Thursday, May 27, 2010

What You Say Is What You Get

The following pictures were taken during our photo shoot with Peter and Roberta. I tied them together with a little story. Enjoy!
"Model for art photography", the ad sounded really good. And the payment it promised wasn't low, either. So, she finally decided to call the number. The phone was answered by a man, maybe middle-aged, with a deep friendly voice. She said the ad in the local newspaper had caught her attention and told him about the jobs as an amateur model she had successfully done before. He listened, asking some short questions, and then told her that she would be very welcome if she wanted the job. "There's no nudity involved?" she asked, to make sure she wouldn't suddenly find herself in a photo shoot for some icky porn magazine. It was absolutely unclear to her, how other models could get themselves into situations like that involuntarily, just because they didn't ask enough questions beforehand. She heard a mild, friendly laugh. "No", he answered, "our model is supposed to wear a ball gown throughout the whole shoot." That sounded convincing. So, she told him she definitely wanted the job, and was given date, time and address for the shoot. "One last question," he said, "you are in a healthy physical condition, aren't you? The shoot is going to be demanding, you know." She didn't hesitate: "Yes, I'm totally healthy and fit and I can take a lot." "Good, very good", he sounded content, "we're looking forward to meeting you, then."

Several days later she stood in front of an old, beautiful manor. A look on her note confimed that this was the correct address. She felt a bit nervous now, not knowing what she had to expect inside. When she rang the bell, the door was opened by an elderly, white-haired man in a black suit. She was led inside and welcomed by a group of twelve men and women, all of them aged between maybe 50 and about 80 years and classically dressed; obviously a sophisticated group of people. She was told that they had learned to know each other through common interests, one of them being amateur art photography. After a short, polite conversation she was handed the ball gown she was supposed to wear for the shoot. And what a beautiful ball gown it was! She got dressed in a separated room and then returned to the crowd, somehow feeling a bit like cinderella now. The conversations stopped immediately when she entered the room and twelve pairs of eyes looked at her. She got a lot of smiles and some ohs and ahs, too. "Are you ready?" "Yes", she nodded. She was led to a big lounge, furnitured with an old piano, an elegant table with comfortable chairs, two leather sofas and a fire place.

The shoot started in front of the piano. She tried to follow all the commands given to her by the big group of photographers. The ladies and gentlemen were definitely excited, but still very disciplined, avoiding bustle and chaos. So, assuming the right positions and creating the pictures the photographers had composed in their minds worked very well, despite of the big number of people involved. She was highly concentrated, but emotionally relaxed because of the warm and friendly atmosphere.

She was a bit surprised, when she was asked to pose for the next photos sitting on the chair in front of the piano with her wrists tied together by a rope. Okay, after all these are artsy pictures, she thought. And somehow it also made her smile that these elderly, gentle people came up with such slightly weird ideas.

After a couple of minutes involving different positions, the first part of the shoot was over. She was asked whether she needed a break. "No, we can go on straight away", she answered, being in the right flow by now. She was led into another, smaller room, with her wrists still tied together. The room was nearly empty, except for a strange construction standing in one corner. It was a wooden bench, consisting of two parts with different heights, both covered with leather cushions. She was instructed to kneel on the lower part of the bench, resting her arms on the upper part. Assuming the described position she was surprised how comfortable the bench was. Still, this was somehow feeling stranger now. Even more so when she was tied to the bench and blindfolded by a red, silky scarf.

Her thoughts started running wild. On the one hand she felt extremely sexy and like a real model, hearing all the cameras clicking accompanied by whispered comments like "beautiful" and "extraordinary". On the other hand she felt as vulnerable and exposed as rarely before in her life. Even though she was completely dressed! But being in that special position, surrounded by strangers, not seeing what was going on around her, created a kind of vulnerability that had been unknown to her. It was a strange mixture of excitement and fear. What was going to happen next? She knew, when she suddenly heard the sound of something moving fast through the air and felt a sharp pain on her bottom.

At first, she was much too surprised to react at all. Then, as stroke after stroke fell, she hissed the air through her clenched teeth and tried to cope with the pain. But still she didn't complain. This was too unreal! She tried to figure out what was happening to her. Obviously she had fallen into the hands of old perverts! But then, they were so friendly, and she could still hear the cameras clicking and people saying admiring words about her. And it was the same with her own feelings. While the smacks hurt and she wanted it to end as soon as possible, it somehow felt, well... GOOD? Before she could think much more about it, the spanking stopped, she was untied from the bench and the scarf taken from her eyes. She looked into happy and friendly faces, getting some curious looks from the crowd, too. Still she didn't know what to do or to say. Somehow it it felt weird to even look at the people around her at all. Had they seen her mixed reactions? Did they recognize her arousal? Her thoughts were interrupted by a question, breaking the silence. "Are you ready for the last part of the shoot?" When she turned around and saw the cane in the hand of the woman behind her, she knew that she would ask more questions the next time before going to a shoot. Would she???


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Nice story. Nice pictures. Only I'm surprised these so called "artists" let you keep your clothes on. I always thought artists' models modeled in the nude!

! said...

Very nice pictures, and what a lovely dress!

I like the story too, aside from one little error. "adress" is supposed to be "address." Your story definitely made my mind go into some lovely places =)

Ludwig said...

@ Karl Friedrich Gauss: Well, there are those who equate full nudity with formulaic "mainstream porn" and therefore with the very opposite of art (see this discussion at Pixie's, for instance). So opinions on the matter seem to vary considerably!

