Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pervertibles From Finland

A while ago, Ludwig and I visited a museum in Finland during our holidays. There I learned that housework and housework items don't necessarily have to be as boring as I always thought. Actually we found lots of traditional housework items which in my opinion would make beautiful paddles. For instance the rolling board which you can see in the picture above.

I am not sure, but I assume that these two specimen are shovels in their vanilla life. In the eye of a kinkster they mutate to rather huge paddles, though. I guess with those two a top could easily combine kinky fun with a proper workout.

Clothes beaters seem to be great pervertibles as well in my view. As you can see, they are available in different shapes and sizes.

These two seem to be very good to handle. I really like the heart on the lower one!

And here is another wooden clothes beater with not only one but two hearts. Well, what is love if not two hearts beating together as one?

Finally we have the item of choice for the severity freaks among us. It comes with a practical handle.

Last but not least, another group of items which I wouldn't have thought of, but which in my opinion would make very exquisite implements – distaffs! I assume some of them would be too fragile to be used for a paddling. But the different forms and colours are beautiful, don't you agree?


Blondie said...

Being that my father is from Finland, I felt like I should comment, I do read your post regularly though.
My father is very vanilla, so he would not see those tools like we do. Not much can I imagine as a spanking implement or to be used with a spanking.

Olli said...

I would have had the same thoughts, so I have to admit that I like some of these pictures very much. Especially the cloth beater with the two hearts give me the creeps, auwwww... ;-)

Kaelah said...

@ Blondie:
Thanks a lot for your comment! Yes, our vanilla family members have a very different view on some things. Which can lead to strange situations. I once visited an old school house with my father. Of course it raised quite a few kinky thoughts on my behalf. But with my family being around, this was a rather weird experience. So I tried to behave as inconspicuously as possible... ;-)

@ Olli:
The clothes beater with the two hearts is really cute, isn't it? I suppose it might also be quite painful, though!