Sunday, October 12, 2014

World Cup Bets Part 1: Simon

Now the Football World Cup already seems to be over for quite a long time and with it our kinky World Cup bet. As some of you might have seen, our reader Simon was the only one who had the guts to join our little betting community. Afterwards, it was time to collect the debts.

So this is the first of three posts, telling the story of Simon's, Ludwig's and my pay days. We will start with Simon's story today. His wager was really high and so his final tally was 57 cane strokes! One stroke for every point he scored below the maximally possible number of 60, one stroke for every point I scored higher than he did and six more strokes because Germany won the Championship, as I had predicted. You can see the colourful result in the pictures accompanying this post.

And here is what Simon wrote about his comeuppance:

It seems like ages ago now but back in June Ludwig, Kaelah and myself made punishment related bets about the World Cup (see June blog for details). Following the German victory it transpired that I had earned 57 cane strokes a figure that proved that I really shouldn't bet and know less about international football than I thought. Now all I had to do was tell my Mistress about the bet and ask her to deliver the requisite number of strokes. However this would involve confessing that I had made a C.P. related bet with a lady I had corresponded with on the Internet and I wasn't sure how she would react to this. I live a long way from my Mistress and I found myself worrying about it throughout the long train journey and when I'm worried I can sometimes forget where I am and say things out loud. Fortunately the train wasn't to crowded so I hope nobody in the carriage heard anything. I decided that the only thing I could do was just come right out with it at the beginning of our meeting and see what happened.

So it was that I found myself naked, facing the wall with my hands on my head whilst Mistress lectured me. It wasn't so much the bet itself that upset her but the fact that I had done it without telling her. In the end she agreed to deliver the strokes but only after I had taken a strapping for my presumption. I assumed the position, bent over the table, whilst she selected her implement. From where I was I couldn't see what she had chosen but he first impact told me that it was one of her heavier straps. For the next ten minutes the only things to be heard in the room were the swish of a heavy leather tawse, the thwack of it impacting on my unprotected buttocks, my groans and me counting the strokes. Finally after some 60 strokes she stopped and I thanked her. My bottom was already very sore and I knew I still had 57 strokes of the cane to come. But not immediately as I was told to resume my position in the corner which I quickly did as I certainly didn't want to annoy her further. She left the room leaving me to ponder my fate but then I heard the doorbell ring and someone enter. Sometimes in the past she has brought people in to look at me in the corner or even to watch part of my punishment and this I find both embarrassing and exciting. On this occasion it didn't happen and after they had had a cup of tea the mysterious guest left. I took this to mean that it would soon be time for my caning and unlike my football bets this time I was right.

The cane she was holding when she entered was 36 inches long with a red handle and was designed for very experienced bottoms. I knew this because it was one of a batch of implements I had bought for her and was what it said in the catalogue. Once again I found myself bent over with my already sore bottom at her mercy. I heard the sibilant swish of the cane and felt the fiery impact. Experienced as I am the first stroke always takes my breath away and and as further strokes fell I found myself wondering whether I would be able to take 57 strokes. By the 20th stroke my backside felt like it was being whipped with red hot wire. Mistress very kindly allowed me a short break after 30 strokes but all to soon I was back in position. After the 57th stroke I was congratulating myself on bearing my punishment but I had forgotten her liking for round numbers. Another 3 strokes fell before I was allowed to raise with extremely sore buttocks and turn and thank her. The cane is probably my favorite implement, I love the sound and the biting impact but 60 strokes is probably my limit and I was glad it was over. My World Cup bet had been honoured and I had received a delightfully severe thrashing. I look forward to hearing how Ludwig and Kaelah fare following their bets. The bets that made an already interesting World Cup even more exciting I hope for all 3 of us. 

Thank you very much, Simon, for having participated in the bet and for sharing the pictures and your story! It was lots of fun indeed. In the next two instalments of this series, you will read about Ludwig and me paying our debts.


Simon said...

It looks like not only was nobody else interested in the bet nobody is interested in the outcome. It would have been nice to have one comment at least even if it was only "good grief what an ugly arse"

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
I am sorry that there haven't been any comments, yet. As you can see, the number of comments has been rather low for quite a while now, though. My last Kaelah's Corner post didn't get any comments, either. A few years ago I guess the very same topic would at least have generated a handful of comments and a nice little discussion between some of our regular readers. I assume the problem is that we don't post as regularly any more and that the topics have changed as well. I really like your story, though, and I wouldn't allow anyone to say something disrespectful about your bottom!

Spearthrower said...

Well, you're right, it is a bit ugly! But I was wondering how long after the caning it was before you could sit down!! Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Simon - I have posted as follows below on Kaelah and Ludwig's original post in the summer. I am repeating it here just in case you won't get to see that comment but will get to see this because you were the author of the original post.

It goes without saying that I am full of admiration for your courage and resilience! I don't think that what my spanking partner does to me will have QUITE that effect - but it may well feel like it at the time!

I said to them:

Dear Kaelah and Ludwig,

I wish I had been reading your blog at the time of the last World Cup. It would certainly have made for some additional interest!

You must have been disappointed not to have got more bets in response. My memories of what happened are sufficiently vague that the fact that the matches have long been played is not too much of an advantage.

I am thinking of setting myself up something on these lines. Maybe one cane stroke for each point missed below 60, each point below the eventual winner's score counting double, an extra six if the team I want to see beaten wins the cup(!) and finally an extra stroke of 'interest' for each month between the date the final was played and the date I actually take the strokes! That should get me something comparable with Simon's!

All I have to do now is make up some predictions before looking at the results....


Anonymous said...

Simon - this is what I also posted as a comment on Ludwig and Kaelah's other posting! -

I have made my predictions. This list gives my predictions in plain type, the real results in italic, and my points score in bold

Netherlands vs Chile 1-1 2-0 0

Australia vs Spain: 0-3 0-3 3

Cameroon vs Brazil: 0-4 1-4 1

Croatia vs Mexico: 1-2 1-3 1

Italy vs Uruguay: 2-0 0-1 0

Costa Rica vs England:1-0 0-0 0

Japan vs Colombia:1-1 1-4 0

Greece vs Côte d'Ivoire: 2-0 2-1 1

Nigeria vs Argentina: 0-3 2-3 1

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iran: 1-0 3-1 1

Honduras vs Switzerland:0-2 0-3 1

Ecuador vs France:0-2 0-0 0

Portugal vs Ghana: 1-0 2-1 1

USA vs Germany: 0-3 0-1 1

Korea Republic vs Belgium: 1-2 0-1 1

Algeria vs Russia: 1-2 1-1 0

Final Four Teams: Italy, France, Germany, Chile Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina 2

World Champion: Germany Germany 4

Total points - 18

Since football is not really my sport, I feel that I was not disgraced, coming in just 1 point ahead of Simon and Ludwig. The only result I really remembered was Germany’s win in the final, though, as I looked at the results, I realised there were others I should have remembered.

Total cane strokes – 42+7+6+6=61. That's 42 short of a score of 60, 7 which count double because they fall short of Kaelah's winning score, 6 because (of course!) I most wanted Germany not to win (sorry, Kaelah!) and another 6 because this debt will be paid not in July but in January 2015 (it may in fact be February!)

And even that total is depending on my punisher accepting that I really did remember Germany's win - she may think I cheated by reading it in the comments on the blog! Although she is not German, she is a good speaker of the language, so this is actually quite appropriate!

Oh Simon - you are getting me into an awful lot of trouble...!

One point - I know that this blog is closing soon - will it be around long enough for me to post a report of how I paid my gambling debts? Certainly no later than the end of February!