Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Morning Quickie

Ludwig came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. I was still in bed, but ready to get into the bath once he was finished in there. Ludwig sat next to me on the bed, checking something. When he stood up, his towel fell to the ground, making him stand before me in all his naked glory.

For some reason (I have no idea how this happened), our conversation turned to spanking. I had sat myself up and Ludwig climbed on the bed next to me, telling me that the word spanking alone turned him on. Having my boyfriend so close to me in his birthday suit, his firm bottom within reach, was an opportunity too daunting to resist. "Oh really?" I replied. "Maybe I can help you with that."

With these words I grabbed Ludwig and threw him forward over my lap. Ludwig was caught by surprise, but even when he realised what was happening, he didn't make a huge effort to fight back. And so I started spanking his beautifully presented behind with my hand, eliciting some nice small reactions.
"That's not helpful in taking my mind away from erotic thoughts", Ludwig complained. - "Oh, I thought a harsh spanking can help men stop being turned on", I said, referring to all the reports on the internet about female tops spanking away the arousal of their male bottoms. All the while I continued spanking, enjoying the closeness with my boyfriend and the wonderful feeling when my hand made contact with Ludwig's sexy behind. "It doesn't seem to work like that at the moment", Ludwig replied.

Obviously we hadn't indulged in any spanking fun for far too long! I was very happy to see that Ludwig seemed to enjoy my efforts and that he obviously didn't feel awkward (he usually is not so much into OTK hand spankings as a bottom since they can have a domestic feel to him which he doesn't like at all). So I finished him off with twelve hard, slowly paced strokes which he obviously felt (having had a bath right before a spanking really seems to increase the sting). Then I was finally happy with my handiwork.

Still, the bathroom had to wait for me a little longer, since we indulged in a different kind of fun first. That spontaneous little spanking scene really was a wonderful way to start out our day! And of course Ludwig returned the favour to me with some quick, spontaneous hand spankings the following days.


Anonymous said...

Perfect. Sounds like fun,

Simon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun but a couple of things intrigued me. "Spanking away arousal" has always interested me because it's never happened with me. However hard the spanking,belting or caning gets I remain aroused by it, unless the arousal reaches it's natural conclusion, but you are right when you say that a lot of literature on the subject assumes that arousal disappears with the spanking. Since we are presumably doing this for fun why would you want to continue if you weren't getting excited by it?
Wet spankings certainly hurt more in my experience and I'm sure there is some scientific reason for this as it isn't all in the mind surely. It's not just water either, sometimes my Mistress massages my bottom before punishment and the massage oils also seem to increase the sensitivity of my bottom. I don't mind though because I enjoy the moment of tenderness before she gets down to the serious business of making my bottom very sore.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Quite a different spanking account from you. We enjoyed reading of it and I am sure you enjoyed it also.

Lea said...

What fun! I love the unexpected moments like that.

Anastasia Vitsky said...

LOL!!! Of COURSE spanking can take away sexual feelings. Haha!

Great, fun story of a fun event.

Kaelah said...

@ Joey:
It definitely was fun! :-)

@ Simon:
Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I have experienced spankings which were not arousing at the time, but still had a positive outcome. That has been the case with spankings for video clips (the positive outcome then was the creative fun, the act of telling a story and having the final clip) and with rather severe spankings which weren't arousing but gave me a great feeling of empowerment. I have to admit that I don't really understand the concept of purposefully spanking away arousal, though. I can only explain the appeal that it seems to have for some spankos by assuming that it gives the spanking the real discipline feel which might not be arousing at the time but creates a powerful memory that is arousing afterwards when the bottom relives the scene in his or her memories.

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
We surely enjoyed it! :-) Glad you enjoyed the account, too.

@ Lea:
Yes, those kinds of unexpected moments are very precious. :-)

@ Ana:
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :-)