Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Klingons Do Not Faint!

In the last edition of Kaelah’s Corner I wrote about the experiment and the severe fifty strokes caning I received from Ludwig. Today you get the solution of the little riddle about how the scene really unfolded and the proof that it has really happened in form of a picture of the marks it produced on my rear end (well, of course, this is only a proof for those among you who aren’t conspiracy theorists and believe that we just painted the marks… ;-) ).

Thanks a lot for all the guessing about the different scenarios I described and for all the comments on the topic of bravery. It was great to get so much interesting input from some regular commenters and also from so many anonymous writers! Since there were different anonymous comments I’m going to add numbers to my reply in order to distinguish you guys. Just one little remark on the commenting options: You can also choose Name/URL as your identity and then just give yourself a random name (no URL necessary!), if you like. That makes it a bit easier for me to refer to your comments and it also makes it easier for you in case you want to write a follow-up comment later…

Now, to the solution of the riddle: There was one vote for Story A (frants), one vote for Story B (Peter8862) and three votes for Story D (Anonymous No. 2, catherine and Miss !). And, indeed, the majority was right! Obviously, my style of writing gave it away… But, as I said, the other four stories also contained a part of the real events or my mindset, so I would like to tell you a bit about that today.

Story A was the scenario Ludwig and I would have predicted. I have a low blood pressure. In combination with my usual teeth-clenching reactions, this can lead to a low breathing rate and dizziness. So, when Ludwig and I talked about the scene beforehand, we agreed that he would remind me to breathe in case I should forget about it. And he would have stopped the scene if necessary because of me being dizzy and not able to realise that I needed a break or not being able to communicate it. Miss ! ruled out Story A, remarking: “I imagine Ludwig to be the type who would dish out at least a few additional strokes for miscounting.” Well, I had verified all the hypothetical reactions I’ve written for Ludwig by talking the situations through with him. You’re absolutely right that Ludwig would usually dish out some extra strokes for miscounting. But in that very special situation, knowing that I already was way beyond my normal limits, he really wouldn’t have done that! I just hope that I don’t destroy his sadistic reputation by telling you this… ;-)

Story B is about one of the biggest fears I had before and during the scene: Injuring my body in a way that went too far for me. Ludwig and I had talked about that very openly, and after thinking a lot about the pros and cons of doing the scene, I had decided to take the risk. But the fear was still there during the scene and the scene was so mentally and physically challenging that I wouldn’t have been able to tell Ludwig in my usual differentiated manner about my mental state at that point. So, in case the fears really had taken over, the scene might have turned out as described in Story B. Instead, the fears were still there, but they didn’t go out of control. When Ludwig looked at the marks during the break and told me that there wasn’t any blood (there were some bloody spots), I simply told him that I didn’t want to know about it at that point. ;-) I had made my decision beforehand and I knew that we would take care about the marks as soon as the scene was over. We took great care about all the possible health aspects and knowing that reduced my fears. We disinfected the cane and the marks, cooled my rear end with icepacks, bandaged the wounds and put arnica ointment on the marks at least twice a day during the following weeks. As a result, there were nearly no marks left after just two weeks! These marks seem to be a bit longer lasting, though. Today, there are still some spots where the skin is slightly differently coloured. But I hope that these traces will be completely gone in a few months, too.

Story C referred to something experienced spanking models like Niki Flynn had written; that it might be safer for a girl to be tied down during a hard scene, so that she couldn’t be accidentally injured by making some unexpected movement. And in the edgy spanking films some of the models are flinching a lot, so this seems to be a quite common reaction. I didn’t want the restraints because I wanted to show optically that I was taking the caning voluntarily. But I found out during the scene that pressing my feet against the whipping bench helped a lot to deal with the pain. So, I guess, restraints might help in a similar way. However, Ludwig and I prefer to use them as decorative elements during a scene, and believe me, I can imagine a lot of situations where I would find being tied down really hot! ;-)

Story E was ruled out by Anonymous No. 2 who said: “I also don't think Story E fits because your reaction by even the second stroke seems too strong. You've already taken 10 full force strokes in An Early Christmas Present and you handled them pretty well.“ Actually, although I started hyperventilating only after stroke number five, I already was completely panicked after the second stroke! While I don’t have many problems to take some very hard cane strokes after a gradual build-up, a cold caning is something completely different! It always makes me panic, I often start crying and I haven’t found a way to deal properly with a cold, hard spanking, yet. I guess the personal limits and what is easy or difficult to take varies very much from person to person (and from day to day).

