Sunday, March 24, 2013

Your Questions Answered

March is Q & A month in blogland and so we asked our readers for questions in this post. Thank you very much to everyone who participated! Here are our answers to your questions:

Joey asked: Kaelah, What is on your kinky bucket list? And, have you shared your desire with Ludwig?

Kaelah: One thing on my bucket list is a role-play that involves cross-dressing and in which I am being spanked as a boy / young man. Preferably in a naval setting by a commanding officer, either with a cane or with a whip. This is one of my most precious fantasies. There are two problems, though: First of all, we would need the right outfit. Secondly, Ludwig and I are not very experienced role-players and thus I am a bit scared that the role-play couldn't live up to my high expectations. Ludwig knows about my fantasy, but we decided to wait until we have enough time to prepare such an elaborate scene properly.

Prefectdt asked: You both travel or are travelled to in order to play. Do you find that this lessens or heightens the desire to play? Which of you two prefers to be the traveller, when you get together to play?

Kaelah: I think living in a long-distance relationship rather lessens my desire to play. The reason is that when Ludwig and I get together, having the chance to play is far from the most important thing that is on my mind. We don't travel in order to play, we travel in order to share our lives with each other. During the times that we have together, we try to do all the things that other couples share on a daily basis. Talking about our daily life and our future, going on excursions, eating together, sleeping next to each other, cuddling, visiting friends and family members, watching TV, listening to music and all that kind of stuff. Kink is just a very minor part of that, and since our time together is limited and almost everything has to be planned in advance, I often find that I haven't got enough room in my mind to, for instance, plan any elaborate spanking scenes as well. Of course it depends on the general stress-level and mood, though. Sometimes not being able to see each other on a daily basis can also heighten the anticipation, especially when we manage to plan a more elaborate scene on the phone in advance.

Ludwig: I feel similar to how Kaelah does. I don't think that being in a long-distance relationship lessens or heightens the desire to play as such. But it means that, because you have less time together, you don't have as many opportunities to give in to the desire when it spontaneously arises. Most of the bigger play sessions Kaelah and I do together are planned in advance, and when it comes to those, being in a long-distance relationship can actually heighten the anticipation.

Julia asked: Trying not to be a buzzkill, but do you guys worry about people recognizing you? Or posting pics of you in general? That is what I am constantly worried about. Like my picture being downloaded from all around the world is kind of a scary thought. And Ronnie added: I was thinking the same as Julia. Do you worry about being recognised?

Kaelah: The short reply to the question is: Yes, I do worry about being recognized, at least from time to time, as I already mentioned in my post A Past and Future Secret. But for me, the positives of shooting and posting pictures and clips by far outweigh the risks. First of all, Ludwig and I met through his clip-making activities. Secondly, I get a lot out of posting pictures and clips and the positive feedback that we get. I very much prefer pictures and clips in which I can see facial reactions, and so showing my face is the only way for me to do this the way I want to. I don't know whether I would have decided to show my face, though, if Ludwig hadn't already done that when we met. But since he had, I wanted to be a full part of this, which also meant showing my face.

Ludwig: Publishing pictures and videos was a choice I made very early in the life of this blog. I knew that it entailed certain risks, but I consciously and willingly took those risks because for me, they were outweighed by the joy of doing something creative and exciting together with friends from the Scene like Niki Flynn. When Kaelah and I met and we became a couple, she consciously and out of her own initiative made the same decision, because she wanted to fully share in what I did on the blog instead of being the faceless girlfriend. I don't worry too much about being recognised. There are spanking models whose pictures and videos have been seen by many more viewers than ours, and to my knowledge, nobody has ever been recognised by a random stranger on the street.

Lea asked: What is your favourite flower?

Kaelah: I don't have a favourite flower, although I like roses very much (who doesn't?). If I can choose, I prefer a mixed bouquet, for instance roses, gerbera daisies (preferably in red, orange and yellow) and some green plants as fillers.

Ludwig: I don't have a particular favourite flower. I like the colourful variety of flowers on a wild meadow that has been left to itself, with no human meddling.

Lea's second question was: Have you ever run into a vanilla acquaintance at a kinky event? If so, how did you handle it?

Kaelah: I haven't ever run into a vanilla acquaintance at a kinky event. The closest I came to it was when a vanilla (or maybe not so vanilla) friend who knew that I was into some kind of fetish, but did not know exactly which one, suddenly asked me whether Ludwig and I would visit the Bound Con, too. Finding out that my friend was going there as well was a nice, if unexpected revelation! We have never actually managed to meet each other at the convention, though, since we always went there on different days.

