Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Silly Spankings

The vote for my blogiversary spanking is over. Time to take a look at the final tally. 25 readers participated which adds up to a 75 strokes spanking. Thanks to everyone who has taken part by leaving a comment! The participants are: Fenris, Prefectdt, Lea, Newone, Rich Person, Speathrower, SpankCake, Ronnie, Gustofur, Ana, Erica, Donpascual, Val, Spiceman, Monsieur Fessee, Pete the Pork, Steve from Kent, Stan/E., Mikewill, Fred Bloggs, LittleGiana, Lanie, Mr. Robert, Gaviao and PanPasek.

Unfortunately, it seems like Ludwig and I won't see each other for several weeks because of our work schedules. But we are going to shoot and edit the clip as soon as possible. Both Secret Spanko and OldFashionedGirl recently published posts in which they stated that spanking and smiling should be combined more often. And Ana insisted that she would only add three strokes to the score if I told her afterwards that I enjoyed them.

I can definitely assure you that I am looking forward to my OTK spanking and that Ludwig and I are going to have fun with it! Okay, I am not so sure whether I am going to have so much fun during the spanking, because Ludwig will make the strokes count for sure. But I am absolutely positive that I am at least going to have lots of fun before, in between and after the spanking. You'll see!

As a matter of fact, in my opinion it is very important to mix spanking and sex with fun and to even behave really silly in bed sometimes. Okay, the latter might kill the erotic mood for a moment, but a good laugh definitely has a great value of its own. Ludwig and I recently had such a really silly time with some unusual "pet play".

Ludwig was right in the middle of seducing me when he suddenly laid down on my tummy, looking at me like a cat that wants to have milk. "Oh, that's very sexy and so dominant, my domcat", I teased him. Ludwig wasn't deterred by my statement and left the room to fetch some toys. I was in a silly mood and couldn't let go of the pet play image that had formed in my head, though.

So, when he came back, Ludwig found me on my back behaving and panting like a dog that wants to be petted. "I'm a naughty little dog", I explained with a sheepish grin. Ludwig had to laugh. For a moment, he didn't know what to do. "Laughter kills lust!", he finally explained with a sigh. "Aww, really?" Somehow my sympathy didn't come over convincingly (maybe the suppressed grinning had something to do with that).

Which prompted Ludwig to pull me over his lap, take down my panties and spank me. After only a few smacks I started yowling like a dachshund. "Hey, that's cruelty to animals!" I protested. "No, it isn't. I just give you the discipline that you need. You are the dog and I am the pack leader", was Ludwig's reply as the smacks continued to rain down on my bottom. (Note to myself: I shouldn't invite Ludwig to watch The Dog Whisperer with me any more.) Being the calm and submissive dog that I am, I soon gave in and started sniffing at Ludwig. "I'm taking in the smell of the pack leader", I explained. Which ended the spanking because we both cracked up laughing again.

Our little excursion into the realms of (maybe overly realistic?) pet play didn't kill the erotic mood for long, though. And it remains in my memories as some hilarious, light-hearted fun.

When was the last time you mixed up kink and sex with having silly fun? I hope it hasn't been too long ago.


Ana said...

lol...oh, Kaelah...domcat??? *groans* That's terrible! You deserved a spanking for that. :D And yes, do please smile and enjoy your spanking coming up. SO glad it's you and not me...

Enjoy yourselves silly!

Spankedhortic II said...

Have a happy spanking. Watching Crufts must be an interesting experience for you two :)


Stan/E. said...

Great post. I totally agree, we must mix sex and fun... Being too serious is rather sad, in those pleasure.
I'll wait for the result, even if it takes a lot of time for you, Ludwig und Kaelah, to realize it "live".

Kaelah said...

@ Ana:
Unfortunately I can't claim having invented the term “domcat”. I read it somewhere and I liked it. Ludwig is a cat person and I am a dog person, so “domcat” fits quite well. He actually likes the term. But if using it in a teasing way earns me a fun spanking, I don't complain, either. ;-)

@ Spankedhortic:
I have to admit that I didn't know what Crufts is, Prefectdt. Now I have learned something new! I guess it is even funnier to watch Ludwig and me when cats or dogs are around since we are usually totally blown away and happy (and in "I want a pet!" mode). ;-)

@ Stan/E.:
Having fun is indeed important, not only when it comes to kink or sex. Life is much too short to be in a bad mood all the time. :-)

I hope that the video will be ready in about a month's time!