Saturday, June 26, 2010

Waving Flag

I have to admit that although I’m German I’m not a huge football fan. But the World Cup is definitely the exception from the rule – I love watching the matches of the German team either with friends at home or at a public viewing event. And not only because of all the muscular guys in shorts. I also follow the match (yes … really … I swear!). I guess watching football provides great entertainment, especially for INTJs.

You can sit in front of the TV eating junk food and watch others work hard, while constantly making smart-ass remarks like “Run faster!”, “Stop crying!” and “They should play more vertically, not horizontally!” (I’m talking about the team strategy, not about the position of the individual players). And all of that well knowing that one wouldn’t even be able to shoot a goal from a distance of five metres, without any keeper being involved… But at least I know the theoretical stuff. And before one of you guys asks, yes, I can explain the offside law! The only thing I haven’t found out, yet, is how many cane strokes the players get after the match for a yellow and for a red card?!

On Sunday, I will definitely watch the game against England and keep my fingers crossed for our team. And I’m planning to force Ludwig to come with me. Quite frankly, I think we’ve got a good chance to win the match. They know that it’s either winning of flying back home after the match. The German team is known for only being good when it really counts, in Germany we call then a “tournament team”. No one would bet on them winning any preparatory or friendly match!

Well, except for one person… I guess Ludwig was still high from waving flags over poor Niki Flynn's bottom when he came up with that idea. But since Niki is retired now, he hasn’t got any obligation to pay his dues any more. Although Ludwig played with the thought of taking the strokes for his lost bet nonetheless (as he says, betting debts are debts of honour). Of course, being the selfless person that I am, I spontaneously offered to help him to close that chapter. But Ludwig refused, telling me that, since the bet was about England vs. Germany, Niki would have to be substituted by someone who a) is an English native speaker, and b) lives in England. So I listed up the names of several British tops who would surely be glad to take Niki’s place. For some reason Ludwig didn’t like my new suggestions, either. I didn’t really get his point, but he muttered something about not wanting to be spanked by a guy…

Well, and then there was the question whether anyone would be interested in that clip at all, given the long time that has passed. Hmm, I’m afraid it seems like we won’t ever get to see the aftermath of Niki’s and Ludwig’s football bet. There simply won’t be any substitute for Niki whom Ludwig would accept. Damn it, I even would have offered myself as a fair and impartial moderator and referee.

Had Ludwig already been my mate back in 2008, he wouldn’t have lost that bet, anyway. Because I would have told him that one doesn’t only have to bet on the right team, you also have to do it at the right time. And I’m sure this Sunday is the right time for bets on Germany. Enjoy the game, everyone!


Adele Haze said...

Let me assure you that it's not the INTJ-ness that makes football interesting to you. I say this as an INTJ who couldn't care less about the World Cup.

(I hope we win over you guys, but that's only because it would my friends happy. Otherwise I'll have to deal with some grumpy people in my life.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the World Cup is the only time I watch soccer and then usually because I was dragged into it by a friend/s.

It does make good grounds for betting though. I'm in aus and have a friend from germany coming to stay later this year... needless to say I lost spectacularly. >.> Should be interesting.

~ Morgrim, who's account is playing silly buggers and won't let her log in

Ludwig said...

Stupid bloody Germans. At the World Cup, they always rise to their reputation of being a "Turniermannschaft" and comprehensively beat England 4:1 (or let's say 4:2, because that shot by Lampard was definitely in). But when it really matters, like at that friendly match in 2008 when I had my bet with Niki Flynn, they fail.

On the positive side, I take the lack of comments here as further evidence that nobody wants to see me resolving my betting debts now that Niki has retired. Despite the best efforts of my malicious girlfriend Kaelah to revive that old story (just you wait, Fräulein!).

Unknown said...

Oh, I'd like to see it, your Comeuppance video with Niki managed to nail -everything- I like in such things; that said I also can see how it isn't really valid any more. It was between you and her and she too was supposed to get her share. Just a smaller share than you.

I guess that makes me neutral and vaguely feeling like I should feel bad for the pleasure I took in your prior suffering. Even if I don't feel bad at all.

! said...

I would very much like to see that video clip!

Val said...

Now that yesterday's game ended with Deutschland uber England, does that cancel out the earlier bet pay-out? If so, and if I understand it correctly, then Ludwig should be off the hook.
Regardless, it is heartwarming to see how Kaelah is looking so-oo keenly to safeguard her mate's honour, and see no debts outstanding... ;-)

Kaelah said...

