Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back in the Arena

Unfortunately, I was too ill to go to BoundCon for extended periods of time two weeks ago. I was there for a couple of hours on Friday evening with a friend, because she had come all the way to Munich and I really wanted to show her the convention. On my own, I certainly wouldn't have gone. I still felt pretty awful in my stomach. It got even worse over the weekend, so I didn't go out again. Ah well. There is always next year.

Still, I'm happy that I at least got to make a round on the first day and have a quick chat with my friends from SM-Circus, including Herr Direktor Sands, resident pet girl Marlin and the Gladiator from Hell. We almost had the whole team from the shoot back in March together again, minus Pandora Blake. She was at BoundCon, too, but already crashed out in the hotel by the time I came on Friday. I was sorry to not see her again. Alas, like I said, there is always next year, and who knows where my path will lead me the next time I'm in the UK...

For now, I still have a behind-the-scenes report to write, anyway, about the aforementioned shoot. It was my second visit to the pet girl masters. The first was in July last year, when I did German-English translations for Niki Flynn and Amelia-Jane Rutherford (and had an infamous cameo as Amelia-Jane's gambling addict boyfriend, who lost her to the Direktor in a game of dice!). It had been a great experience, so I immediately said yes when SM-Circus contacted me in February and asked if I wanted to do another shoot. They would be filming with Pandora Blake and could use my services as a translator again. I was always a big fan of Pandora - her writing, her modelling work, her smexy brain (not a typo - just read the linked post!). She was at the very top of my "spanking video actresses I still have to meet" list, rivalled only by Leia-Ann Woods (position 1a and 1b, these two). I couldn't wait to finally meet her in person and say hello.

If you ever read Pandora's blog, you will know that she is structured and clear in her writing like few others in our community. From that and from her emails, I expected her to be intriguing to talk to and also very nice as a human being, but perhaps a little reserved at first. Actually, it's an assumption people often make about me, for much the same reasons, so I guess I should have known that it isn't quite accurate! As it turned out, Pandora was open and cordial from the first moment onwards. When we met the evening before the shoot, she gave me a hug for greetings, which set the tone for the rest of the weekend. And, needless to say, she is just as interesting to chat with as I thought she would be.

The work at the circus was great, too. As usual, the scenes were filmed in non-chronological order, starting with one where Pandora was locked up in a cage and simply had to bark aggressively at the camera. She was alone with Direktor Sands to reduce her self-consciousness a bit - after all, this was her first shoot as a pet girl. I was outside with the rest of the team, listening to Pandora's growls and "Arf! Arf!" sounds. They were quite convincing, and I remarked: "Hmm, very talented, I would say..." Suddenly, there was a huge crash and we looked at each other, puzzled. But after a short moment of silence, the "Arf! Arf, arf...!" resumed. Eventually, the director came out and grinned at us: "Well, she was the first one who managed to knock over the cage..." Things had certainly got off to an auspicious start.

Marlin had injured her knee the week before and was restricted in her movement, so she only took part in a couple of scenes. In one of them, she and Pandora were cat girls, meowing and playing with a computer mouse (har har!). Pandora had been solid as a dog (as it were), but I thought that this performance was even better. She seems to be a cat person after all, like me. Isn't it funny how we are all either cat people or dog people? Of course, you can like both kinds of animals. But at the end of the day, there is one camp you belong to. I suppose it is one of those "Beatles man or Elvis man" things which Uma Thurman and John Travolta talk about in Pulp Fiction (I'm a Beatles man, by the way).

Anyway, before I digress completely, let's get on with the report. Step by step, Miss Blake was put through the rigorous SM-Circus training regiment. I loved watching the hyper-focused look on her face while she juggled with first two, then three oranges. For a novice pet girl, she made a pretty good job of it, too, but missed enough catches to earn some correction from Direktor Sands - on the palms... I mean, paws with a riding crop, and on the bottom with his gloves. The empty, heavy leather gloves are quite an interesting spanking implement. Like Niki and Amelia-Jane before her, Pandora noted that they don't hurt all that much. The marks they leave are also negligible. The loud thwacking sound, on the other hand, is all the more impressive. A really nice, attention-grabbing effect. In summary, while the instrument may not be well-suited for an actual, formal punishment, it seems ideal as a "motivational tool" in a lengthy training session like this.

(I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and catching up with a lot of work at the same time, so I'm splitting this into two parts. You're getting the next one on Wednesday. I have some other things in the pipeline, too. June will see more blogging activity from me than May did, that's for sure!)


! said...

Hope you get well soon!

Perhaps you caught the H1N1 Virus (otherwise known as the swine flu?)

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back.
Here's to a speedy recovery.
My recommendations:
Lots of chicken soup and some fresh squeezed carrot juice.

- Dr. Greg

Rainer said...

schöner Bericht! Mal schaun nächstes Jahr werden wir uns evtl. zu Dritt da Stand teilen.

Das SMotel war zum 2. mal dort und wieder begeistert!

Anonymous said...

The problem with most of these vids is (are?) the men! I mean look at that top pic, with the 2 girls in dog baskets. The chap is the spitting image of Captain Mannering in fancy dress. And the other fellow in the cowboy gear. The only women they are lkely to impress are the ones standing in the pension queue with them! The girls give their best, but the, come on now, al least give them someone who doesnt have to take his dentires out at night!

sixofthebest said...

A beautiful spankable bare bottom. Ripe for the cane, birch, or whip. Hope she received all three, and plenty of them.

Ludwig said...

Rachel: Nope, wasn't the swine flu! Thanks for asking.

Anonymous: And how impressive do women find you, may I ask? I mean, with all your magnificent wit and charm?

Yes, the picture of the Gladiator at the top is a bit unflattering, but he doesn't look all *that* old. Neither does the Direktor. They're both men in middle age, not pensioners who "have to take their dentires [sic] out at night". Besides, looks and age aren't everything. I'd be glad if I had even half the Gladiator's chops with a bullwhip - the guy can hit a cigarette hanging in someone's mouth, and do it safely. Pandora was certainly impressed with his skill and technique, and gave him a big spontaneous "thank you" hug after the bullwhipping scene.

I agree that kinky videos, and spanking / CP videos in particular, could use more lean, young tops, more variety in terms of age. I'm doing my best to contribute my share there! But generally speaking, I can advise you that video producers will be more open to your suggestions and criticisms when you voice them in a less over-the-top manner...