Frants remarked that the caning was very fast and didn’t leave me much time to recover between the strokes. I didn’t think about that before, but you’re absolutely right! There was almost no time to adapt to the pain or to regain my composure, once it was lost. And like I wrote in Story E, I had to deal with so many things simultaneously that it was almost too much. First of all, I had to deal with the pain. Then I tried to stay in a certain position, where the bones at my rear end weren’t stuck out too much, in order not to cause any unnecessary injuries. In addition to that I wanted to count correctly and loud and to control my reactions. And I tried to suppress my fears, especially when I started feeling dizzy and my hands, arms and feet got numb. That’s why today I’m convinced more than ever that having an easy safeword is very important when doing such a hard scene. With all these things on my mind I was very glad to know that a simple “Stop!” would have ended the scene any time I needed a break! Concerning the screaming: Maybe that would have been a good way of releasing the pressure? Like in a roller coaster, you know?!

Story D, the real scene… Well, I really hated hyperventilating and I was quite shocked about it, because I had never been in such a situation and didn’t know what to do. I even thought that I needed the deep breathing and didn’t know that I would have had to reduce the oxygen. I felt very awful during the break because I was of the opinion that I had screwed the scene up with my unsexy reactions. Ludwig tried to cheer me up by telling me that he had seen a similar reaction in Wild Party 2. I (being very frustrated) just answered (with an ironical undertone): “I’m sure it was the most erotic scene of the movie, right?!” Ludwig, honest as he always is, replied: “No, but it was interesting.” Somehow this didn’t cheer me up! Any girl who wants to be interesting in an erotic scene??? ;-) However, what Ludwig meant was that it was an unusual reaction and therefore more interesting and erotic than the loud screaming of many girls. But there was a very defiant girl in that movie, whose reactions Ludwig liked even more…

Later, Ludwig asked me indeed two times whether I wanted to continue with the second part. He asked out of care, of course, but being as frustrated as I was at that point, I didn’t see it like that. I felt like a wimp, anyway. Maybe I was also a bit angry because he didn’t forget to add: “I told you that we should’ve done only thirty strokes, didn’t I?!” ;-) Well, at least the second part of the caning really was like I had hoped. And that even though my self-confidence was at a really low level and I was scared like hell when we started again. As I said, I can deal much better with a caning once I’m warmed up. My first reaction after it was all over really came from the bottom of my heart: “Yes, thanks, that part was how I wanted it to be!” I had to hold myself back not to make a fist or some other sign of victory… :-)

So much for the scene, I will tell you more about the experiment as a whole in a few months. But I would like to close today’s post with a little anecdote that can be seen as a kind of aftermath of that hard session.

There was a very interesting discussion about accepting one’s different reactions after my last post, mainly driven by Indy, Miss ! and Zille. In that discussion I wrote about my hope to become more relaxed concerning different reactions during a spanking, now that I’ve proven that I can do a really severe scene without quitting. And I said that I would like to do a lighter, caring scene where I could let myself fall.

That happened a few days ago! I was in the mood for crying, anyway, being sad and stressed, when Ludwig decided to give me a spanking. I had made some smart-ass remark that day, so he started with a few full-force strokes with a very dreaded flogger. I already cried after the very first stroke because I really couldn’t stand the pain that day and I also was in the mood for it. After the very hard flogger-strokes Ludwig went on trying out some switches I had cut earlier. Testing how different switches felt like had been my idea. The strokes weren’t too hard, but given my condition of that day I was again at my limit, although I didn’t cry very much during that part of the scene. Then, finally, we ended the session with an OTK stress relief spanking. I cried even harder than after the flogger during the breaks between the sets of strokes. This time not because of the pain, but just because I wanted to release my sadness. I felt very safe being that close to Ludwig. We were constantly communicating, he caressed me and asked me what I needed. I knew that he could deal with my reactions and that I could just let go.

Once the thought occurred that I wouldn’t be able to take a fifty strokes severe caning that day. Then I thought: But you have already proven that you can take it. Today it is time for something completely different and that’s absolutely okay! So, I can now definitely say that having done that hard scene has at least one important positive outcome! Although I’m still having problems with severe spanking films and still feel threatened by the models whose reactions might attract my boyfriend more than mine, it at least enabled me to enjoy different scenarios and reactions than before. The feeling of having to prove something has faded a bit…


Ursus Lewis said...

I'm very impressed. I would say taking a hard caning like that is more than brave! I know how much a cane hurts, but I never experienced such a hard caning. I'm not even sure, if I want to experience that.

I love the cane, it's probably my favorite implement. But I love to see girls being punished with it, not so much being trashed myself...

With a lot of respect,

Ludwig said...

"The feeling of having to prove something has faded a bit…"

After the kind of "experiment" we made, you have nothing left to prove to anyone, in regards to severe canings. Nothing whatsoever!

