Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Winter's Tale

We are a little late for Christmas this year, but not too late for you to enjoy this gift of ours over the holidays, hopefully. Ludwig and I finally found the time to record the audio story we promised you on my blogiversary this year. Thank you to all those who contributed two-word phrases to the story, which you can read in the comment section of my blogiversary post. We did our best to incorporate them all into a little kinky winter's tale.

With that, we wish you all Happy Holidays!

May you all be happy.
May you all be peaceful.
May you all be free from troubles of mind and body.
May you be safe and protected.
And may you all have a kind person to give you a warm bottom
or the kindness to give a warm bottom to another person you love.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays

Underling said...

I managed to get my Christmas post up in time for Christmas Day, but only by staying up until stupid o'clock to finish it! I think you two are much more sensible posting on Boxing Day instead ;).

I hope you're enjoying the festive season and getting to relax. The little 'verse' you used to close your post was lovely - I shall certainly be 'kind' enough to warm somebody's bottom in the very near future, but the truth is that it's not just about giving... I'll enjoy it every bit as much as she will.

Thanks so much for all your posts this year. Now I'm off to listen to your recording!

Olli said...

Very nice story and a pleasure to listen to your voices.

It's always so great coming back here and read a new post, see new pics, watch a new video or - like today - listen to a lovely wintertale.

As we have only a few days in this year, I'd like to say "thankyou" for a couple of moments like these I described thereabove. It may sound a little bit pathetic but is meant absolutely serious: you both gain my life!

I wish you a very good start in the upcoming new year - and may the force be with you! :-)

Kaelah said...

@ Fred Bloggs:
I hope you had some happy holidays, too!

@ Underling:
Your Christmas post was great, I liked the poem and the picture very much! Have a lot of fun with warming your friend's bottom. I'm sure she will enjoy it as well.

@ Olli:
Thank you very much for your lovely comment and for having commented so regularly throughout the year! It's great to have such an avid commenter. May the force be with you as well! :-)