Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kaelah's Corner (Dec 2015):
New Horizons

Following a good 2015 tradition, my last Kaelah's Corner post for the year is of course belated as well. Fortunately, I am on the mend, but unfortunately I still have to take things slowly and keeping up with all the kinky and vanilla stuff I didn't manage to do during the past weeks takes longer than planned. For instance, I still haven't answered quite a few e-mails, some of them older than six months! I'm sorry for that, I hope I'll be able to reply to all of you, soon.

The past year has brought quite a few big changes for Ludwig and me, as Ludwig already wrote in his New Year post. And it looks like that will continue in 2016. We'll tell you more about it when the time is right and things are more concrete.

Unfortunately it looks like I won't be up for any kinky fun for a bit longer, though, until I have fully recovered from being sick. Don't worry, though, that leaves more time for editing clips and the like, so this blog surely won't turn vanilla!

And I still have discovered some interesting changes in my kinky fantasies, too, about which I would like to write a bit in today's post. As our long-time readers know, the majority of my kinky fantasies used to be formal ones. Ludwig and I had experimented a bit with a more sexual "master and slave" scenario (only a play scenario, not a M/s relationship!) a while ago, but then my interest in this scenario decreased.

Now the more sexually explicit fantasies have come back with a bang! And interestingly, this time not only with me on the receiving end, but as toppy fantasies as well. Those fantasies are much more BDSMy than my formal spanking fantasies and spanking only plays a minor part in them. It still surprises me what kind of practices I find appealing nowadays when it comes to those sexual fantasies. Intimate floggings, for instance, lighter forms of CBT, pegging, bondage and others.

It's not the severity that plays the most important role here, it's the sexual explicitness that turns me on. Those fantasies bring out a rather submissive and a rather dominant side, depending on the position I see myself in. Again, the thing is that in reality I haven't got a submissive bone in my body, which means that I of course only fantasize about being made to do things which turn me on.

Since I only play out those fantasies in my head right now, that means that a lot of scenarios are possible which I might not really want to try out for real. As you might know, I most certainly have an exhibitionist streak, so my fantasies often involve more than two active participants (men and women alike) and spectators.

I don't think I really want to try out all the things I am fantasizing about. And even if I did, some of them would be beyond the limit of what Ludwig is comfortable with as a bottom, which I of course respect! I have to admit that sometimes I can hardly hold back my dominant fantasies, though, when I am in the right mood and given how attractive he looks...

Right now, I simply enjoy the new fantasies, though. And I suppose that Ludwig and I will try out the one or other thing in the future (most certainly not on camera or in public, though, these things are much too intimate in our view). It seems that with a certain openness to new experiences life doesn't get boring. There are always new horizons, some of them just providing a nice view, some maybe also to be explored. It looks like 2016 definitely won't be a boring year!

I suppose that sooner or later my fantasies will swing back to more purist spanking scenarios again, too (those aren't completely lost right now, anyway, maybe just a bit less frequent). I'm curious to find out what the new year will bring.

How about you? Have you ever been surprised by any new or suddenly much stronger fantasies or kinks? Do you have scenarios / practices you love to fantasize about but which you wouldn't want to try out for real? And is it more difficult for you to write or talk about certain kinks compared to others (for me it is more difficult to write about sexually more explicit fantasies because they are more intimate in my view than "just" spanking)? I would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comment section!


Simon said...

Happy New Year and I wish you a speedy recovery from your illness.
Over the years my spanking and BDSM fantasies have not changed that much but my experiences have. My fantasies, on the receiving end, have always been darker and more elaborate and involved a wider range of things being done to me and I was pretty sure at first that I would never actually do them. However since I met my Mistress over 20 years ago and have come to trust her I have experienced a considerable number of them. My punishments have become considerably more severe, I have as previously mentioned been branded, I have been punished outdoors albeit in a very secluded spot, I have tried electro-play, been punished in public and been punished by a number of different women and on occasion by men. In addition I have tried a number of things which are not directly punishment but are seen as humiliating. I have not enjoyed all of them but don't regret trying them. There are obviously still fantatsies I haven't experienced in reality but since these are broadly non-consensual I never will and wouldn't want to. As you can see from the above some of the things I have tried I still find difficult to put into words in a public forum and I'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

Kaelah and Ludwig,

I think we all would love to hear more about this. It sounds very intriguing. Less about severity, more about the explicitness. Can you give us some insight into the kind of scenarios you are envisaging?

Pegging, spectators..... Youre giving us crumbs and we would like more!

I think we are all eager to hear.

All the best,


Svetlana said...

It's great to hear that you are getting better!

In my case, it is rather surprising how constant my corporal punishment fantasies have been over the years. Most of them play out in some sort of institutional setting. Domestic settings are the exceptions and they have even disappeared entirely from my fantasies before popping up again after a year or two. There is still a great variety to the detail, plot and severity of all these fantasies, but in another way they are really variations of the same themes and none of them are sexually explicit.

