Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kaelah's Corner (Nov 2013):
Cold Weather - Warm Bottoms

I'm late again for my Kaelah's Corner post, girls and guys. But I have a nice story to tell. Ludwig and I both started into December with a warm bottom. And what could be nicer during the cold time of the year here in Germany?

It all started with the two of us cuddling in bed. It was after midnight already and we were quite tired and didn't have any special plans other than to lie there and relax. Suddenly, though, Ludwig who had wrapped himself around me exclaimed: "Hey, don't press your bottom against me like that or otherwise it will have certain effects on me." - "Oh, really?" I took his comment rather as an invitation. "That would be very naughty, don't you think?" - "That doesn't make it any better, either", protested Ludwig. "Maybe you need a stern governess who shows you how to behave and how not to", I continued teasing. - "Great, now you've got it!" Ludwig sighed.

Part of Ludwig's reaction was fun, but I assume he was also slightly frustrated for real because he didn't expect any action to follow my words, since sex and kink are still usually rather on the back of my mind these days. But this time I took action. I sat up, dragged Ludwig across my lap, pulled down his underwear and began to spank his bottom with my hand. Ludwig's body stiffened and he gritted his teeth. "Damn, I am rather sensitive to the pain today," he stated. I guess many of the readers who find themselves on the receiving end of a spanking from time to time know such a situation. If one is tired and maybe also having a little cold, even a mere hand spanking can be rather painful.

I enjoyed Ludwig's visible but still suppressed reactions and his struggling and gave my best to do a proper job. It was all in good fun, though, and we laughed in between the sets of strokes. When the spanking grew even harder, Ludwig pushed himself up on his forearms, trying to cope with the pain, and – I think unintentionally – he also moved a bit to the side, away from my lap.

I grabbed his waist and pulled him back again. "You're going to stay here, my dear!" With that, I also took his arm and pinned it behind his back so that he couldn't push himself up any more. With my free hand I continued smacking Ludwig's bottom. "Hey, why can't I move my arms freely?" Ludwig protested and pulled his hand back to the front. "Because pinning someone's hand behind their back while spanking them is something I always wanted to do," I confessed without stopping to spank.

I finally finished Ludwig with a few more sets of really hard smacks, including several ones in a row on the same cheek. When I had come to the conclusion that it was enough, I pulled Ludwig's pants up again and kissed him. Ludwig was done. We switched to cuddling again with me playfully squeezing Ludwig's bottom from time to time. The banter continued.

I don't remember exactly what I said to Ludwig that made him take over. Maybe something like: "Oh yes, I am a naughty girl." What I remember clearly is that I found myself over Ludwig's lap being spanked over the pants of my PJs. After a while, Ludwig pulled the pants and panties down and continued to spank me on the bare. Again there was some banter and I really got into the mood.

Ludwig sensed the rare opportunity and combined the spanking which I already enjoyed very much with pleasure of a different kind. And indeed I let myself fall and enjoyed the moment, fantasies mixing up with the real action. Afterwards I sank into the cushions, totally relaxed. I thanked Ludwig and he replied: "My pleasure." We cuddled some more and finally went to sleep. That night I slept as well as I rarely do these days.

What a wonderful way to start the last month of the year, isn't it? Even more so because this naughty fun was just one part of a wonderful weekend Ludwig and I shared together. We went for a long walk in the beautiful sun, visited a Christmas market for the first time this year, watched a film together, went to a local concert and enjoyed some great food.

How about you? How has December started out for you?


Pandora said...

Aww, this was lovely to read. Has warmed me all over. Glad the two of you shared such a good weekend, and I hope this bodes well for a deliciously satisfying month - in every way - for both of you!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I can, dimly, recall times when as young parents we were so tired that we just wanted to rest. Then a snuggle magically renewed our interests in pleasure. We marveled at the change and felt renewed.

Sigrid said...

What a wonderfull Story. I can me imagine that Your evening was very nice. I also love to sleep with a very hot bottom and can feel how You feeled at that Evenning. Thank you that You allow Me to read from Your experiences so often!

Val said...

Excellent activity, congratulations. On December 1, 2, and 3 of this year, every morning, two dozen sharp morning strokes with a thin cane, right before going to work. Makes one think of only one thing and nothing else during the day, until night time comes... Why and how? Who knows, it just came, playfulness.

Kaelah said...

@ Pandora:
Thank you very much for your lovely comment! I hope you are fine, too, and enjoying a good time with your loved ones. I know that you had a very busy year (as always) and I hope you get some rest, now that 2013 comes to a close.

@ Our Bottom Burns:
Oh yes, I can imagine that becoming parents changes one's focus very much! I guess all big life changes do. It's good to hear that erotic pleasure and kink usually come back sooner or later, though. 2013 has been a very stressful year for Ludwig and me with many changes. Now I've finally found some time to take a rest and the kinky thoughts and desires already start to return slowly but steadily.

@ Sigrid:
Thank you for your kind comment! I hope you get to sleep with a hot bottom as often as you like. :-)

@ Val:
That sounds like a great way to start into the last month of the year! I hope the kinky fun has continued throughout the month. :-)