Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost a Birthday Spanking

As you know, I recently celebrated my first blogiversary, and "Ludwig's birthday" (which I've decided is January 13th) right along with it. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Except for the annoying and pesky female reader who reminded me by email that, normally, such an occasion calls for a birthday spanking. There's always one prankster among the party guests, isn't there? Then again, it's hard to argue with her logic, given that this is a kinky blog and all...

Of course, I could point out that I'm a top, who only feels like switching once in a blue moon. But that would be a lame excuse - and tops don't make lame excuses. So I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. Besides, I don't want to be a bad sport and spoil what is essentially a half-decent idea. Therefore, I've decided to show generosity, as a monarch should on a festive day. I am going to grant her wish! Well, in a way.

The truth is, I don't really have anything new to offer you right now. I suppose it would be a good time to pay off the football bet I lost to Niki Flynn (one of the very few people for whom I switch to "the other side" these days). But given our respective schedules, that will have to wait a bit longer. On the other hand, I have some very old F/M clips, which I made during my early kinky "initiation phase" when I was getting to know all the implements first-hand. But they were never intended as anything but private keepsakes and the technical quality isn't up to par. Moreover, some of the female tops I filmed with have left the scene since then, so I couldn't even ask them if it's okay to publish the material.

Which leaves me with one possible course of action: rehashing the Ludwig's Comeuppance video which Niki and I shot last year. Given that it was very well received and quality F/M stuff is hard to find, that might not even be such a bad idea. While you have seen the video before, you haven't seen all of it - we recorded the action with two cameras, and I can release the unedited footage from both of them as a "bonus scene" of sorts. Anyway, it's free kinky porn, and it's the closest thing to a "birthday spanking" you are going to get from me, so don't complain.

Ludwig's Comeuppance, Camera 1 - Marks, 83 MB:
Uploaded.net link

Ludwig's Comeuppance, Camera 2 - Reactions, 65 MB:
Uploaded.net link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file. The videos are in .avi format with a resolution of 720 x 576. They use the Xvid codec and MPEG Layer-3 for audio.)

It should be interesting enough for the cane mark fetishists and fans of facial reaction shots among you. Now you can watch all of that, unabridged, from the perspective of your choice - camera 1 has all the strokes landing and the stripes developing, camera 2 has the reactions. In addition, we can all have another good chuckle at my "twenty-seven, twenty-nine" miscount. Grrr...

You know, I still have no idea how it happened, exactly. My recollection of the moment itself is vague (you could say I was under stress at the time). What I remember is that Niki responded to my "Have we started yet?" teasing with some very proper, painful strokes from 21 onwards. It got worse and worse, and after a while, I was probably thinking: "Yikes, she is really laying into it now! Good thing that there are only three left - the next is twenty-eight, then twenty-nine..." Whack! And I just said: "Twenty-nine!" Because my mind was there. I think that is pretty much how it went.

The moral of the story is, no matter how excruciating the thrashing, try to keep your thoughts from hurrying towards the finish line. Or you end up suffering even more. I was lucky to get away with only two extra strokes, but Niki made sure that they were both memorable.

Speaking of morals: just as in the original video, I used the famous sarabande by Georg Friedrich Händel for the bonus clips. The movie buffs among you will have recognised that the music and the title cards of the original were a nod to the Stanley Kubrick film Barry Lyndon. My idea at the time was to stage it like a classical "rise and fall" morality play, tongue firmly in cheek. It fit with the backstory of the video, the reader vote and all that. Of course, it's rather pompous music and not everyone will get the joke. But as you can probably tell by now, I work with a cultured target audience in mind, okay? Your own bloody fault if you don't know Kubrick...

(Seriously, "Barry Lyndon" is a wonderful film - get it if you haven't seen it. The photography alone is so beautiful, you could watch it with the sound off and still be spellbound.)

While the "Comeuppance" clip doesn't quite rival that historical epic, I hope that you like the bonus footage. Like I said, it's the only "birthday spanking" you are going to get from me. And it will be the first and last one of its kind. So take it or leave it!


Kami Robertson said...

I will take it :)

About the harder finish:
I have to say, that when I watched (the 'old' clip) I had the feeling that first 9 was actually the hardest...not the end.
Anyway, that's how it look like to me, I'm sure you know better ;)

Thanks for sharing,
'The Cruel Snake' ;)

Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable trip down Memory Lane. The Not-King and the Final Girl... :-)

And happy birthday too! (Or un-birthday, whichever you prefer.)


Indy said...

Thanks, Ludwig. Definitely a hard enough caning to count as both a Comeuppance and a Birthday Spanking. Especially since you got 30, plus one to grow on and one for luck. (I'd never heard of the one for luck until I attended a spanking party the week of my birthday last year).

Um, does anybody who's not a top believe the bit about tops not making lame excuses?

! said...

