Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kaelah's Corner (Jun 2015):
Hand of Doom

Most of my spanking fantasy scenarios involve implements. The most common one certainly is the cane. In my real-life play I love hand spankings, though, and not only as a bottom. My hand is also my favourite spanking “implement” as a top.

Of course, one reason for that could be the intimacy and the direct skin-to-skin-contact. I assume that is what most tops might say when being asked what they like about giving a hand spanking. But I think it isn't the most important aspect for me.

See, as a top, I love to provoke reactions. They don't have to be extreme, but they should be visible and / or audible nonetheless. With some implements, that goal can be achieved quite easily due to their severity. However, the idea of causing these reactions with my hands only is much more appealing to me than the idea of using an implement to achieve that goal. Because then it's “really” and purely me who has triggered the response.

Furthermore, it allows me to feel the efforts that I'm putting into a spanking myself through the pain in my hand. And I can see the effect afterwards when my hand is about as red as the spankee's bottom. Maybe it's because I am a switch, but I really like that. It means that I can provoke reactions as a top while simultaneously pushing myself a bit as well.

My desire to cause reactions and control a situation with my hand isn't only limited to spanking, though. I also love to tickle Ludwig and enjoy his response. And I have a thing for handjobs which allow me to connect with my mate and to feel what kind of touch he needs right at a certain moment and which kind of movement causes the strongest reactions.

Originally, Ludwig's kink doesn't really involve hand spankings. At least not as a bottom. They have a domestic touch to him which isn't his cup of tea. But the fact that I am so enthusiastic about them has made hand spankings attractive to him, too. Because when he switches to the bottom side, Ludwig loves it when the top enjoys herself and lets out her sadistic streak. Which is what I certainly do when giving a hand spanking.

Surprisingly, I am also able to cause some rather vivid reactions from Ludwig with my small hand. That always fascinates me, especially because Ludwig is able to take a rather severe caning without making a fuss. He tells me that for some reason I seem to be able to cause a lot of pain with my hands. Or at least a kind of pain that is harder for him to bear than, for instance, the pain caused by a cane. Of course that revelation absolutely feeds my kink.

In my next post, I will write about a recent hand spanking scene between Ludwig and me. Ludwig already suggested that we should do a hand spanking video since I am so enthusiastic about it. I am not sure whether that would be a good idea, though. Because I don't want any smart asses to show up and comment that hand spankings can't really hurt and that men who show reactions to a hand spanking are wimps or whatever. Well, we'll see.

How about you? Do you like to give or receive hand spankings? If so, why? Are there any others out there who enjoy provoking reactions with their hand only as much as I do? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!


Simon said...

Although my preference is for quite severe punishments I enjoy a good hand spanking either from my Mistress or other lady she has allowed to punish me. The cane and strap are fun but the intimacy of being over someones knees being spanked is lovely. The touch of a hand either during the punishment or after as they rub or squeeze my bottom is a wonderful sensation and is part of the whole ritual for me.
My Mistress and some other ladies can spank ferociously and I would never belittle anyone who reacted to such a punishment. We all take punishments in different ways and although I personally don't show much reaction to a punishment there is nothing wrong with doing so. I would love to see a video of yours and Ludwig's spanking punishments and look forward to it immemsely.

Spearthrower said...

Kaelah. I love your throwaway comment "as a top" :) I don't think you would have said that a few years ago.

Hand spankings are very enjoyable. My wife spanks on the back and thighs as well as the buttocks, which adds to the experience. They are more erotic than with an implement. But I don't think the sub can have endorphins flow in the same way as with the pain that comes from an implement.

Like Simon, I would love to see Ludwig being over your knee!

Svetlana said...

The only handspankings with me on both ends of the hand (can you say that?) were just part of fooling around with other girls, pain not really a factor at all and things quickly collapsing into laughter. My first spanking from a boyfriend was a firm handspanking. It was exciting, but at that point I had already experienced some implements and we soon moved on to that. Over the years, I had them sometimes for warmup, but also on occasions when implements were not in reach. I kind of liked knowing that they could suddenly happen at the drop of a hat ... or a pair of panties :).

For some reason, handspankings do not feature in my fantasies at all. I also do not really enjoy watching them. On the other hand, I can very much relate to what you write about reactions. I find it beautiful to watch or just read about a spankee who is not completely stoic, but still restrained in her reactions. When such a reaction is ellicited by an implement I know or imagine to be very painful, I just melt away in admiration for her bravery, self-control and beauty. It's a delightful feeling, like watching an excellent athletic performance, and I never got it from watching a handspanking. They can hurt, but something is missing. I suspect that I like some formality to spankings ("discipline") and handspankings usually lack that.

Off-topic, but worth mentioning are the wonderful things hands can do in connection with a punishment implement, particularly when they create a contrast between harsh pain and tenderness. Someone suddenly gently stoking my hair, wiping away a tear, or lifting my chin to look into my eyes can really add to the coctail of emotions inside me. Sometimes, I was allowed to do that when another girl was punished and that was a powerful feeling as well.

Highborn Hunting Girl said...

Your comment regarding Ludwig's initial regard--or lack thereof--for hand spanking caught my interest. I've spent the better part of an evening watching his and your videos on the Spanking Tube site. I admit I wondered when he might get around to a hand spanking or two. After three videos during which he used implements exclusively, I deduced his preference and settled in to enjoy.

Knowing for certain that hand spankings aren't his preference, but that he enjoys them for you, makes me respect and like you both even more than I did previous to reading your blog post. You and Ludwig play wonderfully together and are a delight to watch. Thank you for sharing such creative and intelligent play with the spanking community.

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
Thanks for sharing your experiences! Ludwig's reactions during a hand spanking aren't extremely strong but his struggling is visible, just the way I like it.

@ Spearthrower:
Yes, I definitely see myself as a true switch today and I love my toppy side! Glad to hear that you enjoy your hand spankings. Maybe you are right about the rush of endorphins, although I am not sure whether a hand spanking that builds up to a certain intensity really can't have the same effect as a spanking with an implement. Maybe it depends on the intensity, the circumstances, the personal pain threshold and fantasies, which means it might depend on the people involved.

@ Svetlana:
I think your comment shows that whether we enjoy a certain form of spanking or watching a certain kind of spanking depends on what turns us on about it. Like you, I enjoy formal scenarios when fantasizing about spankings or watching clips. And I like a certain severity. But today I also enjoy watching hand spankings from time to time and I also have more sexual fantasies that involve spanking scenarios which are very different from my more formal fantasies. Spanking scenes with more than two people of course offer even more possibilities, as your experiences prove.

@ Highborn Hunting Girl:
Welcome, and thank you very much for your comment! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed watching the clips. Ludwig quite enjoys hand spankings as a top. In video clips, he usually prefers more severe scenes, but in our private play “just” a hand spanking can be perfectly fine for him. The thing he definitely wasn't interested in before he realised that I enjoy it is being on the receiving end of a hand spanking. Before I started topping more, Ludwig only switched on rare occasions (he is more into topping than into bottoming) and then he usually did it for video clips of a certain level of severity. Now that he switches in our private play from time to time, he is fine with taking a hand spanking from me every now and then, knowing that I enjoy it very much.