@ Adele:

I didn’t intend to imply that all INTJs must be football fans! But if an INTJ likes watching football in principle, it holds a lot of potential to rejoice in theoretical smart-ass analytics. Well, maybe not all INTJs have the same bad habits I have… I still can’t believe that the sight of short-dressed sweating and fighting guys doesn’t attract you at all, though! ;-)

I’m sorry that you obviously have to deal with some grumpy friends now. I hope their anger will fade soon. I’m just glad (like most Germans) that the final score was 4:1, so that the one goal that didn’t count wasn’t the reason for the German victory. In Germany the mood after the game was of course very good. What I like about the World Cup time here, is that the people are just happy, smiling at each other and having fun. There’s no aggression (at least not where I have been) and it’s just like a big wonderful party. Even Ludwig enjoyed watching the game at the public viewing event and seeing all the happy people on the streets on our way back home afterwards. He even wanted to watch Argentina vs. Mexico that evening!

@ Morgrim:

To my mind football is only fun when watching it with friends. The party and having a good time together is what I really like. What was the bet with your friend all about? It sounds interesting… It’s good to hear that you would like to see the clip! Actually, the main purpose of this post was to show Ludwig how many people would appreciate it. For him (with a good substitute for Niki) the bet could still be valid. But if a top like him switches, of course he wants to be sure that it’s worth doing it. And I don’t think you have to feel bad about having enjoyed his suffering in the Comeuppance Clip. I think Ludwig would’ve been disappointed if you hadn’t! :-)

@ Ludwig:

As you know I’m just trying to help. And by the way, now there are comments saying that the people still want to see the aftermath of that bet! And I’m sure there will be more of them, once the readers will have realised that you might indeed do it in case there will be enough commenters demanding to see that clip…

@ !:

Thanks for your support, it’s good to see that someone got my message! ;-)

@ Val:

Why should Ludwig be off the hook just because Germany won the match on Sunday? Thinking of it, I was the one who predicted their victory. Hmm, shouldn’t I have one free wish or something like that for my good guess? Of course I would selflessly use that wish to save Ludwig’s honour, then. Because that’s what this is all about, you see? :-)

Val said...

Kaelah, negotiating free wishes is between you to, but if I were Ludwig I would give it to you, regardless of anything I have stated earlier - and of course would want to see the new video to be shot, too...
A thought you mentioned, wondering how many cane strokes do footballers get if they lose the match? I don't know about Rooney (he looks like he should take a lot, no?), but the following can probably be verified: I read that it was one of Saddam's two sons, who was personally involved with Iraq's football team. I recall reading a story of how at one time when Iraq lost some important match, this guy had at least some of the team caned. Some of that here, although not much detail:

Kaelah said...

@ Val:

I will try to convince Ludwig of that "free wish" thing! ;-) Joking aside, quite honestly Ludwig has much less problems to do something just to make me happy (even if it were something he wouldn’t be 100 per cent comfortable with) than I have. For me it is much easier to give something up for my partner. And in case we will do this clip, I’ll definitely be much more nervous about it than Ludwig. I loved the comeuppance clip and I have some pictures in my mind for that football bet clip which I find extremely sexy. But giving MY mate (as it is now) into the hands of another woman also somehow scares me. Please just don’t tell anyone about it, being the malicious girlfriend is so much cooler… ;-)

I’ve read the article you linked about Iraq’s football team. That’s shocking, although it shouldn’t really come as a big surprise! I’m just glad that at least these things have changed in Iraq (even though the situation there today is far from ideal, obviously). While the caning of football stars who are into it and have voluntarily agreed to it (and yes, I’m sure Rooney could take a lot, if he were into it) could be very sexy, the thought of people being tortured under a dictator is just horrible!

Val said...

