Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Woman No Cry

On the 29th of July 2009 Ludwig solved the little K-Day riddle and introduced me to the readers of this blog in his post named Where No Man Has Spanked Before. One year has passed by and Ludwig had and still has to suffer the consequences of giving up his peaceful life as a single. Because girlfriends change your life, you know?

At first they tell you that everything is going to stay the same and that they just want a little corner in your life. When you begin to feel safe and they know that you don't want to live your life without them any more, it suddenly happens – they start taking over. Slowly, but steadily (the way you cook poor little frogs) they expand their territory, taking control over your time schedule, your plans, your life and, finally, your blog! And, even worse, some girlfriends also get you into trouble, for example by bringing up long forgotten topics like whippings from old bets you haven't received, yet.

Some even make announcements like this one: It's finally settled, the football bet clip is going to become real! Ludwig and I are planning a trip to the UK to meet some of our kinky friends. Among them is a young English lady who meets Ludwig's requirements to substitute Niki in the clip and who is very willing to step in for her. She's an incredibly nice and funny person, looks gorgeous and is very experienced as a top as well as a bottom. I know that Ludwig is a big fan of her work and I like her very much and absolutely trust her to be the right one for the job. And I can surely use the opportunity to learn a lot from her about topping and filming, while serving as a (of course supportive and impartial) moderator and referee for the clip.

Adele Haze recently started a very interesting discussion about the quality of F/M clips on her blog. Many commenters shared the opinion that there isn't so much good stuff available on that field. I'm sure we will be able to add one clip worth watching, and with your help we might be able to match your taste even better. So check out the blog during the next weeks – we might ask you for your opinion!

So much for today. I don't know how happy some of the single guys out there are now, becoming aware of what getting themselves a girlfriend might mean... ;-) All that's left for me to say is: Thank you, Ludwig, for letting me be a part of your life and for also sharing your kinky world with me. I love writing for this blog and I love doing all that creative stuff with you!


Indy said...

What a lovely anniversary post, Kaelah! I'm so glad to hear that Ludwig will have to pay off his bet after all. ;-)

Val said...

Happy Anniversary! Now we get to enjoy 50% reporterial and 50% emotional analysis postings in this unique, excellent blog of great balance. Thank you! Oh yes, a bit of "I am not sure about this" feeling: we don't know if this is by design or not - Ludwig also gets to post 50% less than he would have had to if he was to hold to the schedule that at one time he brought up... Is he getting off lightly?

Hermione said...

Happy anniversary! The title of the post is lovely. I listened to Joan Baez sing that song only last night.


Anonymous said...

Adele Have is IN a haze.


Pandora Blake said...

Chuckling at the witty title! I'm all curiosity about who the top is for the football clip - can't wait to see the results!

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:

Thanks! :-) I'll make sure that Ludwig will have to pay off his bet properly. Although I'm not so sure what is harder to take – a flogging and caning or being involved with a barking dachshund (the latter definitely lasts longer... ;-) ).

@ Val:

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like the mixture of topics on the blog. But I'm a bit shocked – do Ludwig and I really have that typical male – female division of labour? After all, Ludwig is an INFJ and I am an INTJ, so he should be the emotional and I should be the rational one! ;-)

Concerning the posting schedule: Ludwig is quite busy at the moment and doesn't find much time to write for the blog. And I used that circumstance to get the chance to publish some more posts than I usually do. I think it will change again, probably already this month.

@ Hermione:

Thanks a lot for your comment! I think I used the title in a different way than intended by Bob Marley. What he obviously meant, was: "No, woman, don't cry." But since many people get the title wrong, anyway, I thought I could use the other meaning for my post, too. And it just fitted too well! :-)

@ Anonymous:

??? Does your comment refer to the spanking clip or to the discussion on Adele's blog?

@ Pandora:

Concerning the title please have a look at my answer on Hermione's comment. I just couldn't resist using the title! :-) I'm quite surprised that you've been the first to address the question of who might be the mysterious top for the clip! All I can say is that she is great and I'm sure she'll do a very good job! :-)

Ludwig said...

@ Indy: Why does it not surprise me that you were the first to comment? Could it be your schadenfreude, knowing that I have to take two additional strokes of the cane because you were one of the very few betters who correctly predicted the exact score of that football match back in 2008?

@ Val: As Kaelah pointed out, I am usually quite busy these days, so I don't have as much time for blogging as I would like to (or for reading other people's blogs, for that matter). I am glad that Kaelah, being a fine writer herself, can keep things going whenever I have to be absent for a bit. Like any pet you live with, she is slowly taking over everything - first only her monthly Kaelah's Corner, now several posts a month... I shall probably have to make efforts to contain her before long, so that we can at least keep things at 50/50.

@ Anonymous: "Only I Now Know"? OINK? You think?

Ernest said...

Best wishes and congratulations on a lovely relationship!

And of course here's another comment for your anniversary vote!


Ludwig said...

@ Ernest: Sorry, mate, but only comments that were made on Kaelah's Corner posts *before* we announced her blogiversary vote count for additional strokes. Our intention was to give a little extra reward to long-time commenters.

Of course, you are always welcome to leave comments to older posts nonetheless!

Kaelah said...

@ Ernest:
Ludwig is right about the rules for the blogiversary vote. I've added some stipulations to make sure that the most diligent long-time commenters get a special reward for sharing their thoughts on this blog. I only forgot to add a stipulation excluding my beloved mate from the vote, but that's another topic... ;-) Thanks a lot for leaving a comment on this post, though! I'm always happy about new comments, no matter how old or new a post is.