Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Football, Spilled Tea and a Spanking

For those of you living outside of Europe (or in Europe but under a stone), the European Football Championship has begun and is keeping fans all across Europe in a state of suspense. The first match involving the German national team took place on Saturday. I wanted to watch the game and Ludwig decided to join me, despite of him not being a huge football fan plus having made bad experiences with football bets.

Unlike most other German fans I didn't watch the match with a beer in my hand, though. Instead I made myself a pot of herbal tea to calm my nerves. Which was necessary because Germany's opponent, the Portuguese team, proved to be equally strong. The German team was finally successful, though. Ludwig had just left the room for a second when the German team scored the only and therefore winning goal of the match. I let out a scream of excitement and told Ludwig the good news when he returned.

I had just calmed down a bit when Ludwig suddenly asked me: "What's that on the floor? Is that tea?" I looked around and there were indeed several huge drops of liquid on the floor. Since Ludwig didn't have a drink, it must have been me who had spilled my tea. Frankly, I couldn't remember any of that, but the only logical explanation was that I had swung around my mug a bit too enthusiastically when the Germans scored their goal...

Fast forward a few hours and you'll find my over Ludwig's lap, with my PJ trousers and my knickers down for a good hand spanking. Because for some reason Ludwig thought that I needed a lesson in how to celebrate a football goal properly. Obviously, in his opinion, waving around one's mug isn't the right way to do it. Ah well.

After he had heated my bottom accompanied by a lecture about proper ways of celebrating, Ludwig allowed me to get up again and rearrange my clothes. I wasn't so sure whether his care for a clean floor was the main reason for me being spanked, though. I told Ludwig that I was quite sure he had ulterior motives for taking me over his knee. "Really, which motives?" was Ludwig's reply. I pointed at what I considered to be the proof for my theory while Ludwig was laughing sheepishly. And so the day finally ended with a rather private game.

A won football match, a spanking and a wonderful time with Ludwig – that's what I call a great evening!


sixofthebest said...

Kaelah, can you advise Ludwig, from me, that taking your knicker's down to bare your bottom, and give you a good spanking. Is the perfect way of watching a thrilling international soccer game. By the way, my favourite team is England, having formally lived their, for 10 years. And I have been watching these games from this side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Netherlands!
Kaelah, are you sure that Ludwig may not be up for a bet... ;-)
2-1 Germany from this corner.

Val said...

That one above would have been from Val :-)

Ursus Lewis said...


! said...

Hehehe - people here seriously go crazy. I actually watched the first 15 minutes of the game, then fell asleep, then, woke up again to watch the goal because my friend were making lots of noise.

This post made me smile, with the mention of how to properly celebrate a football goal. I didn't know you were a football fan, Kaelah.

In any case, I'm glad you had a good evening with Ludwig! Sporty spanking bets are lots of fun =D

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Football whats that?

Indy said...

Perhaps it's not a coincidence that my high school German text book started with the dialogue: "Wir spielen Fussball. Spielst du mit?" (No idea how to make an S-set on Blogger, sorry!)

Kaelah said...

@ sixofthebest:
So you are a fan of the English football team?! I guess in that case, you sometimes also need a masochistic streak, right? This time it seems to go well for them, though. I cross my fingers for them to reach the quarter-finals tomorrow. I would love to see the match England vs Germany some time in the tournament!

@ Val:
Thanks a lot for your good wishes! I suppose it's better not to bet with you, though. Your guess was absolutely correct. :-) I hope that the German team will enter the quarter-finals today, I think the chances are very good.

@ Ursus Lewis:
Do you watch the European Football Championship? And if so, which team do you support? Unfortunately, Switzerland didn't qualify for the games...

@ !:
Actually, I am not such a big football fan. But watching the European and the World Championships always is a lot of fun. And you are right, betting can be a lot of fun as well – especially if one is victorious! ;-)

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
Are we really living in the same country??? ;-)

@ Indy:
That is hilarious! Obviously, your German text book was written by a native speaker who knew what the important basic German vocabularies are. ;-)

By the way, my first year English text book involved one lesson that I remember very well, too - because it was written from the perspective of a family dog! The dog explained how it had taught its family tricks like throwing sticks for it, how it chased the neighbours' cat and so on. Now, what does that tell me? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeay! for Germany in the quarterfinals!

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
Thank you! It's indeed cool that the German team has made it to the quarter-finals and I am looking forward to the next match. :-)