Personally, I don't believe that the level of nudity displayed has any effect on how artful a picture is, or on distinguishing between "porn" and "erotic art". There are other factors which determine this.

My apologies for turning your jesting comment into a serious discussion about aesthetics, but you should have expected nothing else from me!

@ !: Cheers. For once, Kaelah made a post away from home and, therefore, without a spell checker. What, oh what would we do without your pedantic gaze?

Glad you liked the story.

Ursus Lewis said...

Nice fantasy, nice post, very nice pictures. As always it's a pleasure to stop by this palast.

! said...

@ Ludwig - Isn't it obvious? Without my highly observant (and somewhat anal and obsessive-compulsive) the blogosphere would be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

Ludwig said...

@ !: Without your highly observant (and somewhat anal and obsessive-compulsive) *what*? Seems like Miss High Observation Skills forgot a word there.

Tsk, tsk.

Kaelah said...

@ Karl Friedrich Gauss:
I guess it depends on the artists' kink... ;-) Joking aside, in this case it depended on the mood of the "model". After having been completely nude in the pictures for "To Everything There Is A Season" I wanted to stay completely clothed for this photo story.

@ !:
I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Peter had already told me about it, but since I finally posted the story being away from home I published an uncorrected version...

@ Ursus:
Glad you liked the story and the pictures. You're always very welcome at our little Palast! :-)

! said...

@ Ludwig: Oh no, I deserve a spanking for that. I do apologise. I meant "Without my highly observant (and somewhat anal and obsessive-compulsive) habits..."

@ Kaelah: Ahhh, well it's nice to know I'm not the only one who cares about the spelling =)

sixofthebest said...

Yes when a naughty lady who plays off key at the piano, certainly deserves to be caned. For when the strokes of this beautiful spanking implement land on her bare bottom. It's pure music to my ears. Don't you agree?

Peter8862 said...

I liked your story, Kaelah, very much. It conveys two messages : firstly, that spankos who use canes and floggers can still be decent, kind and caring to those they thrash. Secondly, that attractive clothes bring a new dimension to the kink. They reduce embarrassment for the timid first-timer and introduce all sorts of possibilities to a sport that, let's face it, can become just a shade repetitious ?

Kaelah said...

@ sixofthebest:
When the cane strokes land on MY bottom, my ears are certainly ringing. I wouldn’t call it music, though... Well, I guess it depends on one’s position, right? ;-)

@ Peter:
I’m very glad that you liked the story! And you are absolutely right, it’s mutual care, trust and joy that form a good basis for a positive spanking experience. Plus, the variety and detail of the storylines and procedures surrounding a spanking are important factors which determine how good and interesting a scene is. Sometimes just a pure spanking can be great and all that I seek, but often it’s the additional ingredients that make a scene truly special.

Pandora Blake said...

The story isn't my cup of tea (professional consent: hard limit!) but I LOVE the photos. Especially the one with the billowing princess skirt caught around your knees with the rope.

Kaelah, you are a natural :) And omg, you have gorgeous collarbones!

Kaelah said...

@ Pandora:

I can understand very well that the story isn't your cup of tea. I have similar problems with a lot of scenarios others find very attractive, because somehow I can't get the thoughts about real-life abuse / events out of my mind (prison scenarios are one example). As a model this scene is probably too close to real-life experiences you've made / try to avoid. But I think I don't have to mention that I don't approve of models being forced to do things they haven't agreed upon in real life?!

What I tried to capture with the story, though, was the unexpected development of the real shooting and the ambiguity I really felt being tied to that whipping bench. It all started with Peter asking me whether I would like to wear that beautiful ball gown and whether he might take a few pictures for his own memories. Of course I happily agreed and then came up with the idea of taking a few more pictures with my camera, so that I could post one of them on the blog. When I fetched the camera I grabbed the bondage rope, too, and Ludwig and I made the pictures in front of the piano. Peter watched us and finally asked me whether I would like to make some more photos on the whipping bench. I didn't think much about it, except for: Why not? So, I went over the bench. Roberta, who had joined us, fetched some implements, Peter tied me to the bench with a strap and I finally asked Ludwig to blindfold me with the scarf. Roberta, Peter and Ludwig were taking pictures and my mind went from “Wow, this is cool!” over “How far do I want to go?” to “OMG, I'm posing for kinky friends I've just recently met in person for the very first time in such a vulnerable position! Who might get to see those pictures? What if any of their unsuspecting family members or friends finds them?” After all I had never made any erotic photos with other kinksters and I didn't have much time to think about the consequences and my limits. In the end I liked the results so much that I decided to use them for creating that little photo story. Well, of course unlike the model in the story I was neither spanked nor forced to do anything I didn't agree to. But the experience of how fast things can develop gave me the idea of writing about a woman who wants to have everything under control and then gets herself into a situation where everything happens so fast that she can't really control the situation any more.

Concerning your comment on the pictures: Wow, thank you very much for the compliments! :-)

Peter8862 said...

Kaelah, What an interesting comment to know your thoughts when we took those pictures of you on the bench. Like Topsy, the scene "just growed". I certainly had no wicked ideas or hidden agenda when I asked you to wear that ballgown. Perhaps I should have done. With forethought, the pix might have been even better.

Kaelah said...

@ Peter:
It seems that I generally feel ambiguous about publishing erotic photos (and videos). I think I'm going to write a separate post on this topic because I would really like to ask the blog readers about their thoughts and ideas...!