I've miscounted strokes before...I think I was in the midst of saying something bratty and then got hit mid-sentence. Of course, my brain was trying to finish the sentence, and I messed up.

Nice reactions though. You're pretty calm and collected throughout the whole thing. I'd love to see you cry one day.

Anonymous said...

Nice, more more more

Wirklich nett gemacht, aber rapid ... ???

Ludwig said...

Kami: No, the final 10 strokes (12 as it turned out, actually), from 21 onwards, were the hardest. You can see it in the welts they produced, some of which were quite dark and vivid, and in my more strained reactions. It was definitely painful. Niki told me afterwards that the last five were her maximum, as hard as she can deliver with any degree of accuracy.

(Of course, she would later claim in a public comment that she had been "meek and merciful". Ah well... She still has a chance to top what she has done when I pay off the lost football bet. Then we will see.)

The first strokes were moderate by comparison. Not exactly light, but not too severe, either. If I had to write a movie review about the scene in my own "Gratuitous Sadism" terms, I would rate the first 20 strokes as "medium" and the rest as "fairly severe".

Niki: Thanks for the birthday wishes, but you're still getting *at least* as hard a thrashing of your own, the next time we meet. There's no wiggling out of it. And yes, I love the t-shirt, too.

Indy: You know, I hadn't even noticed it before - but you're right, "30 plus one to grow on and one for luck" is exactly the right number for the birthday spanking. Quite a coincidence.

Rachel: I've never cried, not even during the most excruciating thrashing of my life (which was quite a bit harder, and longer, than what you see here). It just isn't the way I react to pain. My reactions can get fairly "loud" during a very severe caning, on the verge of screams. But crying doesn't seem to be among them.

So, dreadfully sorry, but your chances of seeing that are pretty slim (sadistic snake...).

Rainer: Was meinst du mit "rapid", die Frequenz der Schläge oder die Tastache, dass nicht viel "Drumherum" dabei ist? Zur Info, die beiden Clips hier sind nur "Bonusmaterial" zu einem längeren, bereits veröffentlichten Video. Du kannst es hier runterladen, da ist das ganze Vorgeplänkel und Nachgeplänkel dabei...

Kami Robertson said...

Still, the beginning looks the most intense. Maybe because I always feel first few strokes much more the rest. And first few strokes you received from Niki look shit scary...

"My reactions can get fairly "loud" during a very severe caning, on the verge of screams."

You know, you shouldn't have said that...I think there might be some people _very_ interested in seeing it and they might pester you to satisfy our curiosity. (Nope, I _not_ one of them ;) ....or maybe ;) )

Kami Robertson said...

much more THAN the rest

(was suppose to be above)

! said...

Ludwig - I'm taking a stab in the dark, but I think Rainer meant that Rapishare only lets you download one clip per day for free...so perhaps he was asking why you're using Rapidshare.

Indy said...

I was able to download the second one after a fifteen minute dead period. It was worth waiting for-- not surprisingly, I liked the reaction camera the best. And not just to avoid looking at the welts, though. You could see both your faces, and the velocity of the cane was more directly obvious from that angle.

Ludwig said...

Kami: No, the first few strokes were quite survivable. They were painful and I certainly wouldn't call them light. But they weren't "shit scary", either.

Of course, you tend to feel the first strokes especially intensely during a (cold) caning, because your body and your senses haven't "adjusted" to the pain in any way yet. This was also the case here. So I would say that the middle 10 strokes were the easiest of all, actually - by that time, I had "adjusted" a bit to the pain, and they weren't as severe as the last 10. The last 10 were definitely the worst.

"You know, you shouldn't have said that...I think there might be some people _very_ interested in seeing it and they might pester you to satisfy our curiosity. (Nope, I _not_ one of them ;) ....or maybe ;) )"

See, I know why I'm calling you a "cruel snake"! But that's alright. Cruelty is an emotion I understand very well...

Rachel: Actually, Rapidshare lets you download another file after 15 minutes, so that's not too bad. By and large, I find them to be the easiest and most practical of the free file hosting services.

(Yes, I know their business model is built on quietly supporting all sorts of piracy and copyright infringement. I condemn that. But it doesn't mean I can't use them every once in a while to legally share my own free videos.)

Indy: So you like seeing "high velocity" in caning videos, eh? Well, who doesn't. I'm still mystified why you are so squicked by welts, though - you're strange and squeamish! But hey, to each his own. That was the idea behind publishing both of the different perspectives in the first place.

(Judging from the number of downloads on Rapidshare, though, the "Marks" camera is clearly the more popular of the two. Or maybe that is just the homophobes going "Eeek, it's F/M! Somebody could think I'm gay if I watch this..." and not downloading the second clip!)

Anonymous said...

A good film. And you certainly deserved the caning.

But you were fortunate to have Ms. Flynn deliver it to you.