Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Darker Dreams

 As Ludwig already told you in his post Too Severe for CCBill, Pandora was forced to delete several clips from her site Dreams of Spanking by the company processing the payments. Among them was Ludwig's and my scene The Final Test because the action was deemed too severe.

As I already wrote in a comment on Pandora's blog, the news brought up different kinds of thoughts for me. Of course, I feel sorry for Pandora. Not only did she have to delete three scenes entirely, she was also forced to reedit several of her clip descriptions and posts which surely did not only cause frustration, but also meant a lot of additional work. But, like Ludwig, I find it kind of cool that someone deems something which I, personified Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, have done worth censoring. Especially taking into account that neither Ludwig’s film for Mood nor the one for Lupus was censored. Instead, our clip for the "notorious" producer Pandora Blake and her site Dreams of Spanking was…

And now, Pandora has made good on her announcement. She has published the deleted scenes on her new site Darker Dreams where you can watch them – for free! So, if you haven't seen The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken, The Avenger and The Final Test yet, this is your chance. If you like them, you might want to subscribe to Pandora's site Dreams of Spanking and watch the rest of her clips as well, or maybe make a small donation.

I very much like the name of Pandora's new site. I've had lots of very dark dreams recently. But in contrast to those ones, Pandora's darker dreams are fun. I hope you will enjoy them, too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us this information.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Kannst du das bitte mal in deutsch formulieren und mir den Text überlassen per eMail ?


Ludwig said...

@ Spankingfreunde.de: Damit kann ich Dir zur Zeit leider nicht helfen. Kaelah und ich sind in diesen Wochen beide sehr beschäftigt und haben zwischendurch kaum eine freie halbe Stunde, um einen englischen Post zu schreiben und den Blog am Laufen zu halten. Für deutsche Übersetzungen und andere Extrawünsche bleibt da erst recht keine Zeit.

Emma Bishop said...

Sorry to hear about your great work being censored, I had so much email interrogation from ccBill and Paypal about using other email addresses for kink etc that I decided to cancel everything with them I had planned last year. Now I will never use Paypal again, they insulted me and accused me of 'fraud' for no reason at all, totally ridiculous but I am out filmmaking in this genre now anyway :) 'Clips' websites make it easier but of course they take a huge mark-up percentage so if making money is the plan then most times it's not worth it, but in my case it helped get me established early on as a model, so its great for new girls making films or if it's just a hobby. I'm glad Pandora managed to find a way around it, although having something censored you love doing as a final product and are proud of is not a nice feeling.

emma x

Lea said...

I'm glad a work around was found and thanks for sharing where to find the video.

Anonymous said...

Great creative clip and being censored is odd given everything else on the web but thanks for shooting it and providing a fine clip! Congratulations to Kaelah for enduring the entire 50!! Well done

Kaelah said...

@ Joey:
You're welcome! :-)

@ Spankingfreunde:
Wie Ludwig schon sagte, habe ich im Moment leider gar keine Zeit, Rainer. Wie Du siehst, komme ich kaum dazu, etwas für den Blog zu schreiben oder mal auf Kommentare zu antworten. Aber vielleicht hilft Dir Google Translate (dann musst Du allerdings aus dem Kauderwelsch noch richtiges Deutsch machen) oder jemand aus Deinem Forum? Sorry, ich muss mich im Moment leider vor allem um meine Gesundheit kümmern...

@ Emma:
Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with Paypal! The censorship of Pandora's site is indeed odd, but I am happy that she found such a good solution and that even more people can watch our clip now.

@ Lea:
You're welcome, Lea! I think Pandora's solution is really great.

@ Eric:
Thank you very much for your kind comment! I'm glad that you like the clip. :-)

Unknown said...

I watched your Final Test video. I found it very enjoyable and I don't understand the reason for the censorship. I have seen spanking videos that were more severe.

I must compliment Kaelah on her composure. She wasn't jumping up from position like a lot of other people would in her place. She took a tough caning very well.

Kaelah said...

@ Jessica Fox:
Welcome and thank you very much for your kind comment! I am glad that you liked the clip. :-)