The above (under-) statement shows that not only do Klingons not faint, they are also incredibly humble (or stubborn, depending on one's point of view!).

! said...


I agree with Ludwig. You have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone!

On a side note though, after reading about your stressful day and lowered pain tolerance...I started thinking about a recent experience I had with Sir and Miss.

I have found that lately, I have not been able to take much pain; that even one smack makes me cry. I have narrowed the cause of this down to two reasons - that either my body goes into panic mood because it thinks the spanking is going to be a really hard one (an after effect of a particularly hard caning I took,) or that it has something to do with my emotions towards Sir and Miss (the spankers.)

What do you think? Have emotions always played a role in someone's pain tolerance? Do you find that after the severe caning, your pain tolerance is lowered because of your body's physiological reactions?

frants said...

Kaelah and Ludwig: if this is not a love story, I dont know what a love story is.

Ursus Lewis said...

I think emotions play an important role in pain tolerance (at least in mine) and my general mood at the particular day too. Plus, some days I'm totally off. You could say at these days my pain tolerance is zero. It speaks for itself, this is for my bottom side...

And I join the previous commenter. The only person you have to prove something is to yourself, Kaelah, if at all!

frants said...

A beautiful picture of a truly beautiful girl.
Thank you both for giving it to us.

Zille Defeu said...

I was just watching that episode of TNG the other day, where Worf angrily tells Doctor Pulaski, "Klingons Do Not Faint!" -- and she replies, "Excuse me, I'll rephrase: this Klingon suffered a dramatic drop in blood pressure; his blood glucose level dropped. There was deficient blood flow resulting from circulatory failure. In other words, he curled up his toes and lay unconscious on the floor."

Which I think actually brings up a good point -- fainting is not just some histrionic response -- sometimes there are perfectly valid medical/physical reasons, and no amount of "grit" can stop you from "curling up your toes."

I say this just to compare it to hyperventilating and other physical reactions that people might have during an intense caning.... [grins]

Seriously, I think you did an amazing job, and for a first time trying a really severe caning, you should really feel you were well above what anyone could expect of you -- no matter if you fell short of your own "perfect world" scenario.

I'm sure Ludwig will give you chances in the future to try again...! Practice makes perfect, right? ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus:

I really had to laugh, when I read your first comment! It’s so refreshing honest and I totally agree with you. I like the cane because of the beautiful stripes it produces (they don’t have to be bloody!) and because an accurate caning has a certain ceremonial character and style. But I don’t like the pain the cane produces, so I don’t have to feel it too often on my own rear end… ;-)

@ !:

I think my pain tolerance depends on different things, most of them already mentioned by Ursus. In addition to emotions and the general mood I would consider the physical / health condition being an important factor. When I’m exhausted and tired or (even worse!) having a cold my pain tolerance is usually lower than when I am in a good physical condition. I haven’t played very often since the experiment, so I can’t really tell you whether my pain tolerance is generally lower after that experience. But I guess that it has more to do with the last year having been such a sad one and my batteries just being quite empty at the moment.

@ frants:

I’m glad you like the picture! I just hope you didn’t spend the two weeks between the posts being tied down, hyperventilating, kicking your feet and screaming? I don’t want you to suffer from a sore throat and aching muscles… ;-)

@ Zille:

Yes, that was STTNG-scene the title was referring to! I think it’s a hilarious dialogue! ;-) And it really fits to my sometimes stubborn behaviour.

Concerning the practising: No thanks! ;-) Joking aside, this was supposed to be a “once in life” event, from Ludwig’s as well as from my point of view. I really thought about practising taking hard canings (in my Klingon no-nonsense kind of way of solving a problem) when I was so unhappy with the scene. But, why should I do that? Ludwig doesn’t want to play that hard all the time and he is also very happy with a scene that starts out a bit lighter and gets more severe by the end. Since I’ve proven that I can take a severe caning that already starts with very hard strokes and since I’m much happier with spankings having a gradual build-up, why should I regularly do scenes I don’t really like? Maybe there will be a very special event in a few years where I’ll decide to do something like this again, but at the moment I just hope that the remaining marks will fade soon.

But the question of repeating such a kind of scene one day or never doing something like that again recently raised a new question for me. Some days ago I told Ludwig: “Now that I’ve done that hard scene, there won’t be an increase concerning the severity of the scenes I’m going to write about on the blog. Maybe Kaelah won’t be interesting any more for the readers in a few months because they won’t get any pictures with similar marks from me any more and so on. Or do you think there is something that’ll still be interesting for the readers, what kind of development is possible?” Ludwig answered: “Now that you’ve done that scene you can focus on the creative stuff.” And I think he is right, increasing severity is not what I’m into, what I really like is doing creative things! :-)

Ursus Lewis said...

