Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hostel II: The Revelations of Guard #3

(This is part two of my behind-the-scenes report on Mood Pictures. You can read the first part here.)

After I changed into my grey prison guard uniform, Pedro showed me around the studio. They had been using this building for the last couple of years. There were several large rooms for filming, with high ceilings and plenty of space. One housed the barred cells that would feature prominently in today's shoot. They can also be seen in previous Mood titles like "Prison Story". Pedro explained to me that the CP scenes were normally shot in this part of the studio as well. But this time, they needed it for the "prison office", the "examination area" and other such locations, so we would film the action somewhere else.

Other rooms were for storage. I recognised many of the costumes that were kept there, ranging from the face masks of "Life Sentence" to the ancient robes of "Slaves of Rome". Most of the spanking furniture was also familiar from various films - whipping benches, pillories, racks, X-shaped crosses and other restraining devices. I noticed the green poker table from "The Maid", a video about a gambler who loses all his money and even his wife to a rich and decadent lady (I don't have to tell you what happens to the unfortunate, beautiful wife). Pedro mentioned that, ever since that movie, they had developed the habit of playing poker after a shoot was over. He asked me if I played. I shook my head: "To be honest, I prefer chess..."

The studio also includes a medical room, completely in white, with half a dozen beds and all the first aid equipment you can imagine. To their credit, the medical care Mood Pictures provide for the models is exemplary. They hire an actual, professional nurse for the entire duration of the shoot. She performs checkups on the girls beforhand - heart rate, blood pressure, breathing etc. - to make sure that they are fit and in good enough health for the beatings ahead. The nurse is present during the filming of the CP scenes, off-screen in a position where she can see the victim's face and eyes. She can interfere if she believes that it is getting dangerous. When the scene is over, the girl is taken to the medical room where she lies down for a while and receives proper care.

Like most forms of extreme BDSM, it's all a bit Apocalypse Now. I had to think of Charlie Sheen as Captain Willard: "We cut 'em in half with a machine gun and give 'em a band-aid." There was a similar absurdity at work here, and the anthropological observer in me absolutely loved it. You cane the girls until the blood flows down, and the very next moment, you tend their wounds with disinfectant, arnica, ice packs and bandages. It's hilarious when you think about it. At the same time, it was good to see that while Mood Pictures pride themselves on making extremely severe videos, they are also highly safety-conscious.

The good nurse would undoubtedly have her hands full today. It was a big production and no less than eight spanking victims were in line for the thrashing of a lifetime (one ended up quitting after a few strokes, so there will be seven in the final two-part film). At the moment, they were still lazing around on the chairs in the entrance room or standing outside in the fresh air, chatting in groups of twos and threes. And smoking cigarettes, of course.

It's an open secret that only a small handful of the Mood models are really into spanking. Most are "vanillas" who do it for the (rather good) money. But it was equally obvious that these weren't starving, desperately poor girls. Judging from their "civilian clothes" and the way they carried themselves, they looked like typical middle class kids in their early twenties. University students in their first semesters perhaps, or young women with office jobs. I knew from watching the Mood Castings interviews that there are some models who say that they urgently need money. But they are the rare exception. By and large, these are people who want the extra cash rather than needing it. Expensive designer clothes seem to be very popular, as is travelling to foreign countries.

I was okay with that. Needless to say, I prefer making videos with fellow kinky enthusiasts - the personal connection, the creative collaboration, the whole psychology of it is just infinitely more interesting. But I have no objections to working with "mercenary" models. At the end of the day, the fact that some stunningly gorgeous girls take a thrashing for easy money isn't any more shocking than others doing gangbangs, group facial cumshots or double anal penetrations (the last of which entails a higher risk of injury than anything that happens at a Mood Pictures shoot). As long as it is a truly free choice and there is no exploitation of crippling poverty, I find nothing wrong with it. Free adults are free to get whipped - be it for self-fulfilment or material gain.

