Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Jul 2016):
Outdoor Spankings

(One of my favourite outdoor pictures - bound in the woods.)

The summer here in Germany is rather hot right now, which means it's a good time for outdoor activities (at least in the morning and evening). The sunny weather brings me to today's topic: outdoor spankings.

When the topic came to my mind, it occurred to me that there is a huge difference between my kinky fantasies, the scenes I would love to play out for real and the erotic pictures I like to take concerning where I prefer these to be set.

(Taking nude pictures in the snow always provides a special challenge.)

Most of my kinky fantasies take place indoors. Usually in some kind of office since we are talking about formal scenarios. From time to time a woodshed or a classroom can also be the setting for one of my fantasies. Outdoor scenes are rare, the only place that is more common is on the deck of a ship. No woods, gardens, market places or the like, though.

(A vengeance demon on halloween -
a rare outdoor toppy picture of mine.)

When talking about scenes I would love to play out for real, being spanked outside isn't something I strongly long for, either. One of Ludwig's and my very first scenes took place in the ruin of an old castle and I suppose old castles are the surrounding which would entice me most when it comes to outdoor scenes (although castles would of course make for interesting indoor scenes as well).

I guess I would prefer to rent such a place in the future, though, because the idea of being caught red-handed by unsuspecting passers-by is nothing that gives me a positive thrill. I wouldn't want to force my kink on anyone who doesn't actively choose to be a part of it.

When it comes to taking pictures, though, outdoor pictures are my holy grail! Not only kinky ones, I love the combination of nature and nudity in general. And so many of the spanking and erotic pictures which you can find here on the blog were shot outside. You can see a few of my favourite ones accompanying this post. Of course we always take care not to be seen by anyone when we take those photos. So far this has always worked out.

I find it interesting that my aesthetic preferences when it comes to erotic photography and my kinky fantasy scenarios are so different. And I wonder whether that's true for more people. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

(A dance on the volcano in Japan -
one of the photos we took during our trips around the world.)

Do you like outdoor spanking scenarios? And are there differences between your kinky fantasies, the things you like to try out for real and the erotic pictures or videos that catch your attention the most? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


Simon said...

In my fantasy outdoor punishment being discovered by strangers is part of the fun but I wouldn't want it to happen in real life. I've only been punished outdoors once in the 35+ years I've been doing this and even though it was in a very secluded garden which couldn't be overlooked I was concerned about the noise and the possibility of the neighbours hearing. In the end the novelty of being tied to a tree naked and being birched and feeling the wind on my flesh won me over and I stopped caring about being overheard. I would like to do it again, weather permitting, but only rarely.

Gustofur said...

I am past the age of being an active spanking participant. I now live in a fantasy world. Outdoor spankings are part of my fantasy scenes. Your outdoor nude pictures are very beautiful. You, personally, add eroticism to the natural scenery. I look forware to more.

Donpascual said...

I have had a spanking partner who lived at the rim of a park like area. We used to take walks and seek the thrill of being discovered when she had her jeabs lowered, panties down and was noisily smacked. In one instance she just managed to pull up her jeans when we heard someone approaching.
Another time, she was bent over nearly naked on the platform of an observation tower and a couple was climbing up to us. She just barely made it into her cloths *grin.
With my wife we exchanged spankings on a rather comfortable hunter's high seat. This time, you could clearly hear the smacks echoing between the trees. But evidently, nobody was interested!
By the way, the hot sun on your bare behind produces all by itself an arousing feeling. I am no switch, however enjoyed that experience very much.
Kaelah, "kissing the gunner's daughter" requires to bend over the cannon's breach as you well know. So you should at least have bent over the end of the barrel :-))).

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog! Hot stuff :))

Svetlana said...

It's really odd. My spanking fantasies are exclusively indoor. Even when the setup plays out largely outdoors (like with sports or military training), the action moves indoors (barracks/changing rooms) for the punishments.

My real experience with outdoor spankings is limited to pool parties with other spankophiles where the last girl in a race would get punished (and eliminated from the next race). The most interesting thing about that is that my competitive side won over my spanking passion. I didn't swim fast because I was "afraid" to be punished or because I thought holding back would be like cheating. Once in the water I just wanted to beat the others. On two occasions, I even won the last one-on-one race and ended up without a spanking, but very happy anyway.

I've never been spanked in open nature, but I did a nudity dare in nature in my younger and wilder days. There are no photos, but fond memories, and I agree that nudity and nature go well together. Your outdoor photography (like that from Finland last year) is a pleasure to look at.

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
Fantasising about outdoor scenes is indeed much less stressful than really doing them. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

@ Gustofur:
Thank you for your kind comment!

@ Donpascual:
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences! I suppose the risk of being seen by others would have been even higher, had I bent over the end of the barrel. Sometimes caution wins over authenticity. ;-)

@ The Explorer:
Welcome and thank you very much for your comment!

@ Svetlana:
I guess I would act exactly like you in the competitive situation which you described! Only that I would most probably not be fast enough to win the race... ;-)