My explicitly sexual fantasies are of a very different sort. They never have much of a plot and focus completely whatever sexual practice they are about. Unlike spanking fantasies, they don't pop up from nowhere ... I can usually identify a recent trigger, something I just experienced or read or heard about. I am pretty submissive when it comes to sex and my fantasies reflect that (no pegging or CBT!). Most of them are perhaps better described as memories and imaginations than actual fantasy. Some go beyond what I experienced or would be prepared to try, and yes, I'd find it difficult to write more about them.

Ramon Herzog said...

Your changing attitude towards spanking and the more intimate fantasies are not new to me. I have even started to switch at an age that is not exactly ideal for radical changes as you well know.
So what! Life in general is changing constantly, why not our kink? :-))

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
I hope you had a good start into 2016, too! I'm feeling much better which is great. I guess many fellow kinksters try out more and more things over time, even some of those they once thought they would never actually do. I can relate to the fact that it is difficult for you to write about some of them, though. I assume that's true especially for those experiences during which we make ourselves extremely vulnerable and which involve darker elements. While it is okay to share these experiences with trusted friends whom we know very well, I think it is much scarier to talk or write about them in front of complete strangers. Since there haven't been many comments on this post, I guess that's not only true for you and me but for others as well.

@ John:
To be really honest, my more explicit fantasies don't involve any elaborate scenarios. They are more about visual and sensual triggers. One thing is, for instance, that I would be interested in the feeling of wearing a strap-on. In my fantasies I might use that toy in a scene with another woman. But mind you, I haven't tried out the majority of those explicit things and I'm not even sure which ones I really want to do. And then, of course, the question would be whether Ludwig would be interested in trying some things as well. He is mostly into pure spanking but might be willing to try the one or other thing for me (no strap-ons, though!). :-)

@ Svetlana:
Like yours, my explicitly sexual fantasies are mostly about certain practices or visual triggers, but have much less of a plot than my spanking fantasies. Most of them feature me in a passive role. I guess that's because I use them to fantasise about things which would give ME pleasure. That's easier when I imagine myself in a passive role which allows me to focus on my feelings only. Funnily, my more dominant, sadistic streak often comes out during actual sexual play when I'm in the right mood. When the arousal grows, though, my mood can easily change into a “submissive” one (in quotation marks because I don't really want to please someone else, I only want things to be done to me which I can enjoy passively).

@ Ramon Herzog:
You are of course right, not only life is changing constantly, we are, too. So it's not surprising that our kink can change and evolve as well.

Peter8862 said...

You are so right Kaelah. when you talk of enjoying much more severe scenes than you could possibly carry out in practice. In my case, I enjoy the thought of denuding a young woman, restrained and helpless and dressed in the most beautiful long silk evening gown. Now in practice I could only do that under the most compelling coercion. Making the first rip would be abhorrent to me, yet watching it on video, knowing that it had already been done and could not be undone, would be highly stimulating. What a sharp contradiction in emotions. The same applies to severe whippings. This quirk needs further investigation.

Kaelah said...

@ Peter 8862:
I think in my case the level of severity I'm interested in can change from time to time. Very hard scenes are definitely something I would only do on rare occasions, though, as I want to give my body time to heal. I guess that's quite similar to your idea of ripping a gown – the fantasy is thrilling, but one wouldn't want to do it too often and waste too many beautiful gowns for real. That's the good thing about videos – you do one hard scene or rip one gown and many people can watch it over and over again which in a way makes it worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

Quite a blog!
I am a practicing vanilla.
For about 5 years my interest in kink has grown.
Fetlife is one place to learn, flirt, and "talk" to others.

Anyway, my fantasy life at age 60, is better and wilder than anything that was in my head even 10 years ago. The internet, bloggers like yourself, have opened Pandora's Box wide open:))
My wife grants me my fantasies, but we don't do them..

I love your blog--you pose interesting questions and your readers share amazing stuff.

I love it all.

Thank you :))))))))))

Kaelah said...

@ The Explorer:
Thank you very much for your kind words and for sharing a bit about yourself. I am glad to hear that you like our blog and that your wife grants you your kinky fantasies which are fed by the kinky online community. I think we don't have to try out everything we fantasise about for real, but not being allowed to fantasise or only being able to fantasise with a bad conscience would be horrible.

Anonymous said...

So nice (and naughty) of you to respond))--
It's mindblowing how many blogs are out there. And yours is one of them.
Lots of hot shares, support, flirting, and God knows what else.
thanks for a place to express ourselves:))

Kaelah said...

@ The Explorer:
Sometimes it takes a while, but I use to reply to all comments! Thank you for your kind words. :-)