So I had thought about it, I had no moral qualms and I knew that my inner sadist would probably have a lot of fun, regardless of whether the victim was kinky or not. Marks! Screams! Bodies writhing in pain! On the downside, I didn't expect it to be all that intriguing on a personal level. But, as it would later turn out, I was quite wrong about that...

Except for Victoria Young, I hadn't seen any of the models before, but I recognised other faces on the set. Maximilian Lomp was there, a Mood collaborator from the beginning (and a genuinly kinky guy). He works as director's assistant and also starred in several M/F videos. Pokemon started out as the company's hairstylist and eventually found her way into some movies as a female top. These days, she is back at her old job. She and the models had been at the studio since early morning because the complicated hairstyles take hours to create (a tad out of place in a women's prison, but it certainly looks nice).

Not surprisingly, Lady Jessica Lee was around, too. Mood's main domme for several years now, she would be the chief guard and had to memorise the most lines. When she wasn't intensely reading from the script and mumbling Hungarian "You bitches are going to get caned for this!" monologues, she entertained herself by dancing around the room with ballet-like poses and humming cheerfully. Two younger, dark-haired dommes were also playing guards. Together, the four of us were going to enforce discipline on the unruly prisoners. I had no idea what my character would be called in the credits, but I thought of myself as "Guard #3". It had a pleasant schlocky ring to it, all the more so in light of all the recent Hostel jokes.

Filming finally started in the early afternoon. Naturally, in a production like this, everything is shot out of sequence, with the CP action at the very end. A couple of outdoor scenes were the first on the schedule. The girls, now in their black and orange inmate garb, were chatting in the "prison yard" (and smoking, as always). During the breaks, Pablo and I talked about how the United States, the UK and Germany make up most of my blog readers. The same is true for Mood sales figures. Switzerland also seems to be doing well. I raised an eyebrow - Switzerland? Pablo nodded: "Yes, they have lots of money." With a shrug, he added: "And it's fucking boring in the mountains!" I couldn't tell how serious he was. With Pablo, you rarely could.

He has a loud, cackling laugh and it could often be heard while he was setting up a shot and talking with the cast and crew. While the work was focused and professional, there was plenty of fun in between. As the Mood aficionados among you will know, the average behind-the-scenes segment on their DVD's has tons of horsing around from everyone. You get the impression that the most severe spanking movie shoots also bring out the silliest, most boisterous off-camera moments (including the occasional playful brawl). It's one good way of dealing with the intensity.

My first scene had its own bit of unintended comedy. A new inmate was arriving at the prison, and all I had to do was get her out of the car, grab her by the elbow and escort her out of the picture (wearing my best grim expression, of course). Pedro had a cameo as the driver. Before motioning for the girl to come out, I had to unbuckle her seatbelt because she was handcuffed and couldn't do it herself. So I had to bend forward. The trouble was that all the guard uniform caps they had were too small for me. Despite my most careful efforts, the one I was wearing promptly fell off while I was unbuckling the seatbelt. We discarded the stupid cap and got everything right on the second take.

We moved indoors. In the next scene, the new girl went through the registration process at the prison office. After a welcoming lecture from chief guard Jessica Lee, I took the inmate's fingerprints. We did that two times, once for the long shot and once for the closeup. After each part, the girl and I had to wash our hands - I was handling the ink pad and my fingers were almost as black as hers. The name of the model playing the new inmate was Miryam. She spoke some English and we chatted while endlessly scrubbing our hands - twice! - under the sink. Most of the conversation was of a practical nature, though: "Damn, is this stuff going away yet?" Ordinary soap didn't work, so we eventually switched to dishwashing detergent. Then it only took 15 more minutes until the ink was gone.

