Sunday, November 3, 2019

Kaelah's Corner (Oct 2019):
All Your Backside Are Belong To Us!

Welcome to another slightly belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. Life and especially work have been extremely busy lately. But, fortunately, there are those little funny moments in between all the stress that make life worth living. Ludwig and I recently had one of those which was even related to kink, so I would like to share it here.

As I have already mentioned a while ago, I am fascinated by the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Recently, I read some tables about cryptocurrencies to Ludwig, struggling with the fact that the tables only contained the currency codes and I often didn't know the full name of the currency behind it. When I came to a currency with the code SUB, I didn't need much time to think, though.
"Next, we have submission coin", I told Ludwig with utter conviction. He cracked up laughing. Of course that was not the correct name of the currency, and Ludwig even knew the real name. But he liked my creation much more and so I continued to refer to submission coin, every time the currency code came up. And for those of you who are no subs – there's TOP, too, just for you! :-)

While we were fooling around about submitting, Ludwig suddenly said: "All your base are belong to us!" Now, I am a geek, but I have to admit that I didn't know the reference. It's from the opening sequence of the game Zero Wing that had a very funny translation from Japanese to English. Ludwig showed the sequence to me and I loved it! That's what makes it so great to be married to a like-minded geek.

Of course translations like this probably wouldn't be done any more in today’s gaming scene. Which is kind of sad. We sometimes still have similar funny translations in spanking films, though, especially in those from Russia!

So, insert your submission coin into the spanking game machine and be informed that: "All your backside are belong to us! You are on the way to a sore bottom." And before you ask me: "What you say?" Let me tell you: "You have no chance to avoid the cane. Make your time!"


Rich Person said...

I suppose then you are familiar with Facebook's desire to create it's own cryptocurrency, which I assume they will call "Facebook Bucks". We will, of course, shorten that to "F***s". Is that a spankable offense?

Kaelah said...

@ Rich Person:
Facebook Bucks – that's hilarious! ;-) And of course shortening it the way you suggest would definitely be a spankable offense. :-)