Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow-White and Rose-Red

It seems like these are the last winter days with snow here in Germany. Time for some inurement practise for what seems to become another very exciting but also demanding year. And what is better for that purpose than martial arts training in the snow? I'm sure all Karate Kid training sessions would have looked like that – had Karate Kid been a girl!

Of course it is very important to be well-trained. Otherwise one might lose the fight and end up tied  helplessly to a tree like this!

To prevent this from happening it is very important to have a mentor who knows the art of motivation. So, if the cold makes it difficult to concentrate on the training, he might provide help by letting his pupil bend over...

… and warming her bottom with six of the best with a switch. This doesn't only increase the motivation, it also creates a beautiful picture – snow-white and rose-red!

A little time of meditation helps to get mental strength as well.

And finally some cool-down in the snow after an invigorating lesson. Bring on all your challenges, 2011, I'm ready!


Ursus Lewis said...

Hehe, you are so funny. Lovely pics. It's good to know you are ready for the 2011 challenges. I didn't have a training in the snow, but I guess I'm ready too ;)

Val said...

Outstanding. Writing, performance, photos.
And fortitude, evinced not only by bare feet in the snow, but switching too - that hurts nastily on cold skin.
I presume that the photographer/motivator showed solidarity by standing also naked in the snow, camera/switch in hand?

simon said...

all i can say is you must of been very cold standing in the snow apart for your simon.

Adele Haze said...

A lovely set of photos. You spoil us!

Ludwig said...

@ Val: It would not have been very sensible for the photographer / motivator to stand naked in the snow in solidarity. For one thing, I think it would have moved Kaelah to fits of laughter. Moreover, one of my tasks was to rub Kaelah's feet warm again and to help her back into her shoes after every couple of pictures, which would have been impossible had I been freezing my feet off myself.

Pandora Blake said...

Brrrrrrr! Beautiful photos though. Thankyou for suffering in the cold so we could enjoy them!

Unknown said...

I have experienced snow once, and my immediate thought on reading this was 'how did your feet survive? o.o'

EmmaJane said...

Oooh how beautiful and so brave. Snow is so cold, especially on the feet!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Tasteful nudes pictures. Is that I tongue I see in the last one???

Kaelah said...

Thank you all for your nice comments! :-)

No need to worry about my feet, though, because this time I was a bit more careful than last year. The last time I stood in the snow without shoes for too long and it took quite a while to unfreeze my feet again. I think I even damaged one of my toenails on that occasion.

So this time I was only barefoot for short time periods and took care that there was no snow on the top of my feet. After every set of pictures I slapped my feet in order to warm them up and got back into my shoes until my feet were warm enough for the next round. That way it really wasn't so bad, especially because the sun was warm, too. I actually had quite a lot of fun! Well, at least I'm still capable of learning from past experiences, even though I didn't follow Ludwig's suggestion to leave me shoes on for the whole session - “But it looks much better without them!” - Luckily the poor man has gotton used to my bad habit of not listening to advices...

@ Val:

I have to admit I was quite shocked about how much that damn little switch hurt! I even rubbed my poor behind afterwards, something I don't do very often. I think that Ludwig enjoyed my reactions, though. Which is only fair, since I persuaded him to do that little photo session with me and to whip me with that switch because this time I wanted pictures with marks. So, telling him to strip, too, would indeed have been a bit too much! And like Ludwig said, it would most probably have resulted in me cracking up laughing every time I would have looked into the direction of the camera. :-)

By the way, like usually I didn't plan any storyline when we made the pictures. But when I finally looked at them I thought: Oh, you could write that comment about this picture and that comment about the other one... - Wait, actually you could put all these comments together and write a little weird and funny storyline?! That's how the martial arts training storyline was born... :-)

@ Our Bottoms Burn:

Yep, it is! We had some other pictures in which I look more contrite, but I thought the fun picture in which I stuck my tongue out would fit more to the conclusion of the post... ;-)

Michael said...

WOW! Wonderful photos and wonderful post, Kaelah. How did the snow not melt? I mean between the hotness of your naked body and Ludwig heating up your bottom there should not have been a single snowflake left for miles around. OUTSTANDING!

And congratulations on your lovely post being Chrossed. Very well done.

Chev said...

Karate Kid II was a girl; Hillary Swank played in Karate Kid III (the last time Pat Morita was to play Mr. Miyagi).

Now, as you say, if they had her training in this way, conditioned by the cold, rigidly disciplined to her inner peace, maybe the movie wouldn't have sunk into obscurity?

Kaelah said...

@ Michael:
Thank you very much, I'm flattered! :-) Hmm, the snow DID melt, but I guess that this was because of the sun and not because of me running through the woods without any clothes... And the only thing that usually melts under Ludwig's strokes … , well, … am I! ;-)

@ Robert:
Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Of course you are right, there has been a female Karate Kid as well (in the fourth film of the original Karate Kid series, titled “The next Karate Kid”, starring Hilary Swank and Pat Morita). Ludwig also reminded me of the female Karate Kid when he read my story. But as you already mentioned the sequel didn't stir much interest, so for me Ralph Macchio is still the only real Karate Kid. But maybe you're right and with the right training methods “The next Karate Kid” would have become much more famous...?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Martial art, no. Arms in wrong position, legs in wrong position.
But pictures very nice.
Regards Jan

Kaelah said...

Hi Jan,

actually as a preparation for a certain Tai Chi kick this is the right position. The right hand protects the forehead (from a possible stroke from above), the left hand is in a push position. The combination of both hands and the position of the right foot gives the body enough balance for a proper kick.

Of course it was quite difficult to hold that position in the snow and my main concern wasn't to make sure that the position was absolutely correct from a martial arts point of view. It was much more important in this case that Ludwig got a good shot of my body and my face... ;-)

I'm glad you liked the pictures! :-)

Joan Sanders said...

So very erotic! May we hope for more snow action this winter? Your blog is zoo inspiring for us A/all!!!

Best regards

Joan S.

Kaelah said...

@ Joan Sanders:
Welcome, and thanks a lot for your kind comment! I am happy that you enjoy the pictures. I don't know whether there will be any new snow pictures this winter. We will see!