Several of the prisoners had to undergo a cavity search from a female guard. I wasn't in that scene, so I was standing on the side. Next to assistant director Max Lomp, who suddenly yelled a word at the top of his lungs. It startled everyone, including the models, then they all broke out laughing. I asked Pedro what Max had screamed. "Deeper!" was the answer. Later came a lengthy tribubal scene, where Lady Jessica (flanked by Max and Pedro) sentenced the girls to corporal punishment for various offenses - 50 strokes of the cane here, 30 with the prison strap there, like she was giving away candy. The scenes showing the actual misdeeds were filmed after that. One, for example, where my female colleagues searched the cells and found a hidden package of drugs. I was keeping an eye on the prisoners in the meantime and serving as protection for the other guards. A job tailor-made for me, I thought - big, burly Ludwig, with all my 160 pounds.

During one of the breaks, I did a quick, impromptu video interview with Victoria Young. It isn't all that revealing or profound - what do you really ask a vanilla model for whom spanking as a form of kinky play is totally alien? But I thought, why not give it a try and see what happens, so I have one more little goodie for my report. Maybe you find it interesting. Pedro was translating back and forth.

Eventually, we came to the end of the non-CP work. I had my big Oscar-winning moment, the one where Guard #3 actually speaks. In the scene, I'm bringing the prisoners their breakfast, which consists of bread and water, naturally (I grinned at Pablo: "This is great, I came all the way to Budapest to play a fucking waiter...!"). After I put down the tray and step forward to unlock the cell door, one of the girls pours a cup of piss on me through the bars (water, really, but I was pretty soaked). So I swear at her in Hungarian and angrily stomp away. It's my only line in the movie, and the line is "Baszd meg!" ("Fuck you!"). As soon as the cameras were off, the guy doing the still photographs gave me an exaggerated thumbs-up and laughed: "No accent!"

The prisoner would be severely caned for her "splash the guard" episode, of course. All non-action scenes were in the bag now. The crew were setting up the lights and cameras in a new room where we hadn't filmed yet, the one where the strappings and canings would take place. The front of my uniform jacket was soaking wet from the previous segment, so I used the break to scrub it with a towel. Pablo wandered over to me. Like all of us, he looked a bit tired after shooting for hours, with all the little pauses and phases of waiting in between. He grinned at me: "You didn't think it will be such boring work, eh?" I said no, actually, I find it all pretty exciting so far. Pablo shook his head: "No, it isn't, really." Then he broke into a gleeful, sadistic smile: "But it will get exciting...!"

By the time the uniform was dry, the crew had everything in place for the CP scenes.

(To be continued in the third and final part of my behind-the-scenes report, in about two weeks, when the movie comes out.)


! said...

You can unbuckle, unlatch, or undo a seatbelt, but I don't think you can open it...

Ludwig said...

Hm, I think I definitely heard the verb "open" used in this context before... But I changed it to "unbuckle". Cheers.

bripuk said...

Thanks for providing this insight into the operation of the Mood Studios. when you met the girls who were to be caned whatb was their demeanour? Did they seem nervous? Was the joking just a cover for their apprehension?
I can't wait for the DVD to come out

Anonymous said...

Ludwig, thanks!
Interview with Victoria Young is very interesting, great idea.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Great series, Ludwig -- taking Gonzo journalism to a new level, what with you caning those two girls on camera.

I highlighted this post on the Spanking Scouts forum:,1035,1490#msg-1490

Anonymous said...

ut Nelly was there! I see her in one of your pics. One of my favs, the full figure tan skin brunette, who is in several films, also hte 'hostess' in Pain Factory of EP.
In "Sweet revenge" she escapes from the spanking studio with a "I'm outta here!" before the club owner gets paddled.
- Now to read your part 2.

Ludwig said...

Bripuk: I'll write about that in the third and final part of my behind-the-scenes report, which will be posted in a few days.

Karl: Thanks for the link.

Frants: Yes, I talked to Nelly quite a bit. A very nice and interesting young woman. She does the casting for Mood these days and she was in the movie as an extra, but she didn't get thrashed. I gave her one hard stroke on her jeans off-camera, though, because she wanted to try out one of my canes.

Anonymous said...

Is there a 'contact' link on your site, to mail you?

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I found your adress -