Sunday, March 16, 2008

Website Review: Whipped Women

Whipped Women is a sister site of Paingate and offers very similar content. They share the same models and the same types of scenarios. As the title implies, the whip is the main instrument of corporal punishment, in all shapes and sizes - floggers, single tails, bullwhips, you name it. Crops and canes are also used occasionally. A traditional spanking enthusiast who likes to see paddles, tawses and some good old-fashioned OTK action will probably complain about the lack of variety. But if you like whipping scenes (and I certainly do), you will find this one of the best sites on the net.

The team behind "Whipped Women" has been hard at work for almost ten years, and there is a huge amount of material. Unfortunately, only a small selection of it is online at any given time. They regularly produce new scenes and repost old ones, but with every update, some of the other content is taken down. Some 20 to 25 scenarios are available in the members section, with one or two additions /rotations per week. I can sympathise with the Quest for Less Server Spend, but it must be said that some other paysites offer a lot more in terms of quantity. If you are looking for a specific "Whipped Women" clip, it could be a while before you see it reposted.

That said, there is an adequate amount of content, and the good news is that the quality is very good. The layout is fairly straightforward. There is a "New Board" where the latest productions are added, and a "Main Board" that recycles old stuff. The movies are in .wmv format at a resolution of 360 x 288, most ranging from 10 to 20 minutes in length, and you also get a large gallery of high-res pictures for each scene. The photography and editing are crisp and nicely done, with a good variety of angles. I especially like the lighting in some of the indoor scenarios, which makes the models look truly gorgeous.

Even though 9 out of 10 sessions feature the whip (how could they not with a site of this name?), there is a fair bit of creative diversity. Settings range from straightforward "SM studio" to "prison", "military" and "historical costume". While there isn't a huge amount of acting or scripted dialogue, they make an effort to imbue their scenes with a sense of excitement and athmosphere. These aren't boring, mute beatings. Usually, there is plenty of communication during the corporal punishment, and most of the sessions sparkle with a quiet, erotic tension. You get the impression of watching real kinky people acting out their fantasies - sometimes playful, sometimes strict, always fun and in a festive mood. This "genuine" feel, beautifully filmed, is the main appeal for me.

Not only do most of the performers appear natural and as if they're enjoying themselves, they are also very pleasant to look at. Truly, "Whipped Women" offers some rather stunning eye candy. The victims section is replete with imaginative stories about Stockholm, Teheran and South Africa, but if my accent detection capabilities are anything to go by, I'd say that the girls are all German. I've seen some of them at Girls Boarding School, and judging by their English, the famous "bullwhip duelling twins" are straight out of rural Bavaria (or maybe Austria?). Too bad that I'm a city slicker from Munich. I have to take more drives to the countryside, it seems.

There is M/F and F/F action, with many of the sessions involving several tops and / or bottoms. I was also impressed by the large amount of outdoors scenes. Add to that a whole lot of different punishment positions and kinky devices (shackles, crosses, benches, pillories...), and you get great variety for a "single theme" whipping site. The severity is middle of the road - some of the action is light, some is fairly vicious, and most of it falls somewhere in between. What matters is that the floggings always produce nice marks and reactions, both of which is important for me.

In summary, "Whipped Women" is an excellent site and well worth checking out. My only gripe is that they don't showcase more of their vast back catalogue, but even so, there is enough to reward a visit. Good technical quality, gorgeous German girls (excuse me, South African...), diverse settings and gratuitous amounts of well-striped skin. You can't really ask for much more.



Thanks for the review. At the moment it is difficult for me to join sites but later this year my contract ends and I can find a better ISP, it is usefull to get the points of view of people who have tried the sites before splashing out the hard earned.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. There was a typo.

I do like that shot of the Stasi guy, but I'm less convinced by the saddle...

Ludwig said...

Do tell, I had a hunch you might like the picture. Always glad to help a friend who suffers from an incurable uniform fetish. And obsessive-compulsive typo removal. Both of which are very valuable and necessary things, mind you.

I must say, I like the saddle myself. It's very sexy somehow. Not strictly realistic, I suppose, but the scene is called "Stable Work".

Some more goodies, "Stable Work":

"Boot Camp":

"The NVA Spy":

Dave said...

Very well-written and intriguing review. I'm not much for this kind of whipping stuff, but clearly, their models are gorgeous.

(I think that saddle photo is enticing and erotic :-)


Anonymous said...

this pic are seen on paingate website its erotic and intersting but a 88$ is expensive dont u think

Ludwig said...

Actually, Whippedwomen costs 26,95 EUR monthly, which is forty and a half USD at the time of this writing. Pretty standard price, actually. So I don't know what you are referring to - maybe the price for that site and Paingate combined.