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Movie Review: Amelia-Jane Rutherford Vol. 1


Strictly English (released in 2006)

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Amelia-Jane gets interviewed, spanked

Victim Appeal:
Miss Rutherford is always spectacular. She has the kind of radiant, springlike beauty that turns everyone's head - men want her, women want to be her, and some women both want her and want to be her (I have a thing for blondes, anyway, so I am certainly no exception on the male side). However, what really makes this flick worth watching is that it not only shows off Amelia-Jane's lovely face, graceful figure and exquisite bottom, but also her equally gorgeous personality. In five numbered segments, the video combines a normal, scripted spanking movie with a look at the casting session that preceded it.

The first two parts show Amelia-Jane getting ready for the casting. She talks about her expectations for the big day, wonders what exactly is going to happen and admits to being quite nervous, "but not in a bad way". Her cheerful enthusiasm and sense of humour are evident from the start. Part three is a screen test including role-play and spanking. Next up is the main feature, a "proper" CP movie called "The Tutor" (to be concluded in "Amelia-Jane Rutherford Vol. 2"). Finally, the fifth and last part consists of a 6 minute interview (which falls chronologically between segments one and two - it was put at the end of the video to get to the action more quickly).

Gratuitous Sadism:
The action is fairly light. There are only hand spankings in this volume of the series, and not excessively hard ones at that. During the screen test, Amelia-Jane is spanked over her panties in three different positions: over the knee, bending over a sofa and kneeling on the sofa. Then she returns to the OTK position to have her bare bottom smacked for the first time. In "The Tutor", a teacher / student scenario, there is a somewhat longer OTK punishment with the old three-part "on the jeans, on the panties, panties down" progression, followed by various mini-spankings in another scene - some on the bare, some on the panties, some OTK, some while she is bending over a desk.

While severity freaks will be disappointed, the video partly makes up for what it lacks in mere physical intensity with good acting and chemistry. There is great interplay between Amelia-Jane and the two male tops, especially with the gentleman in the main segment. He gives a fabulous, quiet but stern performance as the old-fashioned professor. As a result, the action scenes are surprisingly edgy, more than they have any right to be, really.

Best Reactions:
As usual, Miss Rutherford's trademark, indignant "I can't believe I have to put up with this!" reactions are terrific fun to watch, both during and in between the spankings. I particularly loved one loud, insolent "No!" during the screen test, when she is instructed to remove her skirt (it goes without saying that her refusal is in vain).

Best Line:
The banter between Amelia-Jane and her tutor is hilarious throughout, with some wonderful, acerbic repartee from the increasingly irritated professor. Student (after coming late): "I had to play tennis!" Professor: "I suppose tennis is an important part of a sociology degree." Student: "You can't spank me for every sentence in this essay!" Professor: "Oh, some of them are good, are they?" Student: "I thought you meant that I should write about me..." Professor: "'I thought. I thought.' I don't think you thought at all!" Here is the rare case of a non-Lupus spanking movie with a whole series of (intended) laugh-out-loud moments.

However, my favourite line is when the professor calmly states: "If I'm an eccentric, I'm very happy to be one." That's the true spanko spirit right there.

Nice Psychological Touch:
It's always intriguing to get a glimpse into the mind of a professional victim, especially when she is as likeable and smart as Miss Rutherford. Her interviews here, delivered in that impeccable uber-posh accent, show a self-described "thrill-seeking girl". Amelia-Jane's coyness is part real, part playful exaggeration, but always endearing - when she is acting, she does it with a cheerful twinkle in her eye, and even the perennial skeptic in me finds himself willingly enchanted by her spell.

Of course, I also liked the "semi-consensual" character of the scripted scenario, always a turn on for me. Neither official rules nor blackmail force the student to submit to the "traditional views" (read: corporal punishment) of her tutor. She goes along in an effort to improve her grades, reluctantly and with a lot of defiance, but always out of her own initiative. There is a beautiful scene when the time for her first spanking has come and she is getting second thoughts: "I'm terribly sorry, I don't think I can...!" The professor sends her away, noting that it's a free country and she can leave anytime she wants. She hesitates, walks out of his office, hesitates again, wrestles with herself, then goes back in with a resigned shrug.

How Good Is It Really?
Very good indeed. The technical quality of the production is decent, but not exceptional, and the relatively tame action is arguably the weakest part (they step it up a gear in the next installment). In all other aspects, though, "Amelia-Jane Rutherford Vol. 1" is a classic. The girl is adorable, the chemistry between the players is superb and Professor Templeton adds a healthy dose of dry British humour. It's hard to decide which is better, the documentary or the scripted part. "The Tutor" is a spanking movie well worth seeing in itself. Add the interviews, and you have quite a memorable package.

What You Learned:
When I first met Amelia-Jane, I asked her about the origin of her modelling name. Hey, I'm German and therefore unfamiliar with British children's books! She told me about the "naughty Amelia Jane" character, and while writing this review I did a bit more research. So, it's from the work of Enid Blyton, huh? Didn't Leia-Ann Woods also mention that author when I interviewed her? It seems like Miss Blyton is responsible for sowing a lot of good seeds...

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EXCELLENT review of a gorgeous model and this intriguing film, and the pic at the top is one of my all time faves.

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