Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (May 2016):

May has been a very busy month, so there haven't been any posts from us. But I don't want to skip Kaelah's Corner, so here is at least a short post.

Ludwig and I had a wonderful honeymoon! Not many kinky stories this time, but I took the picture above in a museum. Can you guess from the picture where we spent our honeymoon? If you can, I think you can take that as a reconfirmation that you are really kinky...


Anonymous said...


Spearthrower said...

Has to be Scotland, with a tawse hanging up on the wall.

James M said...

It might be the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh.

We see two old classroom desks with porcelain inkwells, and a blackboard with the alphabet chalked on it. Two of the items on the nearer desk have English text on them so, if it's not Edinburgh, it's surely in some English-speaking country.

"Spearthrower" said it must be in Scotland, but there are canes on the nearer desk. And the strap was not unknown in England. Four areas in England: Newcastle, Gateshead, Manchester and Walsall preferred the strap to the cane.

Although I was born in Edinburgh, I was only 9 years old when my family moved to England in 1966. I have never visited the Museum of Childhood, if indeed that's what it is.

I was a good little boy at primary school in Edinburgh; I only "got the belt" 3 times. After a brief time at a village school, my parents moved me to a boys-only private school, so I never got to see a schoolgirl get the belt.

James M

Val said...


Svetlana said...

Going with the majority: Land of my heart forever, Scotland the Brave!

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous, Spearthrower, James M, Val and Svetlana:
Thanks a lot for your comments and for having taken a guess. The majority was correct: Our honeymoon was in Scotland and we had a great time there!