Monday, July 20, 2015

A Spanking Against Forgetfulness

Ludwig and I both have to juggle quite a few balls simultaneously in our everyday life. We both do pretty well, but, unfortunately, Ludwig is a bit of the absent-minded professor type sometimes. And so he tends to forget the one or other thing. Especially things which aren't that important in his view.

Like the springform tin I asked him to bring with him. Well, of course it really wasn't the most important thing on Earth, but not having the form caused some stress for me nonetheless. We had guests, and I had to reschedule my cooking plan because I now had only one tin instead of two as I had originally planned.

The next day we were making love in our bedroom when he admitted to me that he fantasized about being "punished" (we don't do real punishments, only playful fun punishments) for having missed an important deadline (much more important than the tin) a while ago. He had been lucky and everything could be fixed, but it had caused him some sleepless nights.

Since he couldn't punish himself (at least not with a spanking), he asked me whether I liked the idea of doing it. I wanted to know from him which punishment he would consider appropriate. Ludwig told me that he had thought about thirty cane strokes. I agreed with his assessment, but I wasn't up for such a severe scene right then.

Instead I told him: "There are other things which you've forgot and should be punished for as well. Like the springform tin which I would have needed yesterday." Ludwig wasn't too happy about the idea but he didn't have any good argument against my suggestion, either. I decided that a hand spanking would do the job in this case. And so I turned Ludwig around and pulled him over my lap on the bed.

I began to spank him hard on his bare bottom, slowly and systematically, putting all my energy into each smack. To my delight, Ludwig had to grit his teeth quite a bit and his rear end quickly turned red. It still amazes me that I am indeed able to cause these reactions with my small hand, especially from someone like Ludwig who can take a severe caning very stoically.

I paused in between sets of smacks, lecturing Ludwig that the springform tin had been important to me and that him not remembering to pack it meant more stress for me when we were having guests. Then I ramped up the speed which led to Ludwig grabbing the duvet with both hands and pressing his face into the cushion. He promised that he would try not to forget such things I asked him for in the future. I replied that he better should not and that he could write a note if it helped him.

Then I rounded the spanking off with a final series of hard and fast smacks. Again Ludwig stiffened as he gritted himself through the pain. Afterwards his bottom was visibly red, but my hand looked even worse. I cherished the result of my handiwork and the tingling in my own hand. Then I finished my other task at hand which had been interrupted by the spanking. Did the reminder work? We will see!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would classify this as a big change in the relationship.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would classify this as a big change.

Anonymous said...

Spanking can be both erotic and disciplinary. We live in a mutual domestic discipline relationship, but there's a strong sexual element.

Ramon Herzog said...

Like most office workers, Kaelah, we have soft hands. Alright, they can punish, however the price - a sore hand - has always been a deterrent for me. I prefer the hairbrush :-)))

Natalie said...

Hi! First time commenter here :). I love your videos! Do you think you could re-upload the "Clearing the Debt" video? It doesn't seem to be working.

Ludwig said...

@ Natalie: Welcome. I'm glad you like our videos. I re-uploaded the one in question, so you can get it now.

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
What has been a big change over the past years is that I am much more interested in and much more comfortable with topping. The kind of play hasn't really changed, I think. Mind you, we are talking about a playful premise for a spanking, not about real discipline. Ludwig always loved to have some kind of “real” premise or background story for a spanking, to make it a bit more edgy. He played like that with his friend Josephine, about whom he wrote in the early times of this blog. He got his comeuppance for mocking Niki Flynn and got spanked for having lost a bet against her. Ludwig always liked the idea of incorporating real-life events into our spankings as a couple as well, for fun or also as a kind of make-up sex. I am a bit more careful about it as a bottom because for me it might quickly become “too real”. But since I know that Ludwig can deal with it, I don't mind using real-life events as a top in our spanking play.

@ Mutual DD couple:
Welcome, and thanks a lot for your comment! As I already wrote in my reply to Our Bottoms Burn, for me what Ludwig and I do is rather what I would call “fun discipline” and not “real discipline”. That means, I don't think that Ludwig and I need each other or spanking for discipline or in order to achieve our goals. But using real-life events makes our play more edgy from time to time. And if it has the side effect that we can let go of things which didn't work out as planned and / or that one of us remembers not to make the same mistake again – all the better. Since I easily beat myself up about minor things, we are very careful about incorporating real events into our play with me as a bottom, though. Because that might end up in a bad experience instead of a liberating one.

As you wrote in your latest post about beginning mutual domestic discipline, the concept isn't for everyone and those who start that way of life must be sure that this is the right thing for them. The fun discipline variant surely suits us, but I think real discipline with rules and real punishment spankings aren't for us. As a concept I like your idea of mutual domestic discipline in a relationship (instead of having one partner who always provides and one who always receives discipline), though, and the idea of combining erotic spanking fantasies with the real discipline. It seems like you have found the right mixture that works for you!

@ Ramon Herzog:
For some reason the sore hand seems to make the experience even more worthwhile for me. Maybe that's because I am a switch and a lot of the appeal for me on both sides has to do with pushing myself and being tough?

@ Natalie:
Welcome, and thank you for your kind comment! I hope you have managed to download the clip now that Ludwig uploaded it again.

Svetlana said...

Ludwig's desire to use real life mistakes as a context for spanking is familiar to me. My impression is that a spanking's context is as important about it as anything else, and punishment is really the classic context. That explains the popularity of punishment spanking stories and roleplay. Getting punished for some real failing has an undeniable appeal, but creating a "proper" punishment context in the mind of someone who has discovered that there are other contexts can be difficult. I had some crappy experiences with this and it is good to be cautious. Then again, when you can make it work, it can really be liberating.

Kaelah said...

@ Svetlana:
I absolutely agree with you in that a punishment scenario can be very hot because it fits to the spanking fetish and makes the scene feel more “real”. As you pointed out there is also the danger of causing a bad experience, so one should be careful, communicate a lot and try to take the spankee's background into account.