Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kill the Competition

Are you in the Mood for a bit of movie buff detective work? Want to try to win a free spanking video in the process?

After my recent review of "Sweet Revenge" by Mood Pictures, Pedro (the director and producer) suggested the following competition to me: the first blog reader who spots the one direct reference to Kill Bill in the video is going to get a free Mood Pictures spanking movie of his (or her) choice. On DVD or as a download, whichever you prefer. All you have to do is post a comment here and name the little Easter egg we are looking for. If you get it right, we will do the rest per email.

I already noted in my review that "Sweet Revenge" is an homage to Quentin Tarantino's "woman on a revenge spree" epic, and it should be fairly obvious to anyone who has seen the original. However, Pedro put one detail in his film that goes beyond the basic similarity of the story or style. At one point, somewhere, there is a very specific reference, something directly out of "Kill Bill". But you have to watch carefully to find it.

To be honest, I didn't notice the Easter egg while I was watching the video for my critique. Then again, I wasn't actively looking for such a detail at the time, and moreover, it had been years since I had seen the Tarantino movie. Now that I know the reference is there, it is impossible to miss! However, let me emphasise again that you need keen eyes and ears, and that you need to know the original pretty well. The hidden homage you have to find only appears for a couple of seconds.

Of course, Mood Pictures aren't everyone's cup of tea. They are among the hardest, if not the hardest CP videos ever filmed. As a self-admitted sadist and severity freak, I think that's pretty cool, actually (even though I am critical of the inaccuracy of some Mood dommes). But I know a lot of people are squicked by the graphic ferocity and the bleeding welts, and that's alright – at the end of the day, it is simply a matter of taste. Therefore, not everyone will want to enter the competition (or watch "Sweet Revenge" in the first place).

On the other hand, Pedro's movies also have plenty of fans. And like Tarantino's work, they are more interesting stylistically and artistically than a superficial first look suggests. As spanking videos go, there are few that are more vicious, but many that are more mindless. Mood Pictures aren't all about brutal gonzo torture. They are ninety percent brutal gonzo torture, plus one neat little idea somewhere (like the "Kill Bill" homage). Lots of action with just enough creativity to make it "meaningful". The results work pretty well, I think, and they are sometimes surprisingly absorbing.

Pedro is the first to admit that he isn't interested in telling stories like some other producers (as in "a beginning, a middle and an end"), but by his own account, he is highly interested in situations. As a consequence, while the focus is on the CP action, the scripts aren't elaborate and there is little to no dramatic development, most of his videos have a fairly original premise and setting. Basically, it's "high concept" in spanking films, with all the appeal and the shortcomings thereof.

If you like that approach and don't mind the severity, you should give "Sweet Revenge" a try. It is one of Mood's best videos this year, and moreover, if you find the Easter egg, you will get another title of your choice for free. The competition is open-ended, it will last however long it takes for the first blog reader to spot and name the "Kill Bill" reference. I'm curious to see if anyone can do it.

(Picture courtesy of Mood Pictures)


Anonymous said...

Mood/Elite should consider some encouragements for their models to participate in more punishments.

Specifically, an SM competition in which, say, 3 of 5 of the girls entered have their heads shaved if they lose...

Perhaps have 3 or 4 different stages of the competition with rankings after each stage. Girls due to have their pretty hair cut off will try harder to win in the competition.

At the end of the competition, the winner keeps her hair, the 2nd place girl has her hair cut off to her shoulders and the other three are all head shaved. All filmed of course.

Make sure the girls are hot and their hair is long and pretty and you have the makings for the best SM pic in a long time! >:-)

Ludwig said...

@ Anonymous: If you want to seriously make a suggestion, you should write to Mood / Elitepain. I don't write their scripts. I only guest starred in one of their videos once, four years ago.

I think it would be extremely difficult to find models who would agree to have their heads shaved, though. That's a very visible and long-term sacrifice, having to wait half a year or more after a video shoot for your hair to grow back. Most models would say no to that. So would I, in their place!