Kaelah, here you are touching on a subject that may deserve a longer view on its own: how far are we willing to go to let others play with our Mate, let our Mate play with others?
"What do you mean, you'd like to spank/be spanked elsewhere?!"
It is touching on what I see as the big contradiction of life for both genders in the kink (this is based on my observation, not quoting anyone, if such statistics are known it will be interesting to read): first, we tend to look for and find the Mate. Then form a long term relationship, that's how we get to explore deeper and fuller. Then, wish and work for the relationship to be monogamous. We do continue to hang out in the scene however, that's how we paint for ourselves some of the nuances that make up the spanko life. Thus we come in contact with other people and talk to them and play with them, and much as we say "it's only play, I wasn't going to bed with that person" you never feel 100% safe, and neither does your mate. You see the problem: most sadists are fully conscious of the plethora of bottoms to be spanked out there, and they do want to spank them. Bottoms will also look for a different sensation sooner or later, if only to see whether a different hand stings differently. When just watching others while playing yourself, you may still get that tinge of "what if I touch..." Controlling the couple dynamic and balancing it is a fine art, but you grow weary eventually and then you need to make a decision. For my part, this is what I can talk about, we made it so: we withdrew from the scene and this was easy for my partner, being the more private and shy, albeit the preponderent sadist. Many angles to it, looked as if it was for desire of privacy, but also as if removing temptation. But it was how we decided to evolve, and it works.
My learning from this: world is an imperfect place, but we do get choices and can use the lever of commitment to make life enjoyable for ourselves.
Even if Nikki Flyn came out of retirement for one performance only, that is not what you are after, you want Thrashing Ludwig for yourself - in which case I recommend building wagers of your own. Still, be sure which battles you choose to fight, that cane sure has two ends.
Here is another angle: for me, sharing images and stories of my play and of my partner is the same with letting others touch, or let myself be touched in person, which is to say that my exhibitionist quotient is very low - although I will do it on a very small scale and with persons I trust. However, I will be a grand voyeur, along with most folks out there. Hence my admiration for how you are ready to record and show images of the comeuppance, similarly with how you have shown some of your own. I also give you full understanding for how you would allow no one else be involved.

indy said...

You know, I think Ludwig has defined the traits he must have in a substitute top far too narrowly. I can think of a lovely candidate, living in England, who's currently enjoying topping quite a bit! Not a native speaker, perhaps, but you'd never be able to tell that from her writing.

I know you must be feeling rather guilty about settling that bed, Ludwig, and I'm sure Adele would be glad to step in. Or give Kaelah a few pointers on being appropriately evil. I'd certainly enjoy the result either way!

Pandora Blake said...

Indy - I was having exactly the same thought!

The only thing I haven’t found out, yet, is how many cane strokes the players get after the match for a yellow and for a red card?!

Kaelah, in a single sentence you have managed to make football interesting for me. I am now enjoying images of sweaty, muscled, worn-out men being whipped by their coaches before they're permitted to shower... Mmmmm.

Unknown said...

Kaelah: we're both switches, so either outcome would be enjoyed. But it was a two part bet, and the half more interesting to those here likely involves a flogger and shoulders/back. Maybe a different impliment, we'll see what happens. <.<

indy said...

@pandora-- I have to disagree with you only in one respect. I imagined the players who have drawn cards being called to the front of the group to be punished at the next practice session, then being forced to pretend it doesn't hurt as the carry on with their more regular warm-ups...

Kaelah said...

@ Val:

You've indeed raised some very interesting and difficult questions! I already had some of them on my list of potential topics for new posts.

Like I wrote in one of my very first posts, “Anderswelt”, I really find it difficult to let my partner play with others. Luckily, Ludwig's and my needs don't differ completely concerning that point. We both don't seek any sexual (read: any kind of vanilla sex) encounters with others. And we both don't have to play out spanking scenarios with others in private. While Ludwig has done that before we became mates and would still be open for it today, it isn't really a strong desire. I don' have any desire to engage in that field at the moment because spanking for me is nearly as intimate and purely sexual as vanilla sex and as a bottom I feel even more vulnerable. I'm a monogamous person and can't think of sharing that intimacy with anyone else except for my partner at the moment. I've thought about playing with Ludwig in front of others, though. And maybe I'll one day be able to share very light-hearted scenes with others, too (read: Ludwig and me plus others), but I'm not sure and Ludwig leaves it up to me whether I want to try it one day.

The only point left is the “erotic art” part, then. Ludwig and I both enjoy writing for the blog and creating erotic art. The difference here is that I prefer photography and don't necessarily need others for that purpose, whereas Ludwig is into films and those are definitely getting boring with only the same two people all the time. In addition to that, Ludwig wants to work for different professional producers and with different professional models he finds interesting. That doesn't mean that he doesn't want me to be a part of it. I accompanied him to his Lupus-shoot and Ludwig took great care of me. We've also made two clips for the blog together and one of them is in the process of cutting right now. And Ludwig would be glad if I joined him for film clips with others, too. As I already mentioned, I haven't played with others, yet, and I don't have any desire to do so from a sexual perspective. But what I enjoy very much is doing something creative with friends. I've just watched the tapes of Ludwig's and my first clip and it was obvious how much fun we had. It would be the same with friends I trust (like the photo shoots we sometimes do with our friends Eileen and Neil). The football bet clip could be such a piece of creative artwork with friends. Even though Ludwig wants a British top, because it fits much better to the theme, that doesn't mean I wouldn't be involved. As I wrote in the post, I would gladly take the job of the moderator – and who knows what else might happen?