Ludwig: My circle of vanilla acquaintances is pretty small, as is my circle of kinky acquaintances. In both realms, I value quality over quantity. As well as that, Kaelah and I don't go to many kinky events. So, the chance of me running into a vanilla acquaintance at a kinky event is almost zero.

Annapurna asked: How do you handle unfair criticism from readers?

Kaelah: We are fortunate in that we usually don't have to deal with unfair criticism from readers. In the few cases in which unfair criticism comes up, we try to politely clear things up. Because often things turn out to be simple misunderstandings. That can easily happen in written communication. In the rare cases when people misinterpret our politeness as weakness and become even more aggressive, we still try to remain calm but draw a clear line at the same time. Like I did in my post I'm Not Gonna Take It. Fortunately, we haven't ever experienced a situation like that again after I had written that post.

Ludwig: We have a very classy core readership on our blog. On the rare occasions when we have trouble with someone, it is almost never a regular commenter, but a passerby who obviously does not know the blog very well and is only looking to do some trolling and pick a fight. These people disappear as quickly as they appear, and I do not waste my time thinking about them.

MasonPearson asked: Kaelah - are you finding that your kink is increasing/reducing or evolving in any particular direction? can you imagine going back to vanilla?

Kaelah: I think my kink is evolving in the direction that I enjoy switching more spontaneously and topping Ludwig in smaller scenes which aren't planned much in advance. Which doesn't mean that my bottom side becomes less important, though. I very much enjoy the balance of the two. As for going back to vanilla: I can't imagine doing that because I have been kinky for as long as I can remember. I just didn't live out my kinky fantasies because I hadn't found the right partner, yet.

Bob S asked: I have to believe the mood is very different when you are by yourselves and when you are being filmed. Am I correct?

Kaelah: Yes, that is indeed correct. Our private play is more intimate and often more sexual than what we do on camera. The camera makes the setting more formal, which I enjoy very much as well, though. But when we are being filmed (or filming ourselves), the focus is more on creating a good film and less on enjoying the scene while it is happening. On the other hand, the creative act of making a clip adds a different kind of fun and excitement that definitely makes up for the loss of intimacy and direct erotic pleasure.

Ludwig: The mood is different mainly in that there are more things to keep track of when filming, and thus more things on your mind. Handling the equipment, having a look at the footage we just filmed, maybe repeating a shot of us talking - that kind of stuff. During the spanking action itself, I find that the mood, at least for me, is not all that different from what it would be like if we were doing a spanking in private. It's the stuff around that, when we are handling the equipment, that is different.

Donpascual asked: I once had a spanking partner I met on weekends. I had to travel 700 km roundtrip. We kept this up for two years. Question: How far have you, respectively Ludwig to travel?

Kaelah and Ludwig: We actually have to travel more than that! We take turns travelling, so that neither of us has to travel several times in a row.


Anonymous said...


Thank you both for answering our questions.


Lea said...

I enjoyed reading your Q&A!

Donpascual said...

Thank you Kaelah,

if you have to travel a big distance just for playing, you are going to do that more intensively compared to meeting as a couple.

I once travelled 500 Km one way to meet my family when I was working in southern Germany and was planning to build a home there. We met every 2 weeks and the time was flying by terribly fast.

I can understand that you have problems to live your kink together.

Julia said...

I enjoyed reading these too! Nice answers. :)

Rich Person said...

"We have a very classy core readership on our blog."

Thank you!

Kaelah said...

@ Joey:
Thank you for reading! :-)

@ Lea:
Glad you enjoyed reading the Q & A!

@ Julia:
Thank you!

@ Donpascual:
There is indeed a huge different between meeting a long-distance play partner for a kinky fun weekend and meeting as a couple who lives in a long-distance relationship. But we are lucky in that our long-distance relationship works out rather well, despite of the difficulties that come with the long distance. We definitely have got less time for play, though.

@ Rich Person:

ronnie said...

I enjoyed reading. Thank you both for answering the questions.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ludwig and Kaelah,

Thank you so very much for answering my question!

Kaelah said...

@ Ronnie:
Glad you enjoyed reading! :-)

@ Annapurna:
You're welcome! Thank you for asking. :-)