Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!

Today was the final day of the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand. The last game ended just a few minutes ago. For those of you who are as unfamiliar with that sports as I was before it raised my interest a while ago, just a short explanation. It is a bit like American Football (which originates from rugby), just for real men. Means, no protection gear and stuff like that. Hey, what would spanking be if we decided to wear protection gear???

My congratulations go the All Blacks, the members of New Zealand's national rugby team, who have just had the French team for breakfast! Okay, to be fair, the French proved to be absolutely worthy opponents who gave the All Blacks a really hard time. The match could also have ended in their favour. But the final score was 8:7 against them.

I don't only like the All Blacks because they are damn good, but also because they perform the Maori haka Ka Mate. You can see it in the picture above. Hakas are traditional war dances. The first lines of the Ka Mate haka are “Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!” which can be translated as “It is death! It is death! It is life! It is life!” or “I may die! I may die! I may live! I may live!”.

You are still asking yourself why I like rugby and why I write about it here? I give you some hints: Thirty muscular men fighting for victory and honour in a game that involves speed, tactics and finesse, but also pure power and the will to beat your opponent's ass. Guys who see themselves as warriors. Lots of ritual and even a warrior dance. Really, how could I find that NOT exciting? It caters to my kinky M/M preference as well as my warrior fantasies. Just like Pro Wrestling and Sumo in their own ways, but that is stuff for different posts.

I'm not sure whether I would be more interested in watching the celebration of the All Blacks, though, or in sneaking into the locker room of the French team to see what is going on there. You see, as rugby is a sport for real men, I assume that the training methods aren't soft, either. And since the French have dropped the ball right before the finish line, so to speak, I guess some proper motivation for the next World Cup is needed. I'm sure that their coach won't let them get away with some mere love taps. I can already hear the swishing sound of the cane, followed by nothing else than heavy breathing and some suppressed gasps. Rugby players are tough guys after all...


Lady J said...

I'ma be offended if I don't see any commentary on the American football being played in Europe *right* now.

(Okay - I confess it - one of the teams playing is *my* team - I may not bleed Bears orange and blue - but it comes pretty damn close.)

Kaelah said...

@ Lady J:
Sorry, the only sport most Germans know a lot about is football/soccer! And I have to admit that I don't even know much about that sport. Even though I like it because it gave me an excuse to spank Ludwig! ;-)

Joking aside, I don't know anything about American football. I was always much more interested in pro wrestling and sumo.

Ruggerbugger said...

Hmm, I wonder if, for the sake of team spirit, it would be better if the punishments were administered by a third party? Perhaps someone like Kaelah...
"Go one boys, take it like men!"

Kaelah said...

@ Ruggerbugger:
That sounds like a lot of responsibility and hard work. But, for the sake of team spirit (what else?!), I would of course offer myself as a special motivational coach! ;-)