You are absolutely right, balancing the needs of both partners in a relationship and finding the right balance between openness and exclusiveness is a demanding task. But I think as long as both mates take their partner's needs and fears seriously, talk a lot with each other and are willing to find compromises both can live with it's almost always possible to find a solution that works for both. The only exception might be partners who really have 100 per cent different points of view concerning these things. And like in your relationship things can of course change and develop over time!

One last remark: I can understand your feelings concerning showing erotic pictures to others very well. The fear that having erotic photos of me gives people some kind of power over me is one I sometimes have, too, although my ratio tells me that this isn't true. But I think that is really a topic for a complete separate post!

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:

So, you are suggesting that somebody should teach me how to be mean enough to top Ludwig properly?! It seems I really have to work on my reputation... :-)

Hmm, however, your idea of finding a female British top who could step in for Niki and who could at the same time teach me something about proper topping with Ludwig as a demonstration object sounds intriguing! Adele seems to be out in this special case, though, because first of all she doesn't meet Ludwig's strict stipulations for the substitute (native speaker) and secondly she obviously doesn't like the whole football topic either. But I think I've got at least one other person on my mind whom I might ask. We'll see...

Oh, by the way, what does the fact that you wrote something about Ludwig settling a BED and Adele being glad to step in say about what's going on in your mind...?! ;-)

@ Morgrim:

It's good to hear that you would enjoy the clip! Martinet/flogger and shoulders/back is one of the hot pictures I've got on my mind, too. Ludwig has other preferences, though. Well, these are already details... I think we can talk about it once it becomes clear that the whole thing is really going to happen! :-)

@ Pandora & Indy:

Your fantasies about football players sound really mean... Okay, girls, where do we find eleven kinky football players and a good-looking, strict coach? I want one with white hair! ;-)

Ludwig said...

Looking back at the comment thread today, the thing that strikes me most is how Val and Kaelah manage to turn a harmless little post about spanking and football into an elaborate discussion about exclusive relationships and open relationships. Even I could not have done a better job at crushing the original subject with some proper German seriousness.

As for the football thing itself, the World Cup has been over for a week now. Thank goodness. And thank goodness the Germans did not win it. I would have wished it for the team, who made a fine effort and played some beautiful football. But first off, it would have turned the country even crazier than it already is, and secondly, it would have made me feel extremely stupid if I ever resolve my old bet for that match they lost two years ago.

Kaelah said...

@ Ludwig:

“Looking back at the comment thread today, the thing that strikes me most is how Val and Kaelah manage to turn a harmless little post about spanking and football into an elaborate discussion about exclusive relationships and open relationships. Even I could not have done a better job at crushing the original subject with some proper German seriousness.”

… says the man who can turn every harmless little conversation into a philosophical debate about the sense of life! :-)

Could it be that you're trying to challenge me, young man? If that is your intention you're doing a good job. And just for your information – I really see a good chance to soon present someone as a substitute for Niki who meets all your requirements and definitely knows how to swing a cane properly! Which is exactly what I'm going to ask her to do...

Oh, and I'm not only good in turning harmless little posts into elaborate discussions. The next edition of Kaelah's Corner is most probably going to be about the second serious and very important topic Val raised – posting erotic pictures and the fears that sometimes go along with that. Well, there's a season for everything – a time for spanking humour, a time for serious discussions and a time for making sure that one's deserving mate gets properly thrashed... ;-)

Ludwig said...

@ Barking Dachshund: "Could it be that you're trying to challenge me, young man?"

Monarchs do not make challenges. They do not need to. As well as that, I am not all that young anymore, and definitely older than you, girlie-girl.

"And just for your information – I really see a good chance to soon present someone as a substitute for Niki who meets all your requirements and definitely knows how to swing a cane properly! Which is exactly what I'm going to ask her to do..."

Yes, you've been saying that to me for weeks. Were I in your position, I should have to hope dearly that my announcements do not turn out to be empty talk, or I would have the wrath of legions of disappointed blog readers to deal with.

Kaelah said...

@ Ludwig:
### News ###
You're in for it!!!
### End of News ###