Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Lost Bag

A while ago, Ludwig and I were travelling by train, carrying backpacks with us. We arrived at our destination in the evening, took a brief look at the local map outside of the train station and walked to our hotel. About 25 minutes later we arrived, checked in at the front desk and finally entered our room. It was small but nice and I decided to take some pictures first before everything would be occupied by our stuff.

I tried to get our luggage out of sight when I suddenly realised that I didn't see my backpack anywhere. Ludwig and I both searched the room but couldn't find it. I figured that I must have forgotten it at the front desk. So we quickly went downstairs again. But my bag wasn't lying anywhere at the front desk. We asked the staff whether they had seen it and maybe put it away. But they hadn't seen my bag, either.

At that point I began to sweat. Obviously, I had lost my bag somewhere on the way! Fortunately, my money and my passport weren't in the backpack, but my notebook was. So there was only one thing we could do – make our way back to the train station as quickly as possible. As we rushed through the dark streets, we figured that there were only two possible places where I could have forgotten my bag. Either on the train where I had put it on a chair while we were waiting for the train to stop and the doors to open. Or next to the map in front of the train station.

Both possibilities didn't sound too good. The final destination of the train we had arrived with was quite a long distance from the city where we were staying. And if the bag was standing near the big city map – well, then it had been there for more than one hour already. Maybe someone had taken it, maybe the police had been alarmed because of the unattended luggage. I quickened my steps even more on the last part of the way, turned around the corner in front of the station to the place were the big map was – and there stood my backpack, looking very forlorn. I took a closer look and quickly confirmed that nothing was missing. Both Ludwig and I were tremendously relieved! That was the best possible outcome.

We took the bag and, for the second time that evening, walked in the direction of our hotel. Much slower than we had rushed back to the station. I was still totally shocked that this had happened to me, because I am normally such a well-organised and cautious person. I also felt a bit guilty because, in a first reflex, I had told Ludwig that I might have forgotten the bag in the train because I had to put it onto another chair in order to let him take out his luggage. So, in a way, I had falsely accused him of being partly responsible for the incident.

Suddenly, a thought popped up in my head: What good luck that Ludwig and I didn't do any real-life discipline. If we did, I would have been in for a severe spanking in addition to the shock that I had already experienced. I told Ludwig about my thought and he admitted that he had fantasised about a spanking, too. On that evening, there was no spanking at all, though, because we were tired and just relieved that the incident was solved and everything had turned out so well.

But of course, Ludwig teased me about the incident, because usually I am the one who reminds him not to forget this or that, to carefully check everything and to be cautious. And in a way, I found the incident too good to pass by for a spanking scenario. Especially because I knew that Ludwig enjoys integrating real-life events into playful kinky scenarios.

The opportunity arose a while later. Ludwig and I had already engaged in some fun activities that evening, but I longed for a formal little naval scene to conclude the day. So, when Ludwig was in the bathroom, I looked for a suitable implement. What I found was a plastic shoehorn, a pervertible implement one often finds in hotel rooms. Ludwig was a bit surprised when he came back and saw the shoehorn lying on the bed. I explained to him that I would love to get a bedtime spanking as an errant male naval cadet who had – surprise, surprise – almost lost an important bag during shore leave.

Ludwig was game and went into the character of a senior navy officer. He lectured me, telling me that he couldn't accept mishaps like that, especially not from promising cadets. I was told to drop the trousers of my PJ and my underpants and to bend over the bed. I followed the instruction and got into position. Ludwig took aim with the shoehorn and ordered me to count the strokes. I confirmed his order with a proper “Yes, Sir.” Ludwig drew back his weapon and soon the first stroke hit target. The shoehorn packed quite a sting but wasn't unbearable. Actually, the kind of pain it produced was rather lovely. I dutifully counted the stroke, of course followed by the mandatory “Sir”. One by one eleven more strokes hit target. Then I was allowed to get up and rearrange my clothes.

It was just a very spontaneous and small scene, but I liked it very much nonetheless. This was the very first time Ludwig and I did an M/M scenario (sort of!) and I definitely would love to go there more often. On that day, we simply went to bed, though, and I fell asleep to some lovely kinky naval fantasies. So the lost bag didn't only cause a huge amount of stress, it finally had a positive effect as well. Of course, some events in our lives are plainly horrible, but for the little troubles that can bother us at times, too – I guess it's up to us what to make of them.


Julia said...

I think of DH and I practicing DD but this would (at least I think) not have ended in a spanking, at least not a punishment one. We both understand that things happen, you know what I mean? We practice DD more for our very private goals, kind of hard to explain I guess. He also just likes to spank!

Kaelah said...

@ Julia:
Of course you mention an important point here! DD is practiced in very different ways by different people. I've read accounts of some people who would surely have been spanked / spanked their partner in that situation. I think that's especially true for those bottoms who easily feel guilty for mishaps and need the spanking in order to let go of their feelings of guilt. I can absolutely understand why you and DH handle things differently, though!

Hermione said...

How scary for you both! It's never god to misplace your luggage. I can't believe how fortunate you were to have found it where you left it, after all that time. I'm glad you enjoyed a short, impromptu scene to cap off the evening.


Fenris said...

It was probably the best possible outcome: The bag retrieved and kinky fun had, even with naval cadets...
When it comes to DD and CP for real-life issues, you know that I share your point of view.

By the way, is the data on you notebook during travels purely vanilla? Losing an expensive piece of harware is bad enough, but knowing someone with not so noble intentions gets access to kinky data which he can link to your identity would really worry me. Or if you travel in countries which are on the more, let's say, conservative side when it comes to kink and sex and your notebook gets searched or confiscated for whatever reason.

Pecan nutjob said...

My wife and I practice mutual discipline. One of her traits that I've had to punish a number of times is carelessness and lack of proper estimation of danger.

Thus I'd think I'd have spanked her for that. Yet, if she was stressed and tired as you were I would not have given the spanking when coming back. Instead, I would have waited until, say, the next morning and she would have gotten a nicely red butt. Probably she would even have asked for it.

Lea said...

Wow I'm glad the bag was still there and you didn't have any problems. That would be a huge stress for the rest of your trip. Turning into a roleplay scene sounds like a nice end to things. :-)

Kaelah said...

@ Fenris:
I think there were some kinky pictures on the notebook at the time, so it wouldn't have been nice, had someone taken it and found them! Fortunately that didn't happen. I agree with what you say about travelling to foreign countries. I would be more careful not to have explicitly kinky content on my notebook in that case, especially when travelling to a country that's very conservative.

@ Hermione:
It was indeed scary! But as you said, fortunately everything turned out fine. :-)

@ Pecan Nutjob:
Welcome on our blog and thank you very much for commenting! I think couples who practice mutual discipline are very rare in our community, so that sounds like a very interesting concept.

I think you mentioned a very important point - it all comes down to what a certain person needs to be happy. As you said, your wife would probably even have asked you for a spanking in a similar situation. Ludwig and I are wired differently, so we prefer a fun role-play instead. :-)

@ Lea:
It was really scary at the time, but fortunately everything turned out well. :-)