Monday, September 1, 2014

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2014):
Soap On A Rope

In the last weeks, I cleaned up my place and then rearranged quite a few things with Ludwig's help. In the process, I came across the little item shown in the pictures. Indeed it's a soap on a rope in the shape of a naked behind. It was a present I was given rather a long time ago by a vanilla friend after I had told her about my new discovery of the world of spanking.

I am of the opinion that this item which is so closely related to my early days in our community very much fits this post which marks my fifth blogiversary! So, I have decided to share this little anecdote with you and show you some pictures of this funny and special soap. When I started exploring my kink, it was great to realise that my vanilla friends were so relaxed and supportive about it. And what a journey it has been so far! Right now I am very busy with other things and kink isn't as much on my mind as it used to be which shows in my currently rather irregular posting schedule. We will find out what the future brings, though.

As you can see in the last picture, I couldn't resist to have some creative fun with the soap as well. I think it is even kinkier in its new form. The marks look a bit too bloody for my taste, but I like the neat lines. Five for the fifth blogiversary and one for luck.

Thank you all for your support during the last five years! It would be great to hear from you on my blogiversary. So please feel invited to say hello in the comment section. If you don't know what to say, maybe you like to answer one of the following two questions: Do you have any items or other things that remind you of your early days when you had just discovered the world of spanking? How would you have decorated the soap bottom?


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We have "our first paddle" that Bacall put in my stocking our first Christmas. It still works just as well now as it did then.

gustofur said...

I always do enjoy your blog. I especially like the variety of your topics.
As a old kinkster, a picture of your bottom would get a much higher rating from me than the soap.

Simon said...

Congratulations on your 5th blogiversary, 5 years of amusing and thought provoking posts. Let's hope there are more to come.
My first spanking adventures were so long ago and I have moved at least 6 times since then that I'm afraid I don't have any physical reminders of them, you couldn't even take pictures then unless you were either able to develop them yourself or brave enough to take them to the chemist for processing. People who have grown up with digital photography don't know how lucky they are. However I do have a lot of happy memories, and a few unhappy ones and some memories of incidents that were in fact farcical.
The only change I would make to the soap would be to have 5 straight lines and a diagonal as one of the ladies who used to punish me long ago would always start off with what she used to call a 5 bar gate design.

P.S. did you get the email I sent about the world cup bet? I sent it to the Kaelah address at the top of the blog.

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Somehow I am not surprised that it is a paddle in your case! Glad it is still in good working order. :-)

@ Gustofur:

@ Simon:
I've just sent you a reply, sorry that it has taken me so long! The five bar gate design sounds interesting. Thank you very much for your good wishes and for your regular, thoughtful comments!

Val said...

Greetings, and Happy Fifth Anniversary! So appropriate to decorate the soap - how else would one do it, you ask? I don't know, as Rohrstock enthusiast, the stripes are just fine, although one might have also possibly sketched a palm outline, or placed two symmetrical makeup spots, paddle-like.
Hmm, let's see - I still have a couple or three books from those years way back: one fiction, the other a popularized psychology, "Different Loving." And toys, of course, including the first consciously acquired pervertible, a Japanese bamboo straight edge for arts and crafts, and a pair of clamps for securing needlework fabric to a frame. The latter continue to be needlework virgins.

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thanks for your congratulations! Wow, that sounds like a lot of great items and memories. :-)