Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going to the Dance

I'm putting this text in the automatic queue again, as I did with my Easter holiday post Monks and Roses. So, by the time you read this on Thursday evening, I will already be embarked on another journey into darkness - combining a holiday in Prague with some hard (or should I say, "severe"?) work. Yes, indeed! Those of you who are even somewhat familiar with the spanking movie scene already know what I'm talking about: to borrow a famous phrase from a friend, I'm going to dance with werewolves.

This project has been in the pipeline for ages, it seems. The initial "Maybe we could do something together?" email exchanges between Lupus and me go back more than a full year. But then, the various little coincidences and scheduling difficulties that always happen in the profession of filmmaking crept in, and we had to postpone the date several times. I'm thrilled and excited that everything finally seems to be coming together this week. Knock on wood!

I don't really want to disclose anything more at this stage. First off, it's better not to count unhatched eggs, and moreover, I have to keep a little suspense for you gals and guys. Right? Well, okay, since you give me that puppy dog look, here are a few small, vague details at least: I have a minor part in terms of dialogue, but the character works better that way, and I think it's a character I'll enjoy playing. Some comedic potential there. Still, as opposed to the shoot I did with Mood Pictures in February, this is an actual speaking role (in German, and maybe a little Czech, we will see). In other words, more fun and challenge as an actor, but also more opportunities to mess things up.

One "detail" I'm looking forward to in particular is the fact that Adele Haze will be there, too (those of you who are new to the blog might want to read the interview I did with her last year). She will be making her second movie with the wolves and it will be great to see her. Adele, of course, has both a speaking role and a screaming role. But before anyone asks: no, we will not do an actual "action" scene together. Lupus have a special gift in mind for Adele, an instrument I am not too familiar with myself, so somebody else will be wielding it to make sure that she gets her full enjoyment (heh heh...!). As for me, I get to use my own personal favourite, the cane, and I aim to make sure that two lovely Czech actresses will receive the thrashing of their lives.

So, basically, the whole thing will be a joint venture between Czech, German and UK-based spankophiles. I'm not sure, but this is probably the first time that such a triple collaboration takes place (Pain4Fem have worked with UK models, but they are Austrians and Slovakians). We're making our own little piece of CP movie history, ladies and gentlemen! What a nice change of pace for me, given my background - usually, I only write about history. Let's hope that we will prove worthy of the occasion. I will do my best.

Before the shoot, however, I am looking forward to a few days of sightseeing in the beautiful old city of Prague. All the more so because I will be travelling with a very special and unique friend, to whom I have already mysteriously alluded in the past - more than the movie, even, this is what makes the trip awesome for me. And when we are back, it's about time to lift the mystery (since so far none of you seem capable of solving the Klingon riddle).

In the meantime, I suggest you keep an eye on Adele's Twitter Hotline (or Twitter Feed, or whatever you call the bloody thing). Last I heard, she is planning to live-tweet the shoot, so if we manage to somehow get that working, there should be some interesting updates on Saturday.

(Adele Haze and company - dancing? exercising? doing a werewolf impression? - in her first film with Lupus Pictures, The Red Reformatory: Old Friends.)


Indy said...

Have fun, Sadists & Klingons alike!

Oh, and sorry about the beard...

Adele Haze said...

Hope it's not too lonely out there in Bavaria after the weekend's extravaganza. *hugs*

Ludwig said...

Indy: Your insolent, fake pity was duly marked down in the Big Black Book. Brat! But thanks for wishing me fun - it certainly was.

Indy said...

Don't worry, Ludwig. You won't continue to imagine challenges to your toply authority after your facial hair grows back.