Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Final Mission

The vote for my blogiversary spanking is finally over and the readers have decided to send me on a painful mission. Well, I guess I asked for it. Or at least my Kingon half... 18 readers participated in the poll. Six of them, Andrea, New one, Gaviao, Rich, spickandspank and Saro, were first-time commenters, at least without using the "Anonymous" option. Thanks a lot for delurking and please feel very welcome to join the discussions about the different topics here on this blog! Of course some of the long-time commenters voted, too! Since the regulations prescribed additional strokes for every previous Kaelah's Corner post a voter had commented on, I can count myself lucky that some of the otherwise most-diligent commenters obviously missed the vote. Pandora, Peter and Ursus, however, did vote, which means 22 strokes go on their account! So, let's look at the final results!

1. Outfit:
There were five outfits the readers could choose: cowgirl, punk, secretary, Starfleet ensign and witch. The witch got no votes, although New one and Rich were in favour of her. But since other outfits already had higher numbers of votes, they decided that this outfit wouldn't have a chance to win and voted for the Starfleet ensign and the secretary instead. Hmm, why do a Starfleet ensign and a secretary seem to be the closest substitutes for a witch? However, the secretary and the Starfleet ensign were head to head for quite a while during the vote and when the poll should have closed (7th Sepember 9:35 pm German time), we had a tie vote situation. Ludwig came up with a very good solution for that dilemma: The poll remained open, but only the secretary and the Starfleet ensign could be chosen and the first voter for one of the two options would bring the final decision and close the poll. On the 8th September 12:59 am German time Saro voted for the Starfleet ensign and ended the vote via "golden goal". Obviously Ursus Lewis had his hands in this, using his power as a top to persuade Saro to vote for the outfit he preferred. Well, the regulations didn't prohibit that kind of manipulation advice, so I'm going to dress as a Starfleet ensign for the blogiversary spanking clip.

For the sake of completeness, here is the statistical overview of the votes for the different implements:
witch: 0 votes
cowgirl: 2 votes (Karl Friedrich Gauss, Prefectdt)
punk: 3 votes (Caroline, Andrea, Gaviao)
secretary: 6 votes (EmmaJane, Peter8862, Ernest, Rich, John, spickandspank)
Starfleet ensign: 7 votes (Morgrim, Pandora, Arjuna, Val, New one, Ursus Lewis, Saro)

2. Implements and strokes:
Participants of the vote could choose their favourite implement among the following five candidates: belt, flogger, paddle, riding crop and switch. Every vote added at least one stroke with the selected implement plus one additional stroke for every previous Kaelah's Corner post the voter had commented on. Some people obviously missed the cane among the implements. I had decided against the cane because I wanted to offer implements I hadn't used in a clip before. Except for the flogger this was true for all the implements I selected. And since I only got six strokes with that flogger for the football bet clip, I decided that it was okay to offer that implement, too, in case the readers wanted to see a "proper" (= longer) spanking with it. However, they obviously didn't. Instead, the belt and the switch, which I offered as a substitute for the cane, since the kind of pain and the marks are very similar, were equally popular among the voters. The final number of strokes with the belt I'll have to face is much higher than the number of strokes with the switch, though. That's because a certain someone, who is a very diligent long-time commenter, discovered the vote he had almost missed a short time before the poll was supposed to close and decided to choose the belt, adding eleven strokes to the score...

So, here comes the complete overview of the implements and strokes:
paddle: 2 strokes (spickandspank 1, Saro 1)
flogger: 3 strokes (Val 3)
riding crop: 9 strokes (Andrea 1, Prefectdt 2, Peter8862 6)
switch: 11 strokes (Pandora 5, Arjuna 2, Ernest 1, New one 1, Rich 1, John 1)
belt: 21 strokes (Karl Friedrich Gauss 1, Morgrim 3, Caroline 3, EmmaJane 2, Gaviao 1, Ursus Lewis 11)

My first idea was to round up all the results to the next multiple of six because, quite frankly ,these crude numbers are completely against my sense for mathematical aesthetics. And, in addition to that, getting just two or three strokes with some of the implements, but then 21 strokes with that evil belt on a merely warmed-up bottom seemed odd and I couldn't imagine how to produce a fluent spanking clip given those numbers. But Ludwig suggested to see it as a special challenge and to preserve the distinctive feature of this spanking by using exactly the numbers of strokes the readers had voted for. I have to admit that this is still very difficult for me for two reasons: First of all, I had already written down a first draft of a storyline for the clip, centred around the number six (12 previous Kaelah's Corner posts, five implements plus Ludwig as the sixth force, 18 votes...) which I have to dump now. Secondly, I'm worried that as the spankee I won't get into any kind of flow during the few strokes with the first implements and will have to get into the right headspace during the spanking with the belt. That could be especially difficult because we might have to use the belt even harder in order to present a proper spanking after the low numbers of strokes with the previous implements (I hope that administering only two or three strokes with an implement doesn't look too silly, anyway...). But I agree with Ludwig that this is the special challenge of my blogiversary spanking and that we shouldn't change the voting results of our dear readers, not even by adding strokes. So, I'll be facing 46 strokes in total – and we'll see how we can fit that into a good storyline featuring a Starfleet ensign.

