Sunday, May 17, 2015

500 Posts!

Yes, indeed, this is our 500th post! But that's not all. In only a few hours' time we will hit the 2.5 million page views mark. And I am quite confident that with your help we will make it to 5,000 comments soon as well (we already have over 4,900 published comments right now).

Since we definitely won't make it to 1,000 posts before closing down this blog, we decided that 500 posts is a number worth mentioning and celebrating. And another chance to thank you for following us and making blogging worthwhile!

Looking back, it is exciting to see how the blog has changed over time. In 2008 Ludwig started out as a solo-blogger. In his second post, titled What's On the Menu?, he explained his approach as follows:

Actually, humour (the black comedy, politically incorrect, hopefully non-lame kind) will be one of the main themes here. If BDSM isn't fun and a little tongue-in-cheek, something is wrong. Mind you, I take our kink awfully seriously – it's dark, obsessive, edgy and highly erotic. But at the same time, all these delightful fantasies of ours (the sassy schoolgirls, military tribunals and damsels in distress) are also ripe for some good affectionate lampooning. So I hope to add my own contribution to that.

It will offset the lengthy theoretical ramblings somewhat, which I also aim to provide. To me, spanking goes beyond the mere immediate turn-on, it is utterly fascinating on a psychological and philosophical level. And it leads to all kinds of tantalizing questions about us as human beings, individuals and members of society. There is a danger for these explorations to get all analytical and lose sight of the eroticism. Avoiding that, though, and keeping it in balance, they can be just as much of a kick.

Above all, BDSM and erotic corporal punishment is an artform to me. Both the "performance" itself and the "artifacts" we make, the films, images and stories. I've always been particularly intrigued by movies because they are a sort of hybrid - "slice of life" and yet a "permanent item". Naturally, being a film buff makes me a spanking film buff as well. Notwithstanding the fact that the genre as a whole is inherently goofy (as it should be), I view the good spanking movies as genuine works of art. So that will be the third theme of the blog, reviews and armchair criticism.

These three themes indeed proved to be vital parts of this blog – as of today we have 36 posts labeled as spanking humour, 30 philosophical ramblings and 55 movie and website reviews.

In 2009 Ludwig's happy little world got turned upside down, though, because Kaelah turned up and we became a couple. In 2010, Kaelah started writing about her thoughts on this blog as well, at first only in her monthly personal guest column Kaelah's Corner. Today we have 69 posts under this label.

At the same time, Ludwig (and later Kaelah as well) started to venture into the world of kinky porn, with both amateur as well as the professional videos. And so there are 20 posts about making art on this blog, plus 18 posts about our videos. Since Kaelah also loves taking photos, there are 69 posts labeled as our pictures, too.

The main change that happened, though, is that as a couple we also started to write more about our own kinky play and our relationship. In other words, this blog almost turned into one of the lame couple blogs Ludwig always disliked. You can read about our boring adventures under the label which has the highest number of posts so far – the private exploits label with 89 posts. This way, a lot of our development as a couple over the past years is reflected in our posts.

But not only our life and our blog have changed, the kinky online and blogging community have changed as well. Yesterday Ludwig reminded me of the time when a rather big group of (British) spanking models had their own rather active blogs. There was a lot of back and forth between, for instance, Niki Flynn and Adele Haze, who had a very lively commentership as well. Those blogs are gone and so are many fellow bloggers and commenters we interacted with throughout the years. But of course new people have come, too, and it is still a great event for us when a new commenter shows up on our blog to say hello.

So, this post is in memory of all the fellow kinksters who have come and gone during our time here in the kinky community. Thank you for having shared your thoughts with us! We would also like to encourage those silent readers who are still unsure whether they should say hi. The spanking community is very welcoming and it is a lot of fun to participate. And don't be afraid of being the newbie – the online community changes rather fast. Today you may be the new commenter / blogger, in a few months you are already considered an experienced community member!

Oh, and how do you think should we celebrate? Maybe a 500 strokes spanking? I am not sure whether we have ever done such a long scene, since Ludwig prefers shorter, more intense ones. Any other ideas? You are very welcome to share them in the comment section!

Ludwig and Kaelah


MrJ said...

Many congrats! Keep up the good reporting!

Downunder Don said...

I have been on this journey with you for quite a while and lame couples blog it is not. As for a way to celebrate....I think 500 spanks would be a bit extreme. My wife says that a kiss is worth a 100 spanks, so maybe a few kisses and a few spanks

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Putting some prospective on this. We have done OBB for about the same period of time. Done twice as many posts, but are still shy of 2 million views and only have 3,500 comments. So well done!

I only wish there were more "lame couple blogs" especially switchy couples.

Gustofur said...

You both will be missed when your blog closes, that's for sure.
Since my kink tends more toward the erotic, rather than the painful, a more intimate spanking is my suggestion. As already suggested, some kisses, strategically placed of course, might be an interesting finale.
Please give us sufficient time for a final comment before you close the door for good.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a good compromise would be to let one intense stroke count for 10 of the 500 //;-}

Svetlana said...

Congratulations from a silent and grateful reader, glad to see you go out in style, but sad to see you - like so many other quality blogs - go out at all. The last ten years was certainly a good time to explore a passion for the cane by reading blogs. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Another option:
300 hand spanks OTK starting off easy and building in intensity

100 with a light strap in 4 sets of 25

70 with a heavy strap in tow sets of 35

30 with a cane or wooden paddle

Have fun whatever you do! - Eric

MasonPearson said...

Congratulations on the marathon!

I would like a short video with Kaelah reprising some of the fab outfits she has donned over the years and her memories of the scenes which were played out - a little trip down Memory Lane.

Thanks gain


Kaelah said...

@ Mr J:
Thank you!

@ Downunder Don:
Sounds like a good combination. :-)

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
I very much enjoy reading your blog! And as for the hits and comments: The number of comments we get varies a lot from post to post. Some discussions, Ludwig's behind the scenes reports and further information about Lupus and Mood and the posts that invited people to participate in a vote for one of our clips got the most comments. The highest numbers of clicks were for those video reviews which were linked to by one of the producers and for the posts that were Crossed.

@ Eric:
Thanks for your ideas! We will surely find a way to have some fun. :-)

@ Svetlana:
Welcome, and thank you very much for commenting! It is always great to hear from a normally silent reader. :-)

@ MasonPearson:
Thanks a lot for your kind comment! Right now, we still have enough video clips to work on but the idea of a trip down Memory Lane is great nonetheless.