Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cane Coin, Anyone?

As those who have read my tailor-made LOL Day spanking story might have noticed, I am somewhat fascinated by the current cryptocurrency and blockchain hype. In my opinion, it is all a huge bubble that will burst sooner or later, just like the Dot-com bubble did back in 2000. Still, it is very interesting to watch how the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology evolve and in how far they have an influence on the traditional economies and on politics.

Recently, I have become aware of something I found very interesting in the kinky context, though, and thought it would be a funny topic for a small post. You see, there is no kind of business idea that is not covered by some company in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Of course, many of the companies are in serious industries such as finance, energy, transport and the like. But there are also coins and blockchains for gamers, gamblers and for the adult industry and kinksters like us!

I've stumbled across two of them, a set of coins named BDSM and fetish and a blockchain named Spankchain. The idea of the former was to attract kinksters and serve as a currency in the adult industry or as a payment in BDSM relationships for "whatever", as the description said. Interestingly, the coins don't seem to exist anymore, so obviously that was a huge flop. The blockchain named Spankchain is still active and strives to offer smart contracts for the adult industry that don't involve expensive middlemen and to fight the discrimination of the profession that often comes from governments.

I don't have any idea how long this blockchain will survive, and I surely don't want to turn this post into a serious analysis of the market potential! What came to my mind were Pandora/Blake's problems with CCBill, though, who used their power as the billing agent who handle the credit card transactions on Pandora/Blake's site Dreams Of Spanking to censor the content on the site according to their policies (which meant, for instance, no consensual non-consent). I guess in that regard the blockchain technology might indeed be able to do something good!

Apart from this more serious thought, most of my ideas centred around the fun potential of kinky cryptocurrencies, though. I imagine a world in which the decentralized blockchain world and the old world of financial intermediates have intermingled and you have currencies for every special purpose. Which means that, for us kinksters, there are coins like spank coin, cane coin, bondage coin and the like. And of course, you can not only get them online, but, for the more traditional ones among us, also at your local bank. So I see myself standing in my local bank, telling the friendly elderly grey-haired guy in his smart suit behind the counter that I need 100 cane coins - or, and I like the sound of that even better, the German version "Rohrstock".

What a weird situation to think of! I can see the poor guy trying to keep a straight face while arranging for my request to be fulfilled. And I can imagine the looks on the faces of the other customers who are waiting in the line behind me and have just heard the word “Rohrstock”. I am not sure whether I would be comfortable in that situation, would it be real. But I find it an intriguing imaginary scenario!

So,what kind of coins would you like to purchase and for what would you use them in such a world? Let your imagination run wild! I am looking forward to hearing about your crazy thoughts in the comment section.

Oh, and needless to say: This post is not financial advice!


Fondles said...

oh gee i really like the sound of spank coin. this was an amusing read to start off my week . thanks for sharing!

Kaelah said...

@ Fondles:
I'm happy I was able to provide you with an amusing read! :-)