Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mission Accomplished

(A young Ensign on a diplomatic mission -
first-time contact with a species called the Spankos.)

It's finally done! On Monday, Ludwig and I shot my blogiversary spanking clip. Maybe you're asking yourself why it took us about nearly eight weeks after the closing day of the poll to film the clip. Well, first of all, Ludwig and I live in a long-distance relationship and don't see each other that often which makes it more difficult to find the time. And secondly, this project (like all projects) cost a lot more time and effort than originally planned. I made a list of all the clip-related activities we had so far and was quite stunned myself about how much time went into that “little” blogiversary fun clip.

Creating and writing the story: 8 hours

Shopping for clothes, make-up and props: 5 hours

Preparing the set: 3 hours

Creating a Klingon forehead: 2 hours

Getting dressed and applying the make-up: 2 hours

Shooting the clip: 6 hours

Getting rid of the make-up: 2 hours

(Who wouldn't want to make contact with
such a handsome representative? But what

are these strange items he is pointing at?)

I did some of the preparations on my own, like writing the basic storyline and creating the Klingon forehead which was made of bandages, paper tissue and liquid flesh latex and cost me not only two hours of time, but some hairs and parts of my eyebrows as well... But most of the time Ludwig and I shared the work. That means to get the total number of working hours that went into the clip you have to multiply most of the numbers by two. Then it all adds up to a total of about 40+ which is the average number of working hours per week for many employees.

At least that explains why Ludwig often rolled his eyes during the preparations and mumbled something about me taking things too seriously and making them too complicated. Maybe he's not completely wrong... But please don't tell him about my confession! And the only thing that counts, anyway, is the quality of the resulting clip, right? So, what are you going to get? Hmm, well, thinking about it, what you're going to get is a clip consisting of people in stupid looking outifts who take themselves dead seriously, some really stiff acting (we didn't have much space and in addition to that my English was so bad on Monday that I wasn't able to do the whole clip freestyle) and a tangled storyline with a profound moral message. In other words, it's going to be a perfect Star Trek clip!

(Different cultures, different customs...)

Unfortunately I have to leave you with these stills for the moment because the post production will surely take another two months. We worked with different camera angles and all the little pieces must be put together now. Since Ludwig still has several other clips in the pipeline, I'll have to install the necessary freeware editing programs on my computer as well (or maybe even buy a more professional editing software, any recommendations anyone?) and learn how to edit a spanking clip. But be assured I'll give my best to make the clip available as soon as possible!


Val said...

Can't wait.
Also, pleased and relieved to find out (one picture = 10k words), that only Klingons' forehead is wrinkly.

Unknown said...

(A young Ensign on a diplomatic mission -first-time contact with a species called the Spankos.)

I had a mental image of Ludwig done up as an alien, with something like one of those headbands with antenna on it. And/or a tail sticking out the back of his trousers. *laughs far too hard*

Ursus Lewis said...

That all sounds very promising. I have to agree with Ludwig, you really seem to take this too serious. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to a very interesting spanking clip! can't wait.

Saro said...

Wow -- I feel slightly bad -- since i tipped the scales in favour of Starfleet Ensign. :(

Still, all the preparation will make for a great spanking skit, I'm sure.

Congratulations, Kaelah!


Ludwig said...

@ Morgrim: Actually, we were trying to make me look more alien-like, putting some horns on my forehead and stuff. But I thought that it looked very unconvincing, so I made do with only the robe.

@ Ursus: It is alarming when I of all people, Herr Detailverliebt himself, urge for less perfectionism in a spanking video, isn't it? But on this occasion, for a fun little blogiversary clip, I thought that we should not aim for unrealistically lofty goals. There is a certain roof level which you can reach with the resources and equipment we had for this shoot, I think we came near it, therefore I am happy.

Pandora Blake said...

Ooooh, exciting! Love the stills, very nice indeed. And the line about "in other words, a perfect Star Trek clip" made me LOL :)

Very much looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work! But the most important thing, since you're generous enough to be doing this non-commercially - did you have fun? x

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this clip.
I am a big Trekkie fan! And a big spanking fan!

Thank you for taking the time to do this for the spanko community.

Video editing: I use 'Final Cut Express' on my MacBook. i have also used Adobe 'Premiere Elements' which is available for Windows and Mac. Neither are cheap! But worth the outlay if you plan to do a lot of video work.


Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Ahem, ..., well, ..., I guess there's nothing to add to your comment other than that it seems like you've taken a close look at the pictures... ;-)

@ Morgrim:
Yes, I was quite disappointed that Ludwig didn't want to wear his horns. But I already made him wear a robe in which he looked a bit like a mixture of a monk and a smurf (we even hummed the smurf song, but not for the clip...) and forced him to be a character in a strange and geeky Star Trek storyline. So I didn't want to push him any further... ;-)

@ Ursus:
Yes, I definitely take these things too seriously (like all Trekkies would). I just hope the final clip will justify all the effort. Well, of course dressing up for a Star Trek clip is fun as well, but don't tell anyone, they might think I'm a geek... ;-)

@ Saro:
No need to feel bad, I would have taken all scenarios dead seriously... ;-) The only reason why my perfectionism might have been even worse this time is that I love the idea of making a Star Trek clip! But as Ludwig wrote, we haven't of course got any expensive equipment and not even any help behind the cameras or anything like that, so please don't expect too much from the clip!

@ Pandora:
I'm glad you like the stills! Fun, we were supposed to have fun??? Joking aside, yes, we had fun (for example humming the smurf song, as I wrote in my reply to Morgrim's comment). But since you know Ludwig and me quite well by now, you can easily imagine that we were focussed on the work and our aim to produce nice results most of the time. I just caught a glimpse of the footage and half of the time you can see the two of us lively discussing the next scene (we didn't always turn the cameras off during short breaks)... ;-)

@ Fred:
The combination of Trekkie and spanko is always a good one! :-) And thanks a lot for your recommendations! I need a program that's available for Windows and I think that Adobe Premiere Elements might be a good choice. I had another program in mind which is a bit cheaper, but Premiere Elements seems to be much better. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the question whether Premiere Elements supports the addition of subtitles (in one comparison of different editing programes it looked like Premiere Elements doesn't have a feature for subtitling at all). Have you made any experiences with Premiere Elements and subtitling?

Season said...

Hi Kaelah! Just saw your comment over on our blog and wanted to say thanks. I love that we have such similar stories and have both met Indy. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

Michael said...

Ludwig and Kaeleh, sorry I missed the voting, but I love the results, and can't wait to see the clip of a naughty Star Fleet ensign being spanked with a variety of implements. Spank long and prosper. V

Also, like Season said, thank you, Kaeleh, for your comment on our blog, and it is amazing how our stories are very similar. Sorry we only answered you today.

Michael (from the blog Blossom and Thorn)

Kaelah said...

@ Season and Michael:
Thank you so much for your answer on my comment and for stopping by! As I just wrote in a comment on your blog, don't worry about not having seen my comment earlier, I definitely don't always manage to answer the comments here on the blog immediately. I hope you'll enjoy our little geeky clip once I will have managed to edit it. :-)

Michael said...

Kaelah, thanks for your comment and I have already responded. I am absolutely positive Season and I will enjoy your clip. We will be together for Christmas and hopefully we will be able to watch it together then. A nice Christmas present from our friends across the ocean in Germany. :)

Season said...

Looking forward to the clip, Kaelah! May I make a confession? I like Star Trek the Next Generation the best.

Kaelah said...

@ Michael:
My current plan is to release the clip some time around New Year's Day and I hope I'll be able to learn how to deal with the editing software fast enough to accomplish that goal. But Ludwig and I made another clip quite a while ago and Ludwig is already in the midst of the post production. That clip is much more complex than the blogiversary clip (more footage, more different scenes with different camera angles and it needs subtitles because it is in German), but still it is supposed to be released earlier than the Star Trek clip. So, even if the editing of the blogiversary clip might take a bit longer there will hopefully be a clip from Ludwig and me for Season and you to watch on Christmas!

@ Season:
Don't worry, there have been confessions on this blog that were much more shocking than yours! ;-) For example, I already confessed in my very first post that I'm one of the three Wesley Crusher fans on this planet. And I'm totally with you, TNG is my favourite Star Trek series, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG Kealah, you look adorable as a Trekkie! I can't wait to see more!

Kaelah said...

@ Missy:
Thanks for stopping by and for your kind compliment! I hope you'll enjoy the clip. :-)

Anonymous said...

hint: this evening a "Startrek-Weihnachtsvorlesung" ('Star Trek Xmas Lecture') will be given at the FH Zweibrücken, Germany.

Time: 19.00 h MEZ (= GMT 6 p.m.)
Place: Lifestream will start at 18.30 h

No Spanking allowed!

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
Thanks a lot for the information! It really seems like I studied at the wrong university... ;-)