In case you want a plot after all? When I came up with the idea for the blogiversary spanking, all I had in mind was a simple spanking without much storyline dressed up in an outfit chosen by the readers of this blog. But from the comments during the vote it seemed to me that it would be more interesting for the viewers to watch a spanking embedded into a scenario fitting to the outfit. So, I started thinking about plots for the different possible outfits which also included the vote in the one or other way. I've already got ideas for a storyline involving a Starfleet ensign. However, this would of course take more time to prepare, film and edit. The question is: Do you prefer a simple spanking or are you willing to wait a bit longer for a clip with a more elaborate scenario? Please let me know about your opinions in the comment section! Whichever option you prefer, the first possible chance Ludwig and I have for shooting the clip will be in three weeks. But you definitely don't have to wait that long to watch a spanking video featuring the two of us. Ludwig has almost finished editing and subtitling our first-ever clip (which is a hell lot of work!), so that one is going to be released soon. I'm looking forward to that day very much and to creating another little piece of film involving a Starfleet ensign and some very strange numbers... As we are fond of saying: A Klingon does not run away from his (or her) battles!


Anonymous said...

Would you prefer to take the total times two with the cane or maybe just double all of the strokes other than the belt?

Ursus Lewis said...

Oh, please do not only a spanking clip. I would definitely prefer to wait and give you time for a storyline. Spanking clips and movies with a storyline are so much more fun (for me). I also prefer not too much implements. Just sayin'. But I can "live" with it in this case, since it's a democratic vote. What kind of Swiss would I be, if I would not respect democratic votes?

Ursus Lewis said...

Quote: "Ludwig has almost finished editing and subtitling our first-ever clip"

Does that mean the "first-ever clip" will be in German? That would be awesome... Can't wait!

Saro said...

@Ursus Lewis: What kind of Swiss indeed -- especially since so many blows are your "fault".

@Kaelah: thank you for the offer on the previous post to help me burn the old kitchen things -- I would like nothing more -- please come to lunch tomorrow -- we'll drink a toast and light a fire!

Unfortunately for me, Ursus has arms and hands like human bath-brushes.

Ursus Lewis said...

@ Saro:
It's not my fault. I just commented here. For once I did not establish the rules...

Saro said...

Oh ugh, Ursus Lewis has now "pointed out" to me that I "failed" to answer your question in my previous comment.

Yes -- It would be lovely to have a full out Starfleet story/plot -- given I am a long time fan. I would wait for that.

Ursus Lewis said...

In my first comment it should say:
"I also prefer not too many implements per scene."

I needed to correct this, because certain bottoms tend to twist my words, they clearly need to be spanked soon.

Unknown said...

A least a little plot, please. It's such a unique situation, it should be set in a fitting scenario. Not to mention that any scenario is likely to contain themes I enjoy and sadly don't see many of. >.>

If you're going to have the only Starfleet Ensign clip on the web it must be a -memorable- one.

mithras said...

I am looking forward to this video :-)
Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm!

Val said...

Kaelah, my $0.02's worth: ther ei svirtue in simplicity. To compensate for the uneven numbers/implements, I glimpsed this holodeck preview: a brave ensign is "volunteered" in attonement for the Starfleet testing program, whereby implements are tested for effectiveness before standardizing on just one. Things get complicated though when you think that the starfleet uniform does not include a belt. Now, who uses belts anymore? My recollection is that folks using more complicated uinifornms migt also have used belts, such as Klingons. Now, a Klingon belt is probably a pretty serious and heavy device, so that alleviates your other concern, of "... I'm worried that as the spankee I won't get into any kind of flow during the few strokes with the first implements ...", letting you enjoy the last part so much more when it actually starts.
Of course, this is all for fun, and encouragement to you. ;-)

Zille Defeu said...

I'm sorry I missed the voting, but since I would have voted for the Starfleet ensign, anyway, everybody just did my work for me!

I always prefer more plot, personally, but if you want to keep it simple, just seeing that poor Starfleet ensign take her stripes will be enjoyable enough as is!

Have a wonderful time shooting this!

Indy said...

Hmm, not sure which costume I would have voted for, but I've always wanted to see Ensign Ro spanked. Well, more accurately, I think I actually wanted to be Ensign Ro while she got spanked, but I hadn't worked that out at the time...