I must admit, I like your cane marks, Kaehla. Perhaps a little bit too bloody for my taste, but still lovely. I suits you well! And you certainly have a very spankable behind...

Frants said...

Red stripes or merely pink, I shall spend the next few months hyperventilating, kicking my feet and screaming (or asking nicely) for more picures of you, nude or dressed, simply because you are such a very pleasant sight.

Redhead said...

Time doesn’t permit me to do more than to compliment you and make a couple of very brief comments.

I think you should be eternally proud of yourself for having done and come through that experience.

It’s reasoned for women that the time of month can affect both the will to endure and the level of pain felt. But from personal experience I know those can even vary on a day-to-day basis for anyone. Even though the nutrition’s been the same and the sleep’s been the same, one day I can crank out my workout routine and come through with routine discomfort and breathing, and then, on the very next day, I’m struggling, totally out of breath, looking pale (or green!) and it’s a real trial.

I’ve tried to reason why, and the only vague thing I can think of is that, if our general level of drive and enthusiasm are high and we go into the challenges happy and with adrenalin flowing, it’s easier to gut it through. My dance colleagues say the lure of the endorphin charge is already there. I like to think that exhilaration and anxiety are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. We just need to be sure it’s flipped correctly don't we?

But I’ll share one thing for a chuckle: Years ago when I was starting to hyperventilate while struggling with some stomach crunches, my trainer/partner said, “Don’t worry if you faint – you’re already on the floor!” Over thousands of years our bodies have developed superb protective mechanisms to deal with physical stress. If you’re fairly fit, and I think you are, I wouldn’t worry.

Four or five years ago, I did a similar severe scene – exactly the same number of strokes – with my partner because we both wanted to see how she’d run that ‘marathon’ and how she’d feel afterwards. She came through it wonderfully, but like you, we didn’t feel the need to repeat it. And, also like you, it’s developing creativity which is of paramount importance to us, regardless of who is giving or receiving and how much. Also, I think when you play intensely on a personal level; it’s totally different as to when you’re doing it at a party or for film or publication.

Wonderful and well done to you both.


Ursus Lewis said...

Frants, I agree with you. I do prefer the ones with this lovely butt after a "treatment" though... ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus and Frants:
You guys are really sweet! :-) Since both of you obviously don’t only like pictures showing that severe marks I can assure you there’s more to come…

@ Redhead:
Thanks a lot for sharing your own story – I’m always happy to read about and learn from the experiences others have made! It’s good to hear that you and your partner haven’t lost your creativity (you obviously even enhanced it!) after having played together for many years. I just hope that it will be the same with Ludwig and me.

Concerning sports trainers: Is making funny comments maybe a kind of job requirement? ;-) Your story reminded me of something I experienced when I attended a basic course in paragliding years ago. It was a windy day and I was struggling hard with my paraglider trying to do a forward launch. My trainer watched me fighting and decided to give me the following wonderful advice: “In order to start you have to run forwards NOT BACKWARDS.” Thank God he told me – I would have been completely lost without him… ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful frank account of a ritual thrashing scene illustrated with a beautifully marked bottom. The account of the evolving chemistry between the two of you is a joy to read. Bravo! -Eric

sixofthebest said...

Yes this naughty lady was disciplined most thoroughly by a hard caning on her bare bottom. And this is as it should be. If you are naughty you pay the price of pain on bare bottom.

sixofthebest said...

If you are a naughty lady, you pay the price of a good caning on your bare bottom. This is as it should be.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful picture of pain on flesh well-padded to endure discipline. I grew up with frequent spankings and whippings thinking that all kids, teens and young adults experienced such punishments. I'm a life-long spanko as a result.
How can you sit on such punished flesh? How long did the marks take to fade?
My spankings took 10 days to fade - Mother's 100 with the hairbrush several times a year through age 15 and then reading her diary after death made me realize that she too was a spanko. Thank you!

Ludwig said...

Just a quick reply to the last anonymous: I hope you are only fantasising, because if you really grew up with frequent spankings and whippings, I'd find that quite sad. As for me, I was never spanked as a child, neither was Kaelah, and we don't condone the beating of children.

I do know kinky people who were spanked at home when they were children, but they all describe the experience in a rather negative way. One might say that they grew up to be kinky in spite of, and not because of, their experiences.

sixofthebest said...

I have always believed in judicial canings, if the naughty female is found guilty of her misdeeds. Yes. 6 12 or 25 strokes of the cane on a naughty ladies bare bottom is justified. And I will always believe this.