about that matter.

Many regards and continued fun with our "dark sides"!