Sorry to have deprived you of however many strokes my vote would have added to the total! I'm afraid I wouldn't have helped you out much with your numbers, as I'd have gone for the belt.

I generally like story lines when I watch spanking clips, but with the two of you, I think either way would work just fine.

Good luck!

Indy said...

And Happy Blogiversary! It's been delightful getting to know you better over the past year.

Rich Person said...

My preference would be for you to take longer and make the clip you feel most comfortable with.

Also, I believe I've commented here before but probably either anonymously or with a different e-mail address. I started using this one recently. However, I've admired your blog for some time. I like the way you go into things in depth.

I would have voted for all the implements, if that has been within the rules! So, you can probably see my vote on that as fungible.

Perhaps the easiest way to solve the number of strokes dilemma would be to round up the number of strokes to a multiple of six for each implement, but only show the number of strokes called for in the votes in the edited version.

I might have a suggestion for you about how to incorporate the right number if you e-mail me. I don't want to put it into a comment where it would act as a spoiler!

Finally, I should think that the riding crop might turn out to be the most accurate substitute for the cane (depending on how it is structured).

Good luck with your clip!

Peter8862 said...

Kaelah - Congratulations on your Blogoversary ! It represents a lot of time and work and worry, although I'm sure you get satisfaction and self-knowledge from the process. But so do we, thanks to you.

Can't wait for that clip.


Kaelah said...

Okay, the comments so far tell me that a more elaborate scenario indeed seems to be more interesting for the readers than "just a spanking". So, Ludwig and I are going to use the opportunity to develop a little science fiction scenario for the clip. It might take a bit more time then, but you're definitely going to see the clip sooner or later!

@ Anonymous:
I think I don't opt for either of your two suggestions – thinking about it, crude numbers aren't so bad after all... ;-)

@ Ursus:
Yes, the first clip is indeed in German (except for a short introduction)! Since there is no role play scenario and Ludwig and I are talking about our history and relationship instead, it seemed somehow odd to do it in a foreign language.

@ Saro:
Hmm, maybe we shouldn't dump the kitchen tools then? We could buy new ones instead and convince Ursus that they are really mean. That could still be better than him using his hands...

@ Morgrim:
I agree with you, this might very well be the only Star Trek related spanking clip that will ever be produced. So it shouldn't be wasted and should have at least a bit of a storyline.

@ mithras:
You're another first-time commenter on this blog, right? Welcome and thanks for your comment – I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun to bring a little science fiction story to life.

@ Val:
Sometimes I really think you've got a very sadistic attitude towards me which you try to hide behind kind suggestions. Could that be true?! ;-) Thanks for the idea, I think I'll find a good way to explain the different implements!

@ Zille:
I would have expected you to vote for the Starfleet ensign! I just hope that the storyline I have on my mind isn't too complex, it would be great to use the opportunity to film that scenario, which is a bit more elaborate, based on the Star Trek universe.

@ Indy:
The belt??? Really? Now I'm really glad you missed the vote! ;-) Hmm, I guess I always wanted to see Wesley Crusher spanked, or I wanted to be him while he got spanked, or maybe his geeky sister / friend who would be spanked with him?! Of course the spanker had to be Captain Picard!

@ Rich:
At least you hadn't commented with this blogger account before. I asked Ludwig to check that before the post was published... Rounding up the numbers but only showing the strokes called for in the vote will most probably not work because the marks wouldn't fit the numbers of strokes. But I've already got an idea that would explain the different numbers. Of course I'm curious to read your suggestions, too! Unfortunately your blogger profile isn't public and I can't see your e-mail address. But you're very welcome to send a mail to kaelah ~at~ gmx ~dot~ de, if you like! The riding crop isn't as severe as a cane. That's why to my mind the switch is much closer to the cane than the crop. It works in the same way, has about the same length, diameter and flexibility (at least the one Ludwig and I are going to use) and it produces similar marks and a similar kind of pain. But I love the riding crop and I'm glad that at least some people voted for it!

@ Peter:
You're right, blogging is not only satisfying and fun because of the feedback from the readers and the interesting discussions in the comment section, it is also a way of structuring my thoughts that leads to a better self-knowledge. I'm happy to hear that it is fun for the readers as well and that it helps at least some of them to get some new insights, too! :-)

Michael said...

Lucky for you I missed the vote and spared you a stroke. But next time...
Spanking a Starfleet Ensign is really cool, I've never seen this before. Recently I'm quite fond of reading Military Science Fiction, so I like the idea very much. I would really appreciate a more elaborate scenario, I'm sure you and Ludwig will shoot a very cool video (perhaps a spanking version of Starship Troopers?)

Kaelah said...

@ Michael:
I'm glad that you like the scenario for my blogiversary spanking. We'll see how the final storyline turns out to be. At first I have to get all the things we need for a convincing outfit!