Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our New Whipping Bench

In my recent post The Perfect Whipping Bench I told you about my plan to build a whipping bench one day and how this whipping bench was supposed to look like. Today I want to tell you how I unexpectedly stumbled about the bench which I always had in mind in a furniture store. And of course you get to see pictures, too.

I was away on a seminar. On my way to the conference hotel I suddenly saw a furniture store that didn't only have nice wooden furniture but also furniture made of rattan. Now, I know that some fellow spankos bought their best rattan canes at furniture stores, so I decided to walk in and ask whether they had rattan sticks for "handicrafts".

The saleswoman didn't seem to be suspicious when I asked my question and fortunately she didn't ask me what kind of handicrafts, exactly, I needed the sticks for. But, alas,they did not have any small rattan canes, just thick bamboo sticks which, as the saleswoman informed me, were often bought by martial arts practitioners.

I thanked her and strolled through the store a bit, faking interest in the furniture they sold. The chairs and tables were nice, but I didn't really need any new stuff. I finally decided that it would be cool to take one of the thick bamboo sticks with me, even though they weren't really suitable as spanking implements. But I thought that I might use them for a fun spanking or at least some funny pictures.

So I went back to the saleswoman who was sitting next to the bamboo sticks, pointed at one of the sticks and asked her how heavy it was. She looked at me, stood up, lifted a high stool which was standing in front of the bamboo sticks and said: "It's not that heavy." I was stunned for a second, until I realised that she got my pointing wrong. I told her that I meant the bamboo stick and she gave me one to show me that they were rather light despite of their thickness.

I took at least an interested look at the stool she had been lifting and told her that it was of course nice, too. It was only supposed to be a polite gesture, but when my mind realised what my eyes saw it almost struck me like thunder. There was one part of the whipping bench I had always dreamed of. A high stool made of wood to bend over. Now my interest was genuine.

But the best part was yet to come. The saleswoman explained to me that they had a smaller variant of the same stool as well. When I turned around, there stood the small, fitting kneeling bench which I always wanted as a second part for my fantasy whipping bench.

The stools were made of beautiful acacia wood and they were even reduced in price. I wasn't 100 per cent sure about the height and whether Ludwig would like them as much as I did, but I couldn't take them with me on that day, anyway, because I had a train ride ahead of me. So I pulled myself together and bought the bamboo stick first. The saleswoman and I agreed that no-one would try to harass me as long as I carried that thing with me. I told the saleswoman that I would most probably come back soon with my boyfriend to take a closer look at the stools.

In the evening, I told Ludwig about my discovery. We decided to go on a shopping tour when we met for the Christmas and New Year holidays. And so we started a special trip a short time later.

In the store, it seemed at first as if they did not have any of the high stools left. We only saw small ones which were spread all over the store. But finally we found a high one, too, the last one in the store (it turned out that there would have been a few more in the storage, but not many, and we would have had to come back another day to get one of those).

I closely inspected the stool which of course included that I had to bend over it in order to see how the back and the lower side of the seat looked like. It turned out that the height of the two parts wasn't 100 per cent perfect for Ludwig and me, but that was a minor flaw that could be handled. Ludwig liked the look of the stools, too. All stools were looking slightly different, being made of pure natural wood. We chose a small one that fit our high stool, I paid for them and left the store with a very special Christmas present.

As you can see, we have not only tried our new bench already, we also used the opportunity after having filmed our LOL-Day clip to shoot pictures with cane marks in different positions. I hope you like them as much as I do.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

As a plus, they are dual purpose, no need to hide them. Good find.

sixofthebest said...

Thank you Kaelah, for six of the most beautiful photo's of yourself, in spanking positions. You deserve at least double the amount of CANE STROKES, from Ludwig, on your voluptuous naked rear end,

Anonymous said...

whow: sexy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a GREAT find ! Lovely images with wonderful marks - looks like the two of you had fun - I'm looking foreword to the movie

Take care, Eric

Blondie said...

Ty has been making a spanking bench for me and he keeps adding to it. I like how you showed how the one you bought actually works.

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Thank you! By the way, the smaller stool can also be used as a kneeling bench like the one you have built.

@ Sixofthebest:
Thank you for your compliment! :-)

@ Anonymous:
Thank you!! :-)

@ Eric:
Thank you, I hope you will get to see the clip soon.

@ Blondie:
Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting! Having a self-made bench is of course something very special. I wish you and Ty lots of fun with your bench. :-)

Val said...

Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing. Outstanding furniture too, and congratulations on creatively using readily available furniture. Over time, this is how a couple of our own favorite positioning implements found a home too...
Recently, it would seem that more and more of such furniture is making its way on the market. Sometime you have to wonder about these kinky furniture buyers, what are they thinking?! Oh yes, and bamboo and other sticks, too... Decorations, mind you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow! it seems you are more and more comfortable with your nudity, you start fully clothet and finish fully nude, fantastic! It could be simple with that stunning body, but you don't seem humiliated to show that marks, on the contrary, you make naughty smiles...
what fantastic nude pics!


caever said...

I would like to see your video.

What can I do?

Anonymous said...


I love what you have posted but I am concerned about the severity of your chastisement. Some strokes are just too high and the others are....well...too severe. You seem to have a high threshold and always have had but is this for your benefit or other people's?

Love, SimplyRed

Gustofur said...

I think the whipping bench needs some activity or is it getting used privately?

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thank you, pervertibles are great!

@ klumarer:
Thank you, I am glad that you like the pictures so much. :-) Indeed I am always proud to show my marks and not embarrassed at all.

@ caever:
Welcome and thank you for your comment. We haven't published the video, yet, because we are very busy at the moment and editing the video takes some time. We will write a post about it as soon as the video is published!

@ SimplyRed:
Welcome and thank you for commenting. There is absolutely no need to worry about me, though. I am very careful to not overstep my limits and I only play as hard as I want to. Ludwig and I play much less often than others do and we usually don't play very hard, either. But once in a while I enjoy a more severe scene, both on the administering and the receiving end. I have a “brave girl/boy” kink and enjoy scenes which challenge me/others but don't break me/them. Plus, I find the really hard cane strokes almost easier to bear than the medium severe ones, as long as the breaks between the strokes are long enough. Ludwig knows my preferences and reacts accordingly.

Since we don't play all that much, our more severe scenes usually lead to rather strong marks which I enjoy very much. I have seen others who are more regular players and who play as hard as we did in this scene much more often but hardly get any marks because their skin is so used to this kind of hard play. In Ludwig's and my case the skin marks more but also has lots of time to heal after the occasional hard scene because we take it easy afterwards and wait with more severe play until all the marks are gone. So, as you can see, I only go as far as I want (I definitely top from the bottom concerning the when and how of a scene) and there is no need to worry. :-)

By the way, the two higher strokes weren't dangerous, they weren't too hard and I didn't feel any pressure on my spine. So, no need to worry about that, either.

@ Gustofur:
I am sure the whipping bench will see more activity in the future! :-)

Anonymous said...

love your spanking stool shot
I have a similar one on profile pic on fetlife

Unknown said...

adore the spanking stool where did you get it

Kaelah said...

@ themasterthemaid:
Welcome! Great you like the spanking stool shot!

@ Alex White:
The bench consists of two bar stools from a furniture store which I found while being away on a seminar. I don't want to share the name (I'm not sure whether they would be happy about it), but I think you might find similar stools when looking for bar stools in your local furniture stores.