Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kaelah's Corner (Apr 2013):
Forever Young

When I write about kinky fantasies on this blog, I usually try to make it very clear that I am talking about erotic fantasies between consenting adults. In the perverted fantasy picture posts and the stories that I have published on this blog, the characters involved were clearly described as being adult, too. However, the bottom characters in some of my personal fantasies (especially the naval ones) are usually rather young. I thought about why that is so, which is the topic of today's post.

A while ago, there was a very interesting guest post on Ana's blog written by Breanna Hayse about ageplay. I think it is very clear to the readers of this blog that kinky ageplay fantasies have got nothing to do whatsoever with real children. It's a similar difference to the one between erotic consensual spanking and (domestic) violence. Still, it is very difficult to absolutely make that clear for everyone when writing a blog about erotic CP, which is why I usually stay away from writing about kinky fantasy scenarios that include any characters who are minors. And if I ever write about a fantasy which involves characters that could be perceived as being underage, I make it more than clear that this is just a fantasy scenario for kinky consenting adults, that it has got nothing to do with real children and that I don't condone any CP between non-consenting persons which includes of course any kind of CP involving minors.

I very much liked how ageplay between consenting adults was explained in the above mentioned post on Ana's blog. Reading through the post gave me the feeling that this kind of play is about as innocent and sweet as pet play. But, just like pet play, it doesn't seem to be my kink (at least not the form that I would call "typical" ageplay). Which is not to say that the idea of being pampered like a child by a mother or father once in a while doesn't have any appeal for me. It just does not have any kinky appeal.

Still, the fact remains that several characters in my private kinky fantasy worlds are rather young, even though they usually behave more like responsible adults (the young cadets, for instance, already have a job to do that requires adult behaviour) and are also treated in a rather adult way. Which shows that the reason behind using young characters in my fantasy scenarios is obviously not the idea of dipping into a world without responsibilities, as is seemingly the case for many of those who are into the more common forms of ageplay. But still the young age of the characters seems to be important. And the question is, why is that so and what is the appeal?

Now first of all, the kinds of fantasies which attract me might be a key factor. When it comes to CP scenes involving a bottom of a higher age, which common scenarios do we have? The most typical ones I can think of are explicitly erotic scenes, domestic scenarios and institutional / judicial CP. While I of course like erotic CP scenes in real life in my relationship with Ludwig and while I also enjoy fantasizing about these kinds of scenes from time to time, many of the kinky scenarios I fantasize about are formal and non-sexual. Then, I am not so much into domestic discipline between adults because I expect adults to manage themselves and I don't like the idea of a permanent power imbalance between adult partners. Finally, the idea of institutional / judicial CP involving adults brings up images of rather severe punishments in my head (too severe for my personal taste) and it usually either means that the offender has done something really bad (because otherwise an older adult wouldn't be subjected to CP) or that the character on the receiving end is the victim of unfair treatment and a brutal system (which enables me to feel with the bottom but makes me so angry about the injustice that I can't enjoy the scene anymore).

On the other hand, talking about a young offender in a domestic scene (in my fantasies, usually the protégé of a guardian not related by blood), I can think of the power imbalance as being due to the difference in age and life experience and therefore not being permanent. And when it comes to institutional / judicial CP (my fantasy scenarios often tend to be a mixture between domestic and institutional, the caring part that also plays a role in the common forms of ageplay can be found here as well), I can more easily imagine that a lighter punishment (on the harsher end of real erotic CP play) is sufficient due to the young age of the recipient.

Furthermore, since the bottom is so young, it seems more okay for me that he or she does something wrong and gets into trouble without this making him or her a bad or irresponsible person who should know better. This way, a punishment can both be "justified" by some real wrongdoing (within the context of the story, I don't believe that any offence justifies CP in reality) and at the same time the character on the receiving end can be a likeable person whom I can cheer for and who just happened to do something forbidden. The character can even be a high potential who has to deal with especially high expectations on his or her way to becoming a responsible leader one day, which makes it easier to think of scenarios that might get said character into trouble without him or her having done something horrible.

And finally, the younger a character is, the more it is okay for me as an observer to think of stronger reactions to CP without having to make the character a weak person. For instance, the thought of an older man or woman crying from CP is not so much my cup of tea, but when we are talking about a very young person, it feels okay.

I think the combination of all the factors that I mentioned is why the bottom characters in several of my personal formal kinky fantasies are rather young. Maybe the fact that I took my very first fantasies from children's books like Castle Schreckenstein also plays a role here.

In my real kinky play, though, I haven't done much ageplay (or whatever you might call my fantasies involving young characters) so far. First of all, Ludwig and I don't do much role-play, anyway. Secondly, Ludwig isn't into any scenarios that involve underage characters. This isn't so much of a problem, though, because we don't need to agree on any specific age. For Ludwig it is okay to have a young character as a bottom and I can make the character even a bit younger in my head without the age having to be explicitly mentioned in the scene. Still I guess I have been too scared that the role-play might not be able to live up to the expectations created by the fantasy scenarios to experiment with it more. In addition to that, these kinds of role-play scenarios for me often go along with cross-gender play (i.e. me being a young man) which makes it even more difficult for not very experienced role-players.

That being said, Ludwig and I very recently had our very first M/M naval cadet spanking scene. It was very spontaneous and rather short, but I definitely liked it. I will tell you more about that short scene in another post.

For today, I would like to hand over to you and ask you whether the age of the characters involved plays any role in your kinky fantasies? If yes, which one and why? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, I look forward to hearing from you!


Julia said...

DH loves being my Daddy, taking care of me, but we never really defined it as an age, more of a mentality I think. It can be fun, other times I am not as interested and crave a man to take me. :)

Lea said...

I tend to be quite a bit younger than all of my play partners who spank me. It has just worked out that way and I guess it works for my headspace too. I have done a little bit of roleplay with a school girl scenario and that kind of thing, but don't really think about a specific age in my head.

MasonPearson said...

You raise some really interesting points. The best metaphor I can think of is of me sitting on some kind of swing. Even a very gentle rocking back and forward brings back a playfulness that I experienced as a child. It reminds me of an element of my childhood. Kaelah's schoolgirl uniform does the same. That does not mean that I or K are children, but they are nods to fun parts of the past.
A large part of this whole spanking thing is some kind of sexy playfulness. Strictly for adults only.
I hope this makes some kind of sense to at least some people.

Fenris said...

Thank you for this post. I like to muse about what works, for the individual, as kinky fantasy and for what reasons.

I am not into "classic" age play, i.e. mommy/daddy, girl/boy scenes and the aspects I associate with such scenes, like overly child-like behavior, pampering etc.
Now, I freely admit that I have quite a kink for (historic) school scenarios which, of course, involve younger characters, although I had these fantasies when I actually still attended school, so at least at that time, it was not age play for me. But even now, school scenes as well as your naval fantasies do paradoxically not seem like age-play to me. These scenarios help to set a more or less realistic frame, which means a situation in which CP might have occured, which is the important factor for me instead of regressing to a younger age. Harsh judicial scenes with adult bottoms do not really work for me.
The idea of doing things in the setting of a school role play which I never dared to do when I still attended school is quite intriguing, so you might consider this as some kind of age play. Just as you described in your post "An Adult School Girl", I was very well behaved in school and I was actually quite afraid of several of my teachers. The idea of really getting into trouble at school was terrible for me at the time, so I wonder why it has become a kinky fantasy.
Concerning the age of the characters in such a fantasy: It tends to be the older range of adolescence, because it is easier for me to remember how I felt and thought at that time, as well as I was well aware of my kinky fantasies when I reached that age.

Simon said...

Sometimes I think I like the dressing up as much as I like the punishment that follows.My Mistress has a variety of costumes that she dresses me in before she punishes me including maid, pvc dresses, schoolboy and schoolgirl. Putting on a costume in itself is a reminder of younger days as I'm sure most children, male or female dressed up sometimes. For me it adds that extra element of enjoyment and the frisson that comes with doing something different to your normal live. But it is just a fantasy and if dressed like a school person I may behave differently at heart I know that I'm just a middle aged man indulging in some harmless fun. Years ago when I used to spank rather than being spanked I did spank girls in school uniform but I discovered that I was more comfortable spanking someone in a more adult costume.

Kaelah said...

@ Julia:
Yes, those adult things can be lots of fun indeed! ;-)

@ Lea:
I guess I usually don't think of a specific age, either, it is more of a range that goes along with certain expectations regarding the vulnerability of a character and the like. Sometimes age differences between characters can be important for my storylines as well. For instance, if young character A is even younger than young character B, B maybe tries to protect character A and the like. Interestingly, schoolgirl (or even schoolboy) scenarios don't have such a huge appeal for me. Somehow the military scenarios tend to interest me more.

@ MasonPearson:
Your description definitely makes sense, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

The interesting thing about my fantasies involving young characters is that they are usually very different from everything I have experienced in my own childhood and that I am usually just an observer who is looking into the heads of both the bottoms and the tops. Maybe that's another reason why I haven't done much role-play of that kind, yet, because being in the role of the bottom in such a scene is very different from being an observer.

@ Fenris:
Thank you for your comment, Fenris. I think you raised some very important points! The chance to set a (more or less) realistic frame certainly plays a role when it comes to my fantasies. Or, lets say, at least a frame that matches storylines from vanilla books or movies which have triggered my kinky fantasies. And it might very well be possible that I am so much into certain scenarios not because of the ageplay aspect but because they are based on scenarios from books and movies which I liked very much and which formed my early kinky fantasies!

@ Simon:
I think you are absolutely right about dressing up, it is not only a great fun for children but for adults as well. You raised another interesting question, the top perspective vs the bottom perspective in role-play. I think spanking a kinky adult who wears, for instance, a schoolgirl uniform is okay for me as a top, as long as the real person is a self-reliant, responsible adult with whom I like to spend my time. Conversely I would most probably not feel comfortable spanking someone in a more adult costume who is an immature person in real life.

Ursus Lewis said...

I see it pretty much the same way as you Kaelah, very intersting. While for personal play age not really matters, ageplay is not really my kink. It has probably to do with my real world moral boundaries where spanking has no place in, especially not spanking of children. On the other hand in pretty much all my spanking fantasies the bottoms are probably somewhere between 14 and 25. I don't know why that is though...

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

School for ever?

Thx for the fine Promotion! You renember? 17 May 2013 started the Bording School at the Black Forrest!

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus Lewis:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Sometimes it can indeed be difficult to understand how one's kink really works and why certain aspects are the way they are! But while it is of course interesting to analyze these things, I don't think it is necessary to have all the answers as long as one is having fun with other consenting adults.

@ Spankingfreunde:
I actually didn't see this post as a kind of advertisement for school role-play. But I wish you fun at the boarding